Celebrating Our Messy & Magnificent Stories, with Amelia Ryan
The Light Seekers' Lounge
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The Light Seekers' Lounge
Celebrating Our Messy & Magnificent Stories, with Amelia Ryan
Apr 11, 2024 Season 6 Episode 117
Annie Love

Amelia Ryan is an internationally acclaimed performer, speaker, presenter and speaking coach. Her work has taken her around the globe from New York City to London, Edinburgh and beyond.

Her superpower is helping brands and businesses get to the heart of their story and bring it to life in a way that is both meaningful and masterful. By fusing her training as an NLP practitioner with her 30 plus years as a performer she's helped hundreds of clients claim their space as thought leaders, speakers and powerful voices in their industries.

In this conversation, Amelia and I discussed:

  • Her first experience of live theatre, inspiring a decision to embrace the life of a performer.
  • Insight into how personal struggles and family experiences shaped her artistic journey and ultimately led Amelia to telling stories through cabaret, and the healing power of storytelling
  • How Amelia has blended coaching tools with her performance experience to help clients amplify their message.
  • Balancing #mumlife with being a performer and touring, and how that has changed over time, through life stages and between the arrival of Amelia's first and second child.
  • The grief of never knowing her older sister, Roseanne's impact on Amelia's story and how Amelia's grief became more apparent during pregnancy with her second son.

Using her signature framework "The Amplified Effect", Amelia fuses the power of story with structure, soul and skills to help help creatives, coaches and consultants amplify their voices and magnetise their message on the stage. Amelia's mission is to help people connect with courage captivate their audience and move the world with their message and she does this through one-on-one coaching group programs and high touch live workshops. 

You can find Amelia on Instagram @ameliaeryan, and through her website.

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