Cinnamon & Dice

S1 E2: The Docks

October 05, 2022 Cinnamon & Dice Season 1 Episode 2
S1 E2: The Docks
Cinnamon & Dice
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Cinnamon & Dice
S1 E2: The Docks
Oct 05, 2022 Season 1 Episode 2
Cinnamon & Dice

This episode we follow Shep and Nova as they make their way to the docks with the town around them tearing apart from the ground underneath them. Panicked citizens rushing to find an escape from the toppling buildings. Will our adventurers make it out in time?

Intro Music by Daddy s Music from Pixabay

Background Music by Hot Music from Pixabay

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Setting and Adventure are based off of Wizards of the Coast Spelljammer Setting and the Adventure Module Light of Xaryxis.

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Show Notes Transcript

This episode we follow Shep and Nova as they make their way to the docks with the town around them tearing apart from the ground underneath them. Panicked citizens rushing to find an escape from the toppling buildings. Will our adventurers make it out in time?

Intro Music by Daddy s Music from Pixabay

Background Music by Hot Music from Pixabay

Sound Effects from Pixabay

Setting and Adventure are based off of Wizards of the Coast Spelljammer Setting and the Adventure Module Light of Xaryxis.

Music is from Pixabay


Evadne (00:11):
Hello everyone and welcome to the Cinnamon and Dice podcast. We are a family run and independently owned podcast where we play tabletop role playing games like Dungeons and Dragons for our amusement and hopefully yours. I am your game master and host Evadne. And with me are our adventurers, Liv and Vona. All right, so who's ready to spice and dice

Liv (00:32):

Evadne (00:34):
No, that wasn't good. I've got, I've got a list here. I'm just gonna start throwing them out before

Liv (00:40):
We see which one you like <laugh>? Yeah. Okay. Yeah. I'm ready to spice and

Evadne (00:45):
Dice. Okay. All right. So that one didn't really hit okay. It

Liv (00:49):
Made me laugh. Yeah. I hit <laugh> in a different kind of way. <laugh>. Okay, let's do it.

Evadne (00:56):
All right. So spice

Liv (00:57):
This up. Oh, let's spice,

Evadne (00:59):
Spice things up. I mean, things are spicy right now. <laugh>. All right, here we go.

Evadne (01:08):
Last episode, you were approached about a job offer from Captain Elena in the midst of Shep, telling the story of how they met Nova. A thunders crash followed by earth, tremors had those in the tavern rushing outside. Once outside you saw a massive orange crystalline vine shooting up to the sky. Chaos erupted as citizens were screaming and running as humanoid vine guys. Yep. Vine guys started bursting in out from the ground and filling the streets. So the captain, Captain Elena, urged you to leave at once and meet her on her bridge. Before darting quickly in the direction of the docks, Shep immediately jumped in to protect the citizens with the help of Nova. And after taking a few of the vine guys out, the city guards arrived and you made your way to the docks. And that's where we will pick up on this week's episode of Slice and Dice. I mean, cinnamon and Dice.

Liv (02:03):
<laugh>. Oh God. I just

Evadne (02:06):
Wanted brutal. I just wanted to say out here. I just wanted to say it.

Liv (02:09):

Evadne (02:10):
Okay. So here we go.

Evadne (02:14):
The scene at the docs is chaotic. You arrived to a throng of people surrounding the pier to the last three remaining ships that have yet to set sail tired and hurting the scene before you brings about the feeling of the end of the world. Hundreds of people swarm the piers trying to push their way onto the last three vessels that haven't yet set sailed. Two of them are long ships and one a space galleon. You see a, a group of thugs and black leather armor waving their weapons threateningly on a crowd of screaming commoners. Oh no. Keeping the people away from the ships as they load their cargo onto the galleon <laugh>. You see them being supervised by a searing man with long red hair. You hear a loud whistle and a woman you recognize steps out from the crowd towards you and wipes blood from your chin. Glad to see you again. She says with a smile. You see that galleon? That's mine. Pia. Can't reach it. Would you be good enough to help me? I promise To return the favor. You recognize this person as Captain Elena.

Liv (03:22):
She can't reach it. You said

Evadne (03:24):
She can't reach it. There's just a, a throng, like people are just rushing the pier. It's just like, it's chaos.

Liv (03:29):
I thought she was like a little too short and you like, woo. Like I needed you to like, put her foot in your hands and like lift her up. No. Okay.

Evadne (03:37):
I just need you to lift me up so the crowd can surf me over there.

Vona (03:42):

Evadne (03:44):
We should be a dear.

Liv (03:45):
<laugh>, iconic.

