Frequency with Clovistia

1. Who is Clovistia?

January 16, 2023 Clovistia/Grace Star Season 1 Episode 1
Frequency with Clovistia
1. Who is Clovistia?
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12th Dimensional Star being, Clovistia, channels knowledge and wisdom through Host Grace Star, her human counterpart, on this riveting weekly podcast that jumps into spirituality at its essence. From the ancient times to present there is frequency for all to share. Grace Star shares her near death experience and past lives that share relevance with the channeled information from her own experiences, and Co-Host Dr. Kathryn Leeman helps guide the path. 

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Host: Grace Star
Co-host: Dr. Kathryn Leeman
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Producer: Charlie Garcia

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Welcome to our very first episode: Who or what is Clovistia?

Grace Star: I'm not sure exactly how or where to begin this podcast so I thought I would just set some ground rules, and I'm going to ask for permission from my co-host to only discuss Clovistia herself mainly in this episode. Do I have your permission, Kathryn?

Kathryn: Yes, you do have my permission. I'm looking forward to working with you and Clovistia, and I think this is going to be very exciting for our audience to be able to hear who she is and what she has to offer.

Grace Star: Okay, so let's just jump in and start with the basics: 

Who or what is Clovistia?

I'm sure you have that question and why would you need to come and listen to her?

Who am I, and why was I chosen to channel her?

What the heck is channeling?

All excellent questions, so let's start with me. I've had spiritual experiences my entire life. When I was a child, I didn't know that they were spiritual experiences. I thought that this is how life was with humans. I didn't know anything about religion. I didn't know anything that you could think of as spiritual, but I did have strange memories and strange experiences when I was a little kid and to be honest, I didn't know that one of the memories I was having was a past life. I didn't know that at all. I didn't know it was strange or unusual. I didn't learn that it was a past life and a memory from another time until I was an adult. I remembered this past life the same as if I'm thinking about the first day of school, very real but at the same time very shocking because of the content.

I didn't know what to do with it. I had nobody to talk to, no one that I could trust. The adults around me thought that I had something wrong with me. I was six years old when I've had my first extreme vivid memory of a past life, which turned out to be the beginning of my soul's spiritual journey in this life. 

In Episode #2, I want to share this past life memory with you because I think it's important that you understand me and why Clovistia chose to channel info and wisdom through me because it is connected. This episode will be called Child of God.

Then in Episode #3, I will be sharing my near-death experience that helped me to meet God, and this experience let me recognize God when Clovistia first came to me. It is also a pivotal moment in my life that clarified my spiritual journey when I was 17. These two experiences actually opened up my spirit to other things. My soul was in a sense cracked like a nut, and it opened me, and it definitely pushed me forward on this extreme spiritual journey, that I now find myself on as an adult. It is interesting because if I hadn't had that near-death experience I wouldn't have recognized God when he came to visit me in this life to talk to me about Clovistia, I wouldn't have recognized him at all, and if I would be willing to take on the task that he wanted me to do and to channel wisdom from her. I had never done that before; I've had some really interesting spiritual experiences that I'll share with you from time to time. But all of my experiences tend to be multi-sensory, with vivid colors, very dimensional, and really expanded awareness. So, when I remember past lives, I remember them as if I'm actually there. All of my senses are aware, and if it's a hot day, if I smell bread, if I can taste something, it's very vivid.

Regarding Clovistia herself, I'm going to refer to her as “her”, because she comes through as a divine feminine energy, Motherly and caring, she lifts me up and carries me from time to time when I need it, I'm going to refer to her as her and you'll hear me do that over the course of time.

Regarding me, Grace Star, I’m only going to share what's mine only. It's not something that I read. It's something I experienced or remembered. Nothing that somebody else has told me. Only what I have personally experienced, or wisdom channeled by Clovistia the way that she has channeled it to me and what it means. And she sometimes only shows me frequency that is pictures to help me understand. 

