The Dust Up

Shaper interview with Chris Garrett

August 12, 2022 The Dust Up Podcast Season 1 Episode 3
The Dust Up
Shaper interview with Chris Garrett
Show Notes

In this episode we speak with master craftsman Chris Garrett of Phantom surfboards. 

 Chris is a self-taught shaper that was happy to make all the mistakes and forge his own path.  The Phantom brand experienced a rapid rise to the top with many of the best surfers ordering boards.  In the end the stress of running such a large business took its toll and he walked away.

Team riders such as Dave Rastovich and Nick Wallace allowed Chris to experiment with his designs so they always looked different.  If you didn't recognize the boards for their designs, you definitely wouldn't miss his trademark artwork.

The surfboard myth we tackle on this episode is surfboard reviews on YouTube.  Are you getting the right advice from the right people or are you just a form of currency?

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