Frequency with Clovistia

10. Live Spiritual Therapy

February 28, 2023 Clovistia/Grace Star Season 1 Episode 10
Frequency with Clovistia
10. Live Spiritual Therapy
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It is time to allow the past life of Alexander to return to Rome, but before he goes Dr. Kathryn Leeman is going to provide some needed Spiritual Therapy. She will attempt to make sense of the trauma that ended his life. 

Stop by to listen to the spellbinding end to his story.

Host: Grace Star
Co-host: Dr. Kathryn Leeman
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Producer: Charlie Garcia

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Grace: Hi, welcome to Episode 10, our live Spiritual Therapy session for Alexander, and myself, by definition, Kathryn, you're going to be on the hot seat today. Can you heal Alexander?

Kathryn: Well, we certainly can give it our best shot. Are you willing to then get back into Alexander and help be the mediator between Alexander and myself?

Grace: Yes. 

Kathryn: So are you ready to get started?

Grace: Yes, let me put one foot into his shadow so that I can connect with him again. We're ready.

Kathryn: All right, so first of all I want you to really relax Grace, really relax your belly and your shoulders and just allow yourself to be fully in your own presence, Grace's presence. And what you're going to do is be consciously aware of this extension of yourself and see him separate from you as Alexander. So as you do that, allow yourself to become very aware of how Alexander is in the moment.

So Alexander, can you please tell Grace so Grace can share with me how you're feeling right now after going through the experiences you've had and ending your contracts and everybody was at peace with everything on the other side. How are you?

Grace/Alexander: I'm still really angry. I still feel betrayed.

Kathryn: By the Queen?

Grace/Alexander: By the Queen specifically, but for some other reason. I'm feeling betrayed by a different aspect.

Kathryn: Would you share that please?

Grace/Alexander: There's a part of Alexander that's showing me betrayal, and that trust is very overrated, and that he's having a big conflict between the trust and the betrayal. Because of this other aspect. So, this other aspect we need to figure out, because otherwise he's not going to be at peace. 

Kathryn: So, Alexander, please tune in to what this aspect is that is bothering you so much. Can you tell me about it?

Grace/Alexander: He's saying so much was taken away. It was an entire loss of a life. It was the loss of relationships. It was the breaking of promises. Almost nothing ended up right in that life. And there's one thing he keeps showing me that is the worst of the thing. And when I plug in Queen, it falls out. So it's not the Queen, although he's very angry at the Queen. That is not the thing.

Kathryn: So, let's go back Alexander to the contracts. Just as the people who had asked you to murder them because that would end the karmic wheel they were on. And they were very grateful to you afterwards. You also made contracts about losing relationships, about a life not being fulfilled because there was a purpose, a spiritual purpose and contract to help you grow and become even more of who you really are. So from that event, if you can raise yourself up, get above what happened in the physical world and look at it from a spiritual aspect, what was it that you were meant to learn from having gone through these experiences in the big picture?


Grace/Alexander: This is the question that I think I've asked myself a million times as to why and what benefit. And I've tried to tease out a benefit, but he's blaming someone.

Kathryn: Okay, who is he blaming? Alexander, where are you pointing the finger?

Grace/Alexander: It started in our spiritual meeting. There was someone that was there. They didn't fulfill their contract. Okay. They were supposed to save him. They were supposed to stop this. It wasn't the Queen. The Queen was supposed to be the Queen and do what she was doing, but it wasn't supposed to go that far. This other being was supposed to intervene. They were supposed to stop it.

Kathryn: And so, by them not fulfilling their contract, what happened to them?

Grace/Alexander: He's saying they left, as in vacant. There was a space that was left open because they weren't there. So, when he stood in that long hallway looking at that sword and that mirror that was there, part of his anxiety that he was expressing was on this... He was sort of waiting for this, that he would be saved. It would be stopped. It wouldn't finish. And there was nobody there. He was alone.

Kathryn: Okay, Alexander, that's a hard, hard place to be. However, everything happens for a reason. And this person did not fulfill their contract. And as a result, they have become indebted to you. And so what is important here is if you want to really truly let them go, because this is not a peace that can be trusted, and just wish them well and be done with the contract that you had with them, then it will set you free from the anger. And it will allow you to be reunited with your Alesophenia and with the beings, your parents, the ones that you love so much and wish to be with. They're just a breath away. So let's go, if you're willing, to take that piece of the contract with that particular being and throw it into the spiritual fire and say, I am done with you. Go be with God.


Kathryn: So, Alexander, allow yourself to be done with this contract, realizing this person did not have the capacity to fulfill it. You are not a victim. In the universe, there's no such thing as victims. There are only participants. You got to play that role, but it doesn't mean that's your identity. So allow yourself to just take a deep breath, call forth the contract between you and them, and say, I am done and I release you to your highest and best good. Go be with God. We are complete. Can you do that?

Grace/Alexander: We're going to have to do that because Grace doesn't want to know who this is, because for you folks that have not had a past life memory that has so much trauma, and yet you know more than half of the people in that life, I'm with right now, and it's taken me a lifetime to make peace with everybody that's here, and it's really a fragile peace. And to know that there is possibly a person in my life that could have stopped all of this, I don't want to know. 

Kathryn: And I think that is so wise. And that's a good point, that we don't need to know everything, that it's better oftentimes if we don't. Spirit knows who they are, what they are, the soul knows. Let that be good enough. Let it be complete. So give it over to the hands of Alexander and let Alexander toss it into the violet flame.

