The Dust Up

Outside The Bay - Brad Gerlach From Wave Ki

September 20, 2023 The Dust Up Podcast Season 2 Episode 14
The Dust Up
Outside The Bay - Brad Gerlach From Wave Ki
Show Notes

In this episode we explore Technique vs. Equipment with Brad Gerlach from Wave Ki.

Brad competed at the highest level and reached number one in the world.  His smooth Californian style did not all come naturally and with some advice from his Olympic diving father, they explored body dynamics in surfing. Fast forward a couple of decades, Brad has created Wave Ki to assist others improve their surfing.

We have all experienced riding boards that 'felt right' and improved our surfing as well as riding boards that 'felt wrong', like they were restricting our surfing.   Were we just having a bad day, a bad surf or is it the first step in understanding our equipment?

Surfing is a combination of waves, equipment, fitness and technique.

If you improve your technique, you can evaluate your equipment so much better and begin to identify exactly what surfboard design aspects work best for your surfing.  We all have different body shapes and fitness levels which dictate the dimensions of a surfboard, this is separate to the design.  

Our chat with Brad is accompanied by highly talented surfer, Kyuss King as well as Jack Walchesson from Surf Body Rebuild.  Kyuss recently started working with Brad to mount a campaign to compete on the world tour.  

Jack was a successful ice hockey player with a passion for surfing.   After a career in the high collision sport of ice hockey, Jack is sharing what he has learnt in his career as well as his studies in Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRCms) and a Kinstretch Instructor.  Jack  specializes in helping surfers eliminate pain, tightness and stiffness in their joints.


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