Vona (03:47):
So there's just people trying to get on this ship and, and people on the ship trying to keep them off and load cargo. Yeah. And then Avandra er no, not vra. Sorry. Um,

Evadne (03:59):

Vona (04:00):
Elena can't reach

Evadne (04:02):
No, just cuz there's just so many people. They're all packed. They're trying to leave and get on these ships because like the buildings around them are crumbling and they're random vine guys in the street. Like who invited them to the party? <laugh>. So,

Liv (04:16):

Vona (04:17):
So look at Elena and I'll just go, What are you gonna do for these people if we help you get to your ship?

Evadne (04:25):
Well, once I get to my ship, I can at least take some people on board. But first we gotta get to the ship.

Vona (04:32):
Okay, well I better get paid and I guess I'll look to at Nova and just be like, Do you wanna do this?

Liv (04:40):
So when you look to Nova, who is no longer British, just so y'all are aware, <laugh> uh, this trauma just shook her accent right out of her, um, <laugh>, I just can't do it. Okay. Uh, when you look to Nova, uh, Shep, you actually see her kind of like off in a corner, not too far away from where you are still surrounded by the chaos, but she's actually holding something in her hand. And I would like to use my sending stone to try to contact Avra.

Evadne (05:12):

Liv (05:13):
And I'm gonna squish it for whatever you do <laugh>

Vona (05:18):
To use sending

Liv (05:20):
Squish. I'm gonna give a little squish that's, and then it, it doesn't squish because it's a stone, but I still tried <laugh>. And then I'm going to talk into it and I'm going to say it's me. Are you okay? I'm by the ships. I got a job offer maybe to space. Question mark. I didn't need to say question mark. This is a sending. Um, are you okay?

Evadne (05:41):
I'm pretty sure you only get 25 words.

Liv (05:44):
Was that more you tell me where it cut off then? <laugh>.

Evadne (05:49):
I'll say

Liv (05:51):
More than 25 words? I don't know.

Evadne (05:52):
I think

Liv (05:52):
So. Okay. Okay.

Evadne (05:54):
Maybe around the, You didn't really need to say question mark. Okay. <laugh> maybe in the midst of that sentence. Um, so you send that spell you uh, get an immediate reply back. Good to hear that you're alive. I am fine. Be safe.

Liv (06:10):
Is that it?

Evadne (06:11):
Where are you?

Liv (06:14):
I just told her where I was. Goddamnit Avandra. She never listened. <laugh>. Goddamnit. Avandra. Why do you never listen? <laugh>. I just told you I was at the docks aboarding a spaceship. Anyways, she said she was fine. So I can't, I can't respond. So, Oh well. And that's gonna be,

Evadne (06:37):
you can respond.

Liv (06:39):
It says I can respond.

Vona (06:40):
Yeah, you can respond too if somebody sends you a sending.

Liv (06:43):
Oh my god, I'm okay. Yeah,

Evadne (06:44):
It's, they're basically walkie talkies.

Liv (06:46):
Iconic. Okay,

Evadne (06:47):
So with 25 words only

Liv (06:49):
<laugh>, could someone count for me?

Evadne (06:50):
Yeah, I'm counting.

Liv (06:51):
Okay. So I'll respond back. I told you with love that I was by the docks. Aboarding a spaceship. Do you want to come? There might be snacks.

Evadne (07:04):
It stops at there. Might be.

Liv (07:06):
Okay. <laugh>, That's good. Cause I don't know why I said that. <laugh>.

Evadne (07:10):
Okay, she calls back. Um, she calls back. Uh, you hear back. I am fine here. I will stay here and help the others. We will figure out what's going on. Stay safe and that's it.

Liv (07:29):
Should I stay? I send that. I can respond, right?

Evadne (07:34):

Liv (07:35):
Okay. I'll say, should I stay? I don't know what to do. Now I'm feeling really conflicted.

Evadne (07:43):
And then you hear her respond back. Where are you going? Also, where are you going?

Liv (07:49):
<laugh> to space.

Evadne (07:52):
How are you getting to space?

Liv (07:53):
Okay. This conversation feels like it's going nowhere, so I'm gonna go find Elena <laugh>,

Evadne (07:59):
She's standing there and being like, Hey, we gotta go

Liv (08:02):
Yeah. And I'll just try to like finish that one and just be like, I love you. I feel like I need to go. Sorry for being all wishy washy a second ago. Stay safe. <laugh>. Are you laughing at me?

Vona (08:19):
Do I hear any of this?

Evadne (08:21):
Yeah. She didn't try to hide it. So you hear the entire, you see her pull the stone out. Okay. And Elena's just standing there being like, and you guys are starting to get shoved around. Like, it's like it's now you're starting to, now you're starting to be, uh, almost sardined in with the whole rest of the group about to be stuck.

Liv (08:41):
Okay, so sorry. Sorry. I'll, uh, look to Elena and I'll be like, Yeah, I'll help you. It's fine. Kind of feeling like disjointed and I'm gonna like ascertain that maybe I'm like the biggest and strongest out of the three of us. Would that be a fair ascertainment?

