The Seasonal Tokens Podcast - Crypto Investing, Not Gambling

Episode 3: Crypto Advices From Seasonal Tokens Tech Guru - Trinity

July 28, 2022 Polar Mil Season 1 Episode 3
The Seasonal Tokens Podcast - Crypto Investing, Not Gambling
Episode 3: Crypto Advices From Seasonal Tokens Tech Guru - Trinity
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In the early days, crypto used to be a boy's thing, but not anymore. In this episode, we talk with Trinity about her journey as a crypto investor and what she has learned during this time. By listening to the episode you will find out how she is researching crypto projects, what her investment strategy is, why cryptocurrency technology is the future, and a lot more. Join us on this one, maybe the answers that you are searching for are here. Enjoy!

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Disclaimer: None of the information in the podcast should be considered as a financial advice. You should always do your own research. 

Polar: Hello everyone. It is Polar here the CMO of Seasonal Tokens. And today in the Seasonal Tokens podcast, we have the amazing pleasure to have the first lady on the show. So welcome, Trinity.  

Trinity: Thank you for this wonderful introduction Polar. I'm very happy to be here.  

Polar: Yeah, it is my pleasure. So, let's start with the question that I ask everyone else. Can you introduce yourself and your background with a few words? 

Trinity: So, hello everyone. My name is Trinity, and I work at Seasonal Tokens as the lead tech guru and investor liaison. I've experience in a wide range of areas including crypto and blockchain fundamentals, tech, design, social media, content creation, and business and research. I oversee the tech guru team and take care of everything tech related. Reach out to me on discord if you're having any technical problems or problems with the project in general and I'll be happy to assist you over call or chat.

Polar: Okay. Amazing background. Like, I heard a lot more than expected. So maybe you have been dealing with a lot of stuff during your life. And like, from all these things that you just mentioned, which one is the most interesting for you? 

Trinity: Definitely tech and design. The design has always been a very big passion in my life. Since I was young. I used to draw a lot and enjoy doing art. And later on, I discovered my passion for tech, and I decided to find a way to combine both and that's how I'm here.  

Polar: Okay, that's really interesting. Can you share how exactly you're combining both? 

Trinity: So sometimes I have to do not just strictly tech-related things. I have to also design documents. Design, like the recent guide for seasonal tokens. And it's fun to do. So, I use my design experience to implement that in such things. 

Polar: Okay, so you are making some technical documents and making them look nicer with your design skills.  

Trinity: Absolutely. 

Polar: Okay, that's amazing. So, before we start crypto questions, I suppose people would be very interested to find out why Trinity? 

Polar: I think everyone knows the movie The Matrix, and there's one character, two main characters, Neo and Trinity, and they're usually partners and everything. And the first time I watched the movie, I was really fascinated by Trinity, and I decided to use her name as my nickname in Crypto.

Polar: Okay. Yeah, I think that everyone knows this movie. If you don't know this movie, you should definitely watch it. Dozens of times, not once. There is a lot of wisdom in this movie, so I highly recommend you watch it many times. So, you are Trinity, I suppose that's one day we'll have Neo. but now we just have Trinity on our podcast. So, Trinity, what has attracted you to Crypto?

Trinity: Well, the beauty of cryptocurrencies is that they allow you to instantaneously transfer money or assets to anybody, anywhere, at any moment, at any time, with the confidence that you will get exactly what you ask for without disclosing sensitive personal information or running the risk of theft, for example, or having to bribe someone that on its own is quite unique. And I also truly believe in distributed ledger technology or DLT for short. To explain it for you guys, in simple terms, it is a digital system for tracking asset transactions in which the transactions and their details are logged simultaneously in several locations. Some of the main benefits of this is decentralization, greater transparency, and easier auditability. I'm convinced that this technology will improve how future generations live, share data, exchange property, and it will revolutionize business and the financial sector. 

Polar: Absolutely, yeah, the crypto is definitely a future. This is what I believe, it has started changing our life a lot and it will change it even more. Like we have talked with Tears in the previous episode. A lot of the greatest minds in the world are jumping in crypto and a lot of new things are developed thanks to it and a lot more will be developed very soon. So, I definitely agree with what you're saying and crypto will definitely help with the financial system, but I believe that it will help us with a lot more than just that. So, you're interested in crypto and from what I have found so far with all the people that have been talking about crypto, is that maybe like 99% of them are also investing in crypto. So, are you actively investing in crypto too? 

Trinity: Oh, absolutely. I began trading and investing on my own, last year. But before making any investments, I took my time to research crypto and understand it better. And I know it may seem intimidating at first because it's a whole new world and it's very different from what we're used to, but it's very much worth it. It is a rapidly developing field and there's a lot happening every day, so you have to keep up. 

Polar: Yeah, it's a new asset. I would say very soon I believe we will see the big Wall Street guys come to crypto, even though I believe some of them have already jumped in it. They're just not telling this to the world because they want to have the cheapest possible price for them. But this is another story, I believe. So, we are hearing everywhere that before investing you have to do your own research, but nobody is actually telling you what you should research. In most of the cases, what people do is just, go to the website and very rarely even checking the white paper. So, when you are saying that you have done your research before starting with crypto investing. Have you made some sort of list with things that you want to research before investing or you have just checked the website, the white paper, or something like that? 

