Navigating Modern Marketing & Motherhood, with Emily Osmond
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The Light Seekers' Lounge
Navigating Modern Marketing & Motherhood, with Emily Osmond
Jun 19, 2024 Season 6 Episode 120
Annie Love

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Emily Osmond is an online marketing strategist and educator who supports solopreneurs to launch and grow online businesses, so they can help more people through their own expertise.

She does this through her online courses, which have helped more than 1,000 business owners across the world, her podcast - The Emily Osmond Show, which has listeners in more than 100 countries, and her events and retreats.

Emily has a Master of Communications degree and is a mum to a busy toddler (with another bub on the way).

In this conversation, Emily and I discussed:

  • Emily’s personal background, moving from England to Australia as a teenager, the tragic loss of her Dad and overcoming personal challenges with her mental health - and the impact of those experiences on her business journey.
  • The evolution of her business from agency model to using the data and consumer research to start her membership, the Modern Marketing Collective, plus running in-person events as an introvert.
  • What Emily is seeing currently in the online business space and what we need to do to adjust, plus her advice for those just starting out in business. 
  • The challenges and learnings from balancing entrepreneurship with motherhood, especially as Emily had her business before having a baby, and how she's adjusted to having less time available.
  • What Emily noticed in the online space which prompted her create her latest course: The 30-day Course Launch program (which I have now done and can highly recommend!), tailored to help business owners effectively launch their online courses 

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