Evadne (08:57):
How tall are you?

Liv (08:59):
I am, Hmm. Let's go. Features and traits.

Evadne (09:04):
I can't remember.

Liv (09:05):
She's pretty tall. I wanna say she's five 11. Ah,

Vona (09:08):
Definitely taller than Shep.

Liv (09:09):
She's around five 11 and she's real muscular.

Evadne (09:12):
Yeah. You got a couple inches on most people like the three of them I think.

Liv (09:17):
Okay. I'm just gonna be like, hang around and I'm just gonna car start like kindly but aggressively shoving people. Like not forcefully, but like making a part.

Evadne (09:28):
Okay. All right. Uh, why don't you go ahead and give me,

Liv (09:33):
Tell me, tell me what I can give you

Vona (09:35):
By using a cantrip thaumaturgy to raise the volume of my voice three times as loud. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and shout out. Make way for Captain Elena. Mm. She'll handle this. Make way, make way. Move the out of the way. <laugh> you over there. Don't make me get my shield out. <laugh>. And then, yeah, just kind of say that as she's trying to part

Evadne (09:59):
Love it. Okay. Advantage you roll with advantage and let's do, uh, push people with love. Yeah. Let's do, I think an athletics check.

Liv (10:10):
Let's, heck yes.

Evadne (10:12):
Or strength. Let me check. Maybe animal handling. No.

Liv (10:15):
<laugh>. I mean, I'd be fine with that to be honest. Yeah.

Evadne (10:18):
So Oh yeah. Go ahead and make a, um, athletics. Athletic

Liv (10:23):

Evadne (10:23):
Athletics check.

Liv (10:24):
Yeah. With advantage. Well

Evadne (10:25):
I, you know what? I'm just gonna Yeah. Athletics check cuz you gotta maneuver around people. Okay. People are shouting and moving and just not being conscious of where they're going. So you're trying to avoid people while like pushing them.

Liv (10:36):

Vona (10:38):

Evadne (10:39):
Ooh, okay. 27. And you're making your way towards the space galleon, right? Or the galleon? You, you don't know it's in space yet, but I mean

Liv (10:46):
Oh. Oh, then I really should not have told her I was going on a spaceship. <laugh>. Yeah.

Evadne (10:52):

Liv (10:53):
You know.

Evadne (10:54):
All right, so you're making your way towards the gallion. Um, and you see as Shep is like saying make way for Captain Elena, You see that the um, man with the red hair in all black, he, uh, stops kind of overseeing the cargo being pulled. You saw that he stops mid shoutout trying to tell like, um, uh, the rest of the thugs in black, like where to go. And he looks over and sees you guys making your way towards the space guy. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>. Uh, and he see his sneer darken as he realizes who you are. Okay.

Vona (11:36):
So we notice him look at us Yeah. And

Evadne (11:39):
Have that reaction. Mm-hmm. <affirmative> and then you kind of just see him. Well actually if you want to roll a perception check to see what else you use. Yeah. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Let me roll this. What else you can, uh, ascertain

Liv (11:52):
That's gonna be in that one. Oh geez. Ooh. You don't add your like pluses if you roll in that one, right? Um, yeah. Yeah, you do. You can. Oh, that's gonna be a seven. Ooh. Oh no <laugh>.

Evadne (12:06):
Oh no.

Liv (12:06):
This is perception, right? Why I rolled, so I rolled in 11, you know, I'm just like really busy getting people out of the way with my 27 and that's like laser focused. That's what I'm focused on right now. Gotcha. Is cuz I rolled a natural one.

Evadne (12:20):
Gotcha. All right. So as you guys approach, uh, you're able to, to make your way to the, uh, pier where the space galleon is. And then you see, um, two guys in black armor, uh, standing there and they stop you and they look back up and um, you see the guy with the long red hair lean over, um, from a top of the ship. And he, he nods his head towards Captain Elena. He goes, You the captain of this ship here. I apologize to all our listeners for my voices. I just have to Do them that good.

Liv (13:00):
<laugh>. Don't say that. It should be you're Welcoming them.

Evadne (13:04):
The thing is, it's just not consistent. So

Liv (13:08):
<laugh> don't expect consistent.

Liv (13:09):
I mean, I was British last episode. <laugh>.

Evadne (13:12):
That's true. Okay. Um, and he goes, You the captain of this ship here. And she goes, Yes, that vessel that you are putting your stuff onto is my ship. I would kindly like to aboard it and for you to get the off.

Liv (13:30):
Oh, do these guys look similar to the guys that we saw over, like with the same kind of black armor?

Evadne (13:38):
Yes. It's the very same people that were there loading the docks, loading cargo onto the ship. It was Captain Lina's ship.

Liv (13:46):
Oh, that sucks. Mm-hmm. <affirmative>,

Evadne (13:48):
Sorry. And he looks, Yeah,

Liv (13:50):
I was gonna lean into Elena and be like, This ain't your crew. <laugh> <laugh>.