Trinity: Well, it’s definitely good to check the website and the white paper, and I would also add to check the team of the project. See what they are doing, and get to know who is running this project. Personally, I am more of a technical person, I like to understand things on a technical perspective. So, when it comes to crypto, when I say I research crypto, I mean I actually went fully in-depth of understanding how it works. So, Bitcoin, blockchain, what is an ERC-20 token? how does it work? What can I do with this? Because this is, for me, very important. It's new and we don't know much about these things and it's changing every day. And I think it's essential that we understand such important details before we invest in anything. 

Polar: Yeah. So, if we don't understand the technological part of this like you're suggesting, to check the white paper, check the website, and check the team, is this what you're saying? 

Trinity: Yes. 

Polar: Okay, perfect. So, this brings me to the next question, because we have started talking about started talking about crypto investing and how maybe people should do their own research. But of course, there are many more things that people can research before investing in crypto. So why do you actually think people should invest in crypto? 

Trinity: Okay, first and foremost, I'm not a financial adviser. Please do your own research. And to answer your question. While there are many reasons to be skeptical of digital currencies, as we've seen, many traditional investors have embraced this new asset class. As previously stated, it is decentralized and allows you to instantly transfer money or assets anywhere at any time. Most of cryptocurrencies have a long-term dependable store value. And unlike fiat money, most, if not all, cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, have a finite supply that is limited by mathematical algorithms. This prevents any individual political party or government agency from diluting its value through inflation. And I honestly believe that crypto and NFTs, are almost unavoidable in our social media-driven future. And considering we're in a bear market, I think it's a good time to start accumulating. 

Polar: So, from what I understand that you're saying, like, you're saying that because we're going to see crypto in the future and because there isn't much about inflation and things like that going on with crypto, it's a good investment asset. Or I'm missing something. 

Trinity: No, I think that's about it. 

Polar: Okay, so you mentioned that right now we are in a bear market, and I definitely agree with you, even though there are some signals that it may be over soon. But we are used to seeing things like that, especially during the summer when a lot of people are taking a vacation, which is definitely a good thing, especially during the summer. And this affects the crypto in almost every summer. So, what do you think is the best thing a person should do during such periods of time like bear markets? 

Trinity: Everyone has a different approach to this. Some will say you should hold; others will say sell. And I say it depends on each individual and their current financial capabilities because honestly, it is not a matter of patience or being smart or not. Sometimes it is wise to sell and wait a while before deciding what to do next. Especially when the market sentiment is beyond extreme fear and up to its fud and rising interest rates and global recession. So, whether we like it or not, if things continue like this, the majority will run into sell and the market will continue to dip. But personally speaking, I'm holding. I truly believe it will not last very long.

Polar: I have heard many people saying that they will hold during this time, and they have taken a vacation and turned off their presence from all the social media and they're waiting for the signal that the boosts are back to jump also back into crypto investing. So, I definitely feel about that. And I'm also holding, but of course, I'm trying to buy more when I have the opportunity for that on the best possible price. So, have you have found an investment strategy that has given you the best results so far? 

Trinity: Well, I go for projects in which I truly believe in, like projects that match my ethics and that are trying to do something that I'm convinced is going to be a big change unless it's a new project. I always look into the founder, the team, and the track records. Also, I don't hesitate to sell. I know some people don't like this, but honestly, you just have to know when to let go. And I think that's really important. It's also important to keep up with market trends and adjust your portfolio accordingly. And investing, in my opinion, would be much easier if people simply extended, as they say, their time horizons. As many people are aware, anything can happen in the coming months, quarters, or years. And designing a portfolio based on what might happen in such a short period of time, it's a losing game, in my opinion, because it is truly unknowable. So, my strategy is kind of a mix of everything waiting, buying, and selling. 

Polar: Not very easy to explain the strategy, I would say, so people will have to do their research and decide how to apply it in their life. But it's definitely a good one. I agree with you. I have been doing something similar in my career too. So, we are here for many reasons, but one of them is that because you are part of the team of Seasonal Tokens, and we really love this project. And my question for you is what has attracted you to become part of the team? 

Polar: It's kind of a funny story. My friend told me about the project and the seasonality concept really interested me. So, I joined the Discord server and started mining and farming. Ruadhan, the founder, he assisted me with everything from the beginning. And honestly, God bless him, he was very kind and patient with me through everything and we ended up talking about a lot of things, a variety of topics, and getting to know each other. And I really loved his work ethic. He's authenticity and after some time I thought I might be generally happy to help with the project. And that's how I ended up joining the team. 

Polar: I agree with you that Ruadhan is a very, very wise person, that you can talk about everything. So, I definitely feel you on this one. And why do you think people should invest in seasonal tokens? Like, can you convince them in a way, of course, they have to do their own research? Like, if we accept that, for example, you're not part of the team, you are just an investor in seasonal tokens.  

