Exposing Grief with Brittany Squillace

Episode #14 (Trauma Series Ep. #2): "It Could've Been A Lot Better"

October 10, 2022 Brittany Squillace Episode 14
Exposing Grief with Brittany Squillace
Episode #14 (Trauma Series Ep. #2): "It Could've Been A Lot Better"
Show Notes

When you hear someone is grieving, what do you think they've experienced? The death of a loved one right? What about grieving the loss of identity? Or grieving the loss of living your life the way you're used to due to a traumatic accident?

My guest, Jennifer, is a traumatic brain injury survivor and continues to walk/honor her grief journey around the ambiguous losses (to learn more about these types of losses, read my blog article There's More Than One Type of Loss/Grief?) experienced following her injury. Join me as she highlights the specific ambiguous losses she experienced, as well as discusses:

  • The importance of feeling, not just intellectualizing, grief 
  • Grief being something not to fear, avoid, or run away from as it is a part of the human experience

Jennifer mentioned a blog post during our conversation when discussing comparison within grief. It turns out, she actually created a video title "It Could Have Been Worse" discussing how to navigate the comparison trap experienced all too often in grief. Other resources she mentioned are:

If you'd like to learn more about Jennifer, her services, or you wish to connect with her, you may visit her website.

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