Evadne (13:57):
She whispers back, No, this is not my crew.

Vona (14:00):
Where is Your crew?

Evadne (14:04):
Well that's, that's why I was hiring you guys.

Liv (14:06):
I think we're crew.

Evadne (14:08):
Um, what? And then you hear,

Liv (14:14):

Evadne (14:14):
Hear, um, the, the guy with the red hair, he goes, Pleased to meet your acquaintance. I am Traevus.

Liv (14:26):
Travis? <Laugh>.

Evadne (14:29):
It's pronounced Traevus.

Evadne (14:33):
And we'll be taking this ship to ensure the safe journey of our cargo. Cuz that's important.

Liv (14:40):

Evadne (14:41):
Uh, he shouts over to his men. He's like, All right, take the captain in to ensure the crew's compliance. And they start, uh, you start being approached by four guys and we're going to roll initiative.

Liv (14:53):
What did we get ourselves into? Oh, 21 babeeey

Evadne (14:57):

Liv (14:58):
Where's my, uh, that button? Where the thing within? Okay, sorry. Gimme the

Evadne (15:04):
Not one. I'm really curious as to how this is gonna go. No.

Liv (15:08):
Oh, she,

Evadne (15:11):
I'm real curious how this is

Vona (15:13):
Gonna, the dice is covering up the total rule, but it's a five <laugh>. It's a five

Evadne (15:18):
Oh boy.

Vona (15:19):
Virtual dice. Why we have, we need to talk. We need to talk the next We need to, we need to engage. We'll talk outside. Oh, I don't know what to do. At least she rolled good. Yeah. And you're in the front.

Liv (15:32):
That's true. It kind of makes sense game wise.

Vona (15:35):
I just wanted to go first so I could help you out.

Evadne (15:38):
All right. Ooh,

Liv (15:39):
The water moves.

Evadne (15:41):
It's an animated map baby.

Liv (15:44):
That is so cool. Oh my gosh. I know y'all can't see it cuz you're listening. But we see some really pretty water. It looks really good. Wow. The virtual map's pretty cool. Yeah. Ew. Are those the guys? They look nasty.

Evadne (16:05):

Liv (16:06):
Ooh, Ew. Ooh. Is that Elena? She's cute. <laugh>. God, I came aboard your ship. Hail <laugh>. Big yikes. <laugh>.

Evadne (16:20):
You just have red hair. That's the only thing you guys have in common, I think. Did you guys notice Travi yet?

Liv (16:26):
Is that Oh my gosh. Are you serious? I thought it was and I was like, No, she wouldn't have done it. It's, Oh my God. Can you tell the listeners, can we, can we

Evadne (16:37):
Tell the listeners? Yeah, I don't care. Go for

Liv (16:38):
It. Trey, this looks exactly like this very well known CEO of another D&D podcast. Not podcast. Well I guess they do have a podcast. Yeah, basically he looks like Travis Wingham. Yep. Iconic. All in Black. I think he's wearing a black sweatshirt. <laugh>.

Evadne (17:00):
Yeah, he is. I was just like, why did they name him tra?

Liv (17:04):
Oh, that wasn't your choice.

Evadne (17:06):
Oh, it was in the adventure. I'm just so, like, I'm learning how to get better with names, so I'm like, it's for the ease of my mind and uh, I'm just gonna cope with the names they have there.

Liv (17:20):
I get that.

Evadne (17:21):
Okay. So Nova, you are up first on the initiative order. What would you like to do? You see, um, uh, the two guys that are kind of like blocking the ramp to the pier, uh, start approaching you guys. They, uh, grab their weapons and they're approaching you and you see that they have like clubs in their hands.

Liv (17:47):
Okay. Hmm. Okay. Um, I'm going to look to Elena, who's like, this is her literal ship and just kind of see if I can ascertain what's go Well actually, they already said what's going on. I'm just gonna kind of look to Elena. I'm not gonna like rush ahead and make an action, but I want to use my action to have my great acts prepared. And if they try to make a move on either me, Elena, or Shep ready an attack.

Evadne (18:19):
So you know that they're going to, uh, cap like capture Elena to use her as compliance for you guys to run the ship. Yeah, They

Liv (18:29):
Just said that they wanted to capture. Oh, I thought they were saying it like in a nice way of like, well bring them board

Evadne (18:35):
<laugh>. You guys could go willingly if you wanted to, but that's if you want to be captured.

Liv (18:43):
I just don't wanna be, I'm not trying to be the first one to make a move. Um, or I am. Okay. I'm gonna hit them with my great acts.

Evadne (18:52):
Okay, so you're gonna run up there.

