AE 1188 - Expression: Under The Pump
Aussie English
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Aussie English
AE 1188 - Expression: Under The Pump
Nov 27, 2022
Pete Smissen

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Welcome to this weekly English expression episode on the Aussie English podcast!

Today’s expression is “under the pump”.

Now, don’t get funny images in your mind because, like any figurative expression, this phrase totally means something else.

In today’s episode, I answer a question from IG user Sajad on how to say the words “bean”, “been”, and “bin”.

And because we’re talking about “bean”, you’re going to fall off your seat laughing at my new joke!

As always, we will break down the different words & phrases in the expression.

Also, note the example situations where I use the expression “under the pump”.

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Sharpen those ears, you might have to play it several times!

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