I’m not a psychic, okay. You might have some psychic friends in your life that may guide you or assist you, they might give you readings and things like that, that's not me. When I say that she shared information that's information to me that she shared for you. And so, when that comes and she really wants to channel something important, I will pick up a recorder and I will open my mouth and she will speak through me, and it will just fill up my recording. That's something that I’m going to make really clear at the beginning of this podcast: Anything that I share with you is not something that I’ve read. She actually doesn't like it if I read anything or any people's spiritual experiences or adventures or any of that. She doesn't like me to even read spiritual comments or opinions. She doesn't want me to do that. She just wants me to hear her word by itself so that it doesn't get any of her thoughts and words confused to me. 

Regarding God I’m going to refer to God as “HE”, I always will, not because he's a guy, that's not it at all, He's genderless. I know that some of you are brand new to spiritual ideas and concepts, and you may not have heard that yet, so to clarify He's genderless. But for me, I was raised in a religion, and He was referred to as He, so it's easy for me to use He, but let's not confuse things. I'm not identifying him as male, and certainly Clovistia has not said that.

How did this all begin, one day out of the blue, God came to me in a vivid dream in 2017. It was so vivid that I could taste the other side in Heaven. Having remembered these before during my death experience, I could recognize him. He asked me to walk with him beside a blue stream that was very profound and colorful. I could reach out and touch the frequency and energy of God, which is what he is. He's not flesh but a specific radiating frequency, that he was showing me. He asked me if I would be willing to dedicate my life for him, not from a religious vantage point, but from a spiritual one. I said of course, but slowly I asked what it was. He said I need you to be the voice of a special being. Hmm I thought, being? that sounds ominous. I said yes then slowly the colors began to lose color, and the dream began to fade away, and the frequency was gone. 

Over the coming days and weeks, I began to be aware of weird frequencies consciousness and occurrences. I might see a shooting ray of light that was particularly vivid in color, vibrating, almost like it was alive, or random orbs floating by the tv screen, or I would walk into a room, and you just feel like someone is there. I know that you have had these experiences, or I suspect, but there's nobody there. You walk into a closet, and you think somebody's there, or you hear a sound and you're sure that somebody's just outside the window, and you open the drapes, and there's nobody there. Over a period of time as something was sharing frequency with me I realized that I needed to understand it better. Gradually I began to realize that this was connected to the God visit. Okay, I knew that I needed to do something with it, but I wasn't sure exactly what I was supposed to do. But after a couple of months of feeling like I was being followed around, and listening to strange frequencies in my head, and seeing weird light shows. I realized I just need to talk to whatever this is. So, when I was home alone, I stopped and said: 

Who or what are you?

And why are you in my life?

And why are you in my head?

And why are you following me?

I demand to know right now!  and there was silence.

Initially my mind was completely blank. Not a single thought could be conjured up. I couldn't think of anything. But slowly something began to appear in my mind, and it looked like keys on an old typewriter. It started to spell something. First it was a “C” then a “CLO” then “CLOVIST” then “CLOVISTIA” and then silence. Clovistia and it resonated, it had frequency, it had depth, and I said oh dear, whatever this is, it's got a name.  

Of course, being a person on social media. I immediately went and did a Google search, and I think you would have done the same. I typed in Clovistia and pressed the search and waited, but there were no search results, at that time, none, Clovistia did not exist on the internet at that time or as a word that had ever been used by humanity. It was like boom. I felt a profound kind of shock and realization that was just really profound, and I realized she was totally unique, and she just felt like divine feminine energy. Oh my gosh, snap out of this, I thought what is going on? Because this felt far bigger than myself, because I'm kind of like a person like you, an ordinary person, except I was starting to have a really extreme spiritual experience. And I already thought my life was having an extreme spiritual experience, but this was much bigger. And the journey just started from there.

My journey to understand all these weird occurrences, these random vibrations, and change started there. She channeled her first channel to me telling me that she is my 12th dimensional star self. Okay, that's crazy to me. She's not flesh and blood like humans. She is energy and frequency and having spent a great deal of time incarnating in different times and on different planets. I'm going to say it's almost like opening your window to spirituality and when I plug into her it literally reverberates through me, and it plugs me into the universal consciousness directly. So, I am aware of the profoundness of consciousness on the other side that we all connect to. Oh gosh, but after she channeled all of this and once the shock wore off, and no, I was not hallucinating or dreaming, and I was not on drugs, I did not take any mushrooms or psychedelics.