Liv (18:54):
Oh my god, they started it

Evadne (18:58):
<laugh>. I'm just saying

Liv (18:59):
They started it. <laugh>. Yeah. I'll see what's going on. I'll move 5, 10, 15, 20, 25. That's then five feet of them. Whoa. Just happened.

Evadne (19:10):
Did you move?

Liv (19:11):
I tried it sent me right back. Okay. And I'll hit bug. Um, <laugh>, I'll hit bug with my, Oh my God. I feel like this is stupid. It's okay. She can be stupid. I'll hit bug with my great a

Evadne (19:27):
All right.

Liv (19:28):
That's gonna be, Oh no, that's a seven

Evadne (19:34):

Liv (19:35):
Okay. That's the end of my turn. <laugh>, I don't have anything else

Evadne (19:41):
To do. You can't rage.

Liv (19:42):
I don't wanna rage right now. I feel like this seems, this seems reckless to me, but is that live or Nova? It's okay. It's fine. I am going to wait and see what Elena does. I'm kind of trying to follow her lead right now. I obviously just missed and I'm just gonna stay within Malay range of bug to just kind of protect if I need to. And that's the end of my turn.

Evadne (20:05):
All right. So now it is Elena's turn. Oh good. I'm just looking at you. And she's going to, uh, uh, call out to Travi and be like, Can't we work something out? The end of the world is literally happening right now.

Liv (20:21):
<laugh>. It's like, it's happening like right now.

Evadne (20:26):
Like literally

Liv (20:27):
It's right now.

Evadne (20:29):
Okay. So Elena's just gonna like, like turn to Travi and be like, Seriously, do you see what's going on? And she pulls out her, her, um, her sword. She's like, Elise, let me, Elise, can we talk about it? And as she like approaches this guy to go up to him, Um, the other guy on the other side of you that's blocking, uh, the pathway, she approaches squish <laugh>, um,

Liv (20:59):
Squish. She's going

Evadne (21:00):
Squish. She's

Liv (21:01):
Going squish the bug.

Evadne (21:03):
She's going to attack.

Liv (21:06):
Uh oh, good. She's attacking. It makes me feel better

Evadne (21:09):
With her cemetery. <laugh>. Oh, that's a 13.

Liv (21:12):
Oh, we're rolling.

Evadne (21:15):
And it hits,

Liv (21:15):
Oh, we're rolling. So good <laugh>

Evadne (21:23):

Liv (21:23):
I can't decide what I wanna do when it comes to

Evadne (21:25):
My turn. And that's nine points of Dage.

Liv (21:29):

Evadne (21:30):
And she goes up again for another hit, uh, that's a nine that's not gonna hit. Uh, and she has one more attack and that's a 12. It just hits

Evadne (21:43):
For four points more damage. So she goes up to um, she goes up to squish, uh, whose name she really doesn't know, and then she's just, uh, throws out like lightning fast to slashing attacks. Um, and then one more third one coming down. And she just kind of stands, I mean, and just like, uh, goes, really, we could work something out. I would be happy to take you and your cardboard aboard the sh my ship and maybe we can figure out the details later. But as you can see, and she points behind her to the throng of people and the, uh, buildings collapsing and the massive vine reaching towards the sky towering over you. Um, she's like, We've got bigger things to worry about

Liv (22:30):

Evadne (22:32):
So, uh, that is the end of her turn and we'll move on to Travis's turn. All right, so Travi is going to look over at Elena as she, uh, is engaged in combat with Squish. And he's gonna go, Oh,

Liv (22:50):
Oh God.

Evadne (22:51):
Right? Well if you come willingly into my custody, then maybe we can talk. And he just says that before doing his attack, actually, you know, I think he's just going to say that

Liv (23:03):
He doesn't wanna get closer. Mm-hmm. So I it hit him. No <laugh>.

Evadne (23:08):
That's pretty much it. And he's just gonna go back to just like over, like looking over at the cargo, um, by like, but checking like periodically over his shoulder to see how you, you guys are doing. And that's his turn. All right. So now it's bugs. Turn

Liv (23:22):

Evadne (23:23):
Good old bug.

Liv (23:25):
Okay, Bug. Uh,

Evadne (23:27):
So this, this thug guy here, um, you see he is got like a little beetle tattooed on his, like right under his eye. Uh, and he's just gonna cut like a, since he's engaged with you Nova, he's just going to come up and just like, uh, whale on

Liv (23:44):
You. Whale on me. But why?

Evadne (23:47):
But why? Because you wailed on

Liv (23:49):
Him face. No, I get it. It's fine. <laugh> honestly respect,

Evadne (23:54):
He's going to, uh, take like lift up his mace, um, that's also in the shape of a beetle and he's just going to bring it down over your head. How? Right on top of you. Ooh.

Liv (24:08):

Evadne (24:09):
This is 17 to hit.

Liv (24:11):

Evadne (24:11):
Is okay.