Trinity: Well, it is the only crypto project with such a unique concept. It is an investment instrument, and the main feature is to perform cyclical trading of the four tokens in a hedged environment, which reduces the trading risk and eliminates the gambling aspect. The trading strategy is pretty straightforward. You always trade tokens for more tokens of a different type. For example, three springs for five summers. The total number of tokens in your investments will grow with each trade, and the risk of making a loss measured in tokens can be eliminated. Add to that that the tokens are equally valuable in the long term because which one is the most expensive will keep rotating with time. And now, recently, we added the Polygon network to the website. So now it's possible to buy and trade the tokens for almost nothing compared to the high fees on the Ethereum network. 

Polar: Okay, yeah. Actually, there are many reasons why I also believe that people should at least take a look at seasonal tokens. It's a personal preference if they invest in it or not after they do their research. But I think that we also have one of the most helpful teams in the world in discord. So, if people find any hurdles, they can always ask on discord, and they will find their answers pretty, pretty fast, I will say. So, yeah. And the strategy to convert tokens for more tokens is a very simple strategy and there isn't another project that gives you this opportunity. So, there are many benefits of this project. But of course, we are not here to talk only about seasonal tokens. We just want to mention a few of the great things about it. And the main topic is, of course, crypto and crypto investing. So, what makes you think that the future of crypto is bright? 

Trinity: Well, more and more businesses are looking into ways to incorporate crypto and blockchain technology into their operations. Like you said, they're still a bit quiet about it. Some are more public, but mostly they're private. And things are just getting started. For example, Polygon, a platform for layer two scalings, has been chosen recently to participate in Disney's 2022 accelerator program to advance Polygon's Web Three technology, which I think is starting this week. If big companies are still investing in developing crypto and Web 3.0, regardless of us being in a bear market, why shouldn't we? It's clear they understand the value.  

Polar: Yeah. And some people say for the money, and we have seen some big guys investing a good amount of money in crypto. So probably something is definitely going on. And we have seen millions of dollars in NFT trades, which is something that you don't see very regularly online, maybe in the backstage. Something like that is happening. But in crypto, there isn't anything hidden. Even though a lot of people believe that you can hide something in crypto, actually, crypto is very transparent, and I think it happens, more and more transparent with every single day. So, I think that this transparency and technology that crypto is creating are definitely two very important reasons why crypto will be with us in not only the near but many years in the future. So, I am also with you about this thing. 

Trinity: Also, since you mentioned transparency, it's why I emphasized the importance of understanding the technology of crypto and blockchain before investing. Because when you met the first time, when you mentioned crypto or anything related to someone who doesn't understand it, the first thing they usually think of is a very shady business or some form of theft or something weird going on, when in fact they don't understand that. Like you said, it's very transparent. Things are public and it's decentralized and if they just understand these things, they would be a lot more open to it.

Polar:  Yeah, this reminds me of a story. I had a discussion with a friend of mine who is very rich person and I have asked him about crypto, what does he think about that? And he said things like, why I should invest in shady things like that when the people that mostly use crypto are using it for selling guns, prostitutes, and things like that. And I told him, look, man, this is history. There aren’t such things. Like, big guys are already investing a lot in crypto, and you can even see the transactions. And I even showed him how he can track some transactions, where they are going, how they're going. We just did a few small transactions, and he was very surprised and didn't expect this to be so easy to track the transactions. After the end of this discussion on the next morning, he just continued to ask me more questions about crypto, where he should start buying, how he should start searching for projects, and things like that. So, I have a feeling that the thing that mostly stops people from investing are actually two things. First is the lack of knowledge about the transparency. And the second thing is that they still believe that the people that use crypto the most are these bad guys with the guns and things like that. So, when we kill this myth, I suppose a lot of people will come to crypto and realize that actually, this technology is very transparent. It gives a lot of opportunities and not only bad guys are using it. I don't consider myself a bad guy and I don't consider Trinity also a bad guy. We are somehow proof of that. But of course, don't believe me. Just do your own research and see if this is true or not. So, it has been really nice talking with you about crypto and investing, but I suppose it's time to finish this nice episode. So, do you have any final words for our listeners? 

Trinity: I just want to thank you again for having me today. It's been a pleasure. And I want to tell our listeners that I understand that market conditions are tough right now, but we've been through this before and I'm sure we will come out stronger than ever. 

Polar: Yes, thank you very much also for being here. It was a pleasure to talk with you. I know that it is your first time on a podcast. So, you have been great. 

Trinity: Yeah, I did well.

Polar: I think so, too. So, thank you very much for your time, for your answers. It was really nice to discuss these topics with you. And thank you very much for all the listeners that have been able to reach this part of the episode. I'm truly grateful for your attention. And of course, if you like the episode, make sure that you subscribe on your favorite platform. We are listed on almost all popular podcast directories, so choose the best one that you like and subscribe on it because there are a lot more that I have prepared for you in the future. So, thank you very much again. I am Polar the CMO of the Seasonal Tokens, and I'll see you on the next week. Bye.