I had an absolutely real genuine conscious experience; I realized it had changed my life forever. So as any true spiritual woman would do, I dived right in and began learning and understanding from her, and she started to understand my limits and abilities as a human, and what I could sort of do and what I can't do, and a lot of other things that I plan to share with you all. Some may even seem familiar to you, and you may find that a lot of what I say actually resonates with you. 

Often, she refers to me as a conduit. I don't really like that name, but I am a voice but as I mentioned. I'm not supposed to edit any of the incoming information. It's supposed to just come in as pure frequency and wisdom. Let me tell you it's not as easy as that sounds. Because I had to learn how to do it, as a human and especially a woman, we all want to edit incoming information that we don't exactly understand. I'm sure that some of you are hearing my voice and it's going to resonate with you, and you may be feeling that's happened to you, because you've had a similar experience.

Maybe you had a vision of another place in time, and you may be feeling that's happened to me, because you've had a similar experience, or you had a very vivid dream about something, and it was haunting you, and it just wouldn't go away.  Or your thoughts reveal new information that you previously haven't learned, and you want to micromanage it, you want to dissect it or tear it apart break it into pieces so that you can understand it, because certainly your ego tells you that this cannot be real. But what if it is real?

The frequency she shares with me is multi-dimensional, multi-sensory. It's not flat like words. So, her channeled frequency at times can feel almost like liquid. I can nearly touch it, and feel it, and I see the frequency. The radiating colors and it might have a familiar taste or sound, and it is connected to the universal consciousness like a giant Spiritual web that we are all connected to. She tells me that frequency permeates all things, including all of you, animals, foods, water, trees, rocks, planets. Divine frequency holds the universal consciousness together.

That was big to learn and understand. Learning how not to edit the information was a challenge and it took me about a year to learn how to do that, because honestly, as humans we have this evolutionary innate desire to change things so that it makes sense inside of our head, and we look at it and we wonder:

Is it good? Is it bad?

Did it happen to me, or did it happen to somebody?

Does it apply to somebody?

How does it work?

Right? we all do that. I had to learn to just leave it as it was and let it go, and the depth of knowledge got deeper and deeper as I learned how to do that, and it became quite profound. Towards the close of 2017. I was drawn to share the frequency I was receiving. On 10-10-2017 I decided to make a Facebook page to share her words and thoughts, I know that's kind of old school in this time frame, but FB was popular at that time. I argued with her a little bit, and I said nobody's going to come, that it is going to be hopeless. It's not as easy to get followers as you're thinking. She said leave it to her, that was it, she just said leave it to me, I've got this.  

So, I created my first post and within 24 hours we had a thousand followers, and now we have almost 1.2 million followers thanks to her, I give her all credit. These followers have supported us through thick and thin. They have liked our posts, shared them and given their thoughts and opinions. This grew into a blog and the information that she channeled to me the followers listened, and you know, we love our followers dearly. They have been a true support for us Now, we're on Instagram and I don't know, I think we have 60 or 70,000 people over there that are following us.  

I hope you are ready to start our journey of frequency from across the cosmos. 

I hope to share the wisdom that she is sharing with me. Everything I share from her is about frequency, it is the only topic that she channels to me. So, it will be the topic of our podcast and future information. 

I hope that in this process of me sharing with you my journey, you'll see yourself in it, and you'll want to share your journey with family and friends. 

Thank you to all of our listeners for hearing me out and I hope you come back often. Kathryn, I have taken up the stage today I apologize, but I promise in Episode 2 you will be joining me on my journey to my past life called Child of God. 

Kathryn: I have really enjoyed sitting back and listening to your journey again, and it is a great inspiration for those who have been on the fence about whether to jump into their own spiritual exploration or not. I really feel that the purpose of what Clovistia wants to serve is being done through you, and through this podcast by inspiring others to find their path. So, thank you very much for sharing this first journey and having me aboard. I really have enjoyed it. 

Grace Star: You are very welcome, and it is going to be an exciting journey. 

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