Liv (24:13):
She says that <laugh>

Evadne (24:15):
Three, five points of bludgeoning damage. Okay. And then, um, he's gonna raise again and come down to hit again. And that's a five to hit. Miss you dodge outta the way you learn the first time.

Liv (24:30):
<laugh>. Ooh. So I shouldn't stand here to get hit on my head. Got

Evadne (24:33):
It? No. No. Okay. And that's the end of his turn. And then his friend right next to him, the uh, squish the guy right next to him. Yep. Squish. And um, you see that he just has like, uh, a mace of just like rotten fruit. His mace is rotten fruit. Yeah. His mace is made that a

Liv (24:55):
Rotten fruit. Why?

Evadne (24:56):
So he's got like a regular, Okay, so he is got like a regular mace, but on it, there's just like a bunch of like rotten fruit attached to it. And you could kind of guess that he was using it kind of like a fork to eat all these different fruits that were starting to rot.

Liv (25:11):
Ew. You're just saving it for later. He

Evadne (25:14):
Was just saving it for later

Liv (25:15):
<laugh>. That's disgusting. Wonder Do they call you Screech? <laugh>.

Evadne (25:20):
And he's going to also, uh, he's gonna, um, hit, uh, since he's engaged with Elena, he's going to go ahead and try and hit her with her squish, with his squish acts. It sounds

Liv (25:34):
So bad. It's literally called a squish

Evadne (25:36):
Act. No, I'm just calling it that <laugh>.

Liv (25:38):

Evadne (25:39):
Funny sounds so, that sounds bad.

Liv (25:42):
I think it's great. <laugh>.

Evadne (25:44):
I misses the first one. Misses. Okay. The second one hits. So as he brings his like rotten fruit acts over across, uh, the first one misses, but he comes back around, um, and uh, hits her like right in the side. Um, and then you hear this, the loud squishing sound like,

Liv (26:06):
Ew <laugh>.

Evadne (26:09):
And you don't know if it's like the squishing of bones or the squishing of the fruit. And then you start to realize like, that's why that's where you got his name

Liv (26:17):
Squish. Ah, so gross. So gross bones.

Evadne (26:23):
So that was squish his turn. We're up to, Okay, so there are two other thug guys that are on the ship and he's gonna make his way down to help out. So he is going to, you see, um, one of the guys in the forecastle, uh, come down, um, onto the main deck and start heading over. You see another guy that's over on the far side of the the ship start making his way as well. They're still on the, um, they're still on the main deck of the ship, but they haven't made it onto the peer yet, but they're making their way towards you guys to help out. Now we are onto Shep's Turn.

Vona (27:05):
Hoki dokey.

Liv (27:05):
Oh yeah, Shep, I forgot.

Vona (27:08):
Yes, Shep is still here very early. But, um, so Shep seeing the Travi and the crew coming to attack us while there is a song of people trying to escape what looks to be an apocalyptic situation, gets angry and, um, still having the theology effect up, I believe last for about a minute is gonna yell out, um, to everybody else in the crew and just be like, Shame on you <laugh>. Just start scolding them. Shame on you for not helping people in need <laugh>. And then they're going to walk up to or run up to, um, okay. 20 feet closer to, um, Nova and Elena and I'm going to cast healing hands on Nova. Oh, thank God. And it's going to be 3D fours. Wow.

Evadne (28:13):
Nice hit

Vona (28:14):
Points. I feel the love.

Evadne (28:15):

Vona (28:16):
All right. So that is nine points of healing. Thank

Liv (28:20):
You my love.

Vona (28:22):
You are welcome. I,

Liv (28:24):
You see Nova that is definitely like, beaten and bruised and bloody and just kind of looks a mess. Just really feels that you healed her and kind of looks over her shoulder with like a genuinely acknowledging like nod of gratitude.

Vona (28:37):
Yeah. And when I do it, I have an angry face and I'm just kind of looking at you and being like, make them pay like in my eyes. I'm not saying it, but I'm like, I'm upset about what they're trying to do. Make

Evadne (28:50):
Them pay.

Liv (28:51):
Ooh, I like that. Okay. Um, and knowing nod then, and knowing not of gratitude and understanding.

Vona (28:56):
Yes. So that's my action. As my bonus action

Liv (29:00):

Vona (29:01):
I am going to cast, I'm gonna do this spiritual weapon, right. So my spiritual weapon will come out and they will go, they will let me, they will go someplace as soon as I make sure I understand the range of spiritual weapon, 60 feet for me. Okay. And they're gonna be placed next to, Can I, I guess I need the ruler. I wonder if I can reach, um, the guy on the ship, the closest person to us from the ship.

Liv (29:35):
I can see the ruler. You can. It's 25 feet.

Vona (29:38):
Okay. Um, so I'm gonna place my spiritual weapon actually, can I reach Travi? That such? Yes. I'm gonna reach Travi. I'm gonna send my spiritual weapon over there and I'm going to attack cuz I think I can do that with a bonus action.

