The Dust Up

Shaper Interview with Adam Baldwin

January 26, 2023 The Dust Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 8
The Dust Up
Shaper Interview with Adam Baldwin
Show Notes

In this episode we speak with Adam Baldwin of Reclaim Surf.

Adam is based on the Sunshine coast, Australia and very passionate about sustainable surfboards.  In the beginning, he would recycle dis-guarded building materials and other items to create all types of surf craft.

A  health scare prompted him to re evaluate what his priorities are he chose to take time out from his full time teaching career and dive deeper into his passion for building surfboards.

The boards he makes are heavily focused on a more environmentally friendly option with minimum use of toxic chemicals.  Many shapers specialise in the sculpture of various foams but Adam is taking a different path, using  EPS foam cores, paulownia veneers and cork.

The surfboard myth we tackle in this episode is ECO surfboards and some of the 'Green washing' in the surfboard market.  We also discuss the framework created by Sustainable Surf and what improvements we think they could introduce to their program.

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