Grace/Alexander: Okay, can you repeat that? And he's willing to repeat this.


Kathryn: All right, Alexander, there is a beautiful violet, deep azure blue flame in front of you. That is a very high spiritual flame. And you're going to take the contract between you and whoever this person was. We don't need to know. And you're just going to hold it, and you're going to say, in order to bring me peace .. 

Grace/Alexander: in order to bring me peace ..h

Kathryn: here and now ... 

Grace/Alexander: here and now ... 

Kathryn: I now release you forever ...

Grace/Alexander: I now release you forever ...

Kathryn: into the hands of the divine. 

Grace/Alexander: Into the hands of the divine. 

Kathryn: Go be with God, the Divine Source. 

Grace/Alexander: Go be with God, the Divine Source. 

Kathryn: And know we are complete... 

Grace/Alexander: And know we are complete...

Kathryn: Now toss the contract into that beautiful flame and watch it burn into stardust. And know that this is forever finished. All the betrayal issues went with it. And now tell me, Alexander, how you feel. 

Grace/Alexander: Less like he wants to murder somebody. Because that was his first reaction, he was spiritually going to go track them down, and I've been holding on to him. I've been sort of keeping him in a box of sorts.

Kathryn: Well, Alexander, you need to know that by doing that, it doesn't allow you to grow spiritually. And it creates more karma for you to have to go through being betrayed, over and over again, until you learn the lesson. And the lesson that you were to learn from all of this is what? Because this is what will set you free. If you understand why you had to have this betrayal issue, then you are free. I don't know.


Kathryn: Okay, so take a moment and look. Let's understand that there is no person anywhere, whether it's on this planet, off planet, wherever it is, that can 100% totally support us in our thoughts, in our wishes. They all have their own journeys they too must take. No one person is put on the planet to totally become a mirror of you and serve you 100%. So by learning about betrayal, was it not that many of the great ones also had to go through betrayal?


Kathryn: The biggest spiritual leaders known to us on this earth, all had to experience some type of betrayal. Correct?



Grace/Alexander: Yes. 

Kathryn: That frees them then to be a totally spiritual guide, to have an evolutionary awareness that there is no such thing in the spirit world as betrayal. It's all about relying on you and Divine Source and having no one in between you and Divine Source. And so by knowing that this crucifixion that you went through, because it was a crucifixion you, and Alesophenia went through being crucified, it allowed you to then become what has been known in the past as spiritual martyrs for the good of the whole, so that you could be a way of understanding, a way of teaching, a way of being in service to the many instead of the few. It's only the highest of souls that have to go through this kind of crucifixion process. And you were chosen. That tells me something about who you really are. And now you just need to accept that and remember it when you can.


It takes a while sometimes, but to see in that sword, you had a mirror in that sword, and to look in that now and instead of seeing the fright, see the light, see the greatness. You had to be a great being in order to do this. You were a great being on the planet. You were very powerful. You were very strong. You did what you needed to do. And now it's even more so in the realm of Spirit. See the truth in that mirror instead of the betrayal. See the ultimate spiritual truth of the soul of who you really are. Now let me know how you're feeling. 

Grace/Alexander: He's feeling much better. He's feeling much more relaxed. He's going to make a big effort.

Kathryn: So, okay. So because of your desire to move forward, I want you to look off to your right, Alexander, and see coming through that doorway is your beloved. She can now rejoin you.

Grace/Alexander: Okay, so he's gone. He's just went to that. That's it. He's gone.

Kathryn: Yeah, that's what he was waiting for was to be rejoined with her.

Grace/Alexander: Yeah, absolutely.

Kathryn: Yeah, I can feel his heart just gone now.

Grace/Alexander: Yeah, good. Good. Thank you. Much thanks.

Kathryn: And so, Grace, how are you feeling, Grace?

Grace/Alexander: Ah, whooped, actually.

Kathryn: Yeah, exactly.

Grace/Alexander: Very, very tired. Very kind of exhausted here. 

Kathryn: That is because, this is important for our listeners to understand, it is because you were carrying his angst, his anger in your body, his energy. That was creating a lot of tension in your own physical form and emotional form and mental, and as a result of that, now that he's gone, you can see how much adrenaline you had been putting out because of him. And now your body can recoup and begin to heal in your mind and your emotions. It's exhausting to carry around another aspect's frustration and anger and anything that they're going through. So that's exactly as it should be. And that says to me that Alexander was healed and you are complete with him. 

Grace/Alexander: I definitely feel unloaded, if that makes any sense. 

Kathryn: Right. And it could take up to three days to fully get your own energy back. So just be easy with yourself. Try not to push yourself too much. Be very kind of in your own little space, in your own little bubble while you gather back all of Grace's energy. 

Grace/Alexander: I'm going to make a big effort at that. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Certainly he appreciates it, even though he didn't stay here to say thank you. He left. I'll express his sentiments. He was happy. He was quite happy to be reunited. 

Kathryn: And that's thanks enough. That is really wonderful that that happened because that's exactly what was needed. 

Grace: Thank you listeners for coming along on my journey today. And thank you. I hope that some of you independently got some healing out of Kathryn's words. And we're always here for you. If you have further questions, you can find us on different social medias and definitely here as a resource for all of you.