Evadne (29:57):

Vona (29:58):
All right. So I'm gonna go ahead and make a T roll

Liv (30:02):
On Travi.

Vona (30:03):
Travi, you're the lowest Travi

Evadne (30:08):
<laugh>. He scum.

Vona (30:09):
He is most definitely scum. So that is seven to hit.

Liv (30:13):
Oh my gosh.

Evadne (30:14):
Oh man. Why

Vona (30:16):
Die? Why <laugh>? Um, yeah,

Evadne (30:19):
That does not hit.

Vona (30:20):
Yeah. And that's the end of my turn. Cool.

Evadne (30:25):
So you see, so Travis sees this weapon like materialize out on art. He's like, Huh. And he starts grabbing his weapons. He's like, All right, I guess you won't come quietly then. Oh,

Vona (30:35):
Yep. And recap of the spiritual weapon, it's just this big shield, this big circular shield, um, with a lotus flower and like, kind of like a capped circle in the middle of the lotus flower, um, blooming around it. And it's like there's some bolts around the edge of the shield, kind of creating a frame, so,

Evadne (30:56):
Ooh. I love it. That's

Vona (30:58):
Perfect. And it's greenish in color because it's, you know, spectral.

Evadne (31:02):
Cool. I love that. Love it, love

Vona (31:04):
It. And it looks like it's kind of on flyer, like these radiant flames are coming out from underneath it Very kind of blowing out of it because ship is angry.

Liv (31:15):
<laugh>. Oh, I love

Evadne (31:16):
That. Nice. All. So does that end your turn ship? It

Vona (31:21):
Ends Shep's turn.

Evadne (31:22):
Okay, we're onto Nova's. Turn.

Liv (31:24):
All right. Nova's feeling all kinds of emotions right now. Nova in general was searching for someone to kind of give her orders or like give her permission to act. And now she's really confused on if she should trust Elena or Travi, who also seems kind of cool. And right now she doesn't know what to do. So in her frustration, she's going to erupt in a rage <laugh>. Um, she gets real angry and we, I

Vona (31:51):
Don't have clear directions.

Liv (31:52):
Yeah. She's like, I don't every, I can't, I literally

Evadne (31:55):
Can't. Looking at the Ikea and like, instruction sheet and how to put together your couch and you're like, I don't understand with these pictures,

Liv (32:04):
Literally. And while that happens in her rage, um, <laugh>, this is kind of funny, but all around her, it's like, yes, she's angry, but she's also just like really grateful that Shep just helped her out. So in her anger, ironically flowers and vines erupted all over her. So it's like, I'm angry, but I felt the love and now I'm feeling really conflicted emotions. So flowers and vines erupt all over me. And for un favored people, 15 feet around me constantly is rough terrain.

Evadne (32:38):
Okay. Ooh.

Liv (32:40):

Evadne (32:40):
Terrain. I love that. Awesome. All right.

Liv (32:42):
Until my rage ends. So just to keep in mind, it's like a, I think I can do that on the map. It's an area effect of 15 feet. That was my bonus action. So now Nova is raging, but like with vines all around her and flowers sprouting throughout her hair, It's a very confusing thing to witness <laugh>. She's mad, she's angry, but flowers are blooming and it's like, what is happening? She doesn't know. She really does not know who to help right now, but she does see that, um, Shep is feeling really, really frustrated. And she also sees that at least Elena seems like maybe she'll help the people and Travi doesn't. So she's going to go for bug again with his weird bug, Ma whatever he had mallet. And she's gonna hit him with a great ax.

Evadne (33:28):
<laugh>. It's a beetle Beetle mallet, right? Or be Beetle mace.

Liv (33:33):
Beetle. Mace. That's going to b a 17 to hit

Evadne (33:40):

Liv (33:40):
Okay. And she's going to do 5%, 10 points of bludgeoning damage to bug.

Evadne (33:52):
Wait, how many points?

Liv (33:53):
Sorry. Slashing 10. 10.

Evadne (33:56):
All right.

Liv (33:57):
And then, um, I think I'm gonna stay put. Um, yeah, I'm gonna stay put. So both bug and squish now if they try to move, it's difficult to rain.

Evadne (34:10):

Liv (34:11):
So I think their speed is halved.

Evadne (34:13):

Liv (34:13):
Okay. But for Elena and Shep, they're Okay. Cool.

Evadne (34:17):
Okay, awesome.

Liv (34:18):
So the thing that's cool about this area effect is it moves with me. So wherever I move until my rage ends, um, they have difficult to raise. So their speed is halfed. Awesome. <laugh>, I'm gonna move around like 10 feet, but staying in, uh, I wanna move like around. Actually no, I don't wanna move. I wanna make sure I'm blocking check.

Evadne (34:42):
Okay. So you'll stay

Liv (34:43):
There. Yep. I'm staying where I'm at.

Evadne (34:45):
Perfect. Awesome. Thank you. Okay, moving on to Elena's turn. So Elena is going to, um, continue to hack away at Squish, which is the guy with the <laugh>, with the rotting fruit on his mace <laugh>. Elena continues to, uh, engage in the, uh, rotten fruited guy's mace. Um, she easily, uh, she easily goes up in front of him. Um, and you see a flurry of blows. The first attack swipes up, uh, across his chest. Um, you see him reel back, um, which is why the second attack misses. But then you see her cross, uh, aim, uh, low and slash at his thighs. And you see a streak of red come across there too. Um, as it hits. And you see that he's really looking hurt. He's like backed up holding his rotting ma his rotting fruit mace and his leg now just kinda like hobbling a little bit backwards, uh, and grunting. And he looks really hurt really bad.

Liv (35:52):
Who's Swishy now. <laugh>.

Evadne (35:53):
And he's grunting. He's like, she's like, uh, she kind of flicks her blade and she goes, We could have done this Civilly

Liv (36:01):
<laugh>. I love her.

Evadne (36:03):
All right. And that is Elena's turn, move on to the next person and the next person in initiative is tra

Liv (36:15):
All right. Also, I just feel like we should let the listeners know we actually love Travis. Oh yeah, we do. Willingham. Yeah. He's the best. We are. Not saying he's that.

Evadne (36:24):

Liv (36:25):
I feel like it could be misconstrued. I just wanted to let everybody know. No,

Evadne (36:28):
No. We just have a issue with Travi.

Liv (36:30):
Yeah, it's cuz his name is, No, I'm not gonna say that. What if there's someone missing named Travis? We love everyone. <laugh>. Go ahead baby. Let Travis time

Evadne (36:40):
Travis in this story we have an issue with.

Liv (36:42):
Yeah, yeah. It's this Travi. He's the problem. <laugh>. Okay, just so we all got that cleared up. <laugh>.

Evadne (36:50):
All right, so now we are back. And it is Travis's term. Travi is going to, oh, essentially freak out because this shield, uh, apparatus thing app operated in front of him. Uh, and so he's going to back up about like 10 feet and call, um, the, uh, the guy in the armor, black armor, that's about to jump off the ship onto the pier. He's gonna be like, Hey, hey, come over here. Help me with this. What did I do? What did I do to his voice?

Liv (37:22):

Evadne (37:23):
He's gonna be, I'm sorry. He's gonna be like, I forget how he sounds. He's gonna call that guy over <laugh> and uh, tell him, Come on, come on over here. Uh, please. I don't know what, what this is. I don't know what's going on.

Liv (37:46):
That's what he says. I don't know what this is. I don't know what's going on. An icon.

Evadne (37:51):
He's gonna move closer to his lackies that are about to, um, that we're about to go down and help apprehend captain, uh, Elena Sartell and said they're, he's gonna move to them and give them different orders and be like, Hey, get over here. Come get this weird shield thing. And so he moves about a 15 feet away from your spiritual weapon. Okay, Shep. And that's the end of his turn. Wait, no it's not. He's going to pull out a crossbo and shoot at Captain Elena. Ooh.

Liv (38:31):
Oh no. Oh no.

Evadne (38:34):
Oh, it just hits No, just meets her armor class.

Liv (38:39):
No <laugh>, no stab it. No, don't do that. <laugh>. She has the pain. Me still <laugh>.

Evadne (38:49):
I need to get pain. Uh, and so he, um, pulls out this heavy crossbo aims just right as she finishes her last slashing low slash move, um, against the thugs that she's engaged with. Um, and as she finishes saying her little piece of like, we could have handled the civilly, uh, he shoots the arrow at her, um, and it skins just above the collarbone, um, right past her head, whis by for four points of piercing damage. Gotcha. Um, and you see her kind of step back and grab the shoulder and just go, Ugh. And that's about where we're there with his turn. And you look back at, if you see, you look back at Travi, he's just like, Dang.

Liv (39:35):

Evadne (39:36):
You usually shoot better than that.

Liv (39:38):
Ooh. Ooh. Who are you? Travis

Evadne (39:43):

Liv (39:44):
<laugh>. He's about to be a blood stain on my shield. Ooh.

Evadne (39:48):
And that's end of Travis's turn. We're onto, um, all of the Lackies

Liv (39:53):
<laugh> dog named Bug. Is that who we're talking about? <laugh>? Cause that's what you did. You taught him a thug and he named the bug <laugh>.

Evadne (40:05):
Well, that's all for this week's episode of Cinnamon and Dice. Will our adventurers and players survive the battle at the docks is trave is truly a name or just a made up word. Answers to these questions and more in the next episode. Thank you so much for listening. We are grateful for every single one of our listeners, and look forward to sharing more stories with you soon. Until next time.