Frequency with Clovistia

11. Alexander's Sword part 5

March 07, 2023 Clovistia/Grace Star Season 1 Episode 11
Frequency with Clovistia
11. Alexander's Sword part 5
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Lots of interesting questions for  Kathryn and Grace here they continue to discuss spiritual experiences, the afterlife, and spirituality unveiled. 
please listen and follow our journey. 

Host: Grace Star
Co-host: Dr. Kathryn Leeman
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Producer: Charlie Garcia

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Grace: Welcome back listeners to episode 11. It's our season wrap up. I can't believe that our season is over. Can you believe that Kathryn?

Kathryn: Wow, that went fast and it's been so much fun doing it, you know, and learning and growing and this has been a great experience for me all the way around. And I'm sure there's more to learn. 

Grace: I'm sure that there is. We kind of have some questions that have come up over the episodes that we would kind of just like to go back to and we were asked this more than once. So hopefully it applies to everybody. 

Our first question is in regards to my friend Pam, who is the embodiment of Alesophenia that I met as my good friend in this particular life and she wants to know what happened to Pam. Pam came into your life and was a huge part of your life for a while and then it seems like she disappeared. So the thing is, is that Pam did not remember Alexander at all. But as Pam kind of got to know me, she started to gradually share with me that she was having a memory that she was kind of afraid of and I said, what is that?

Pam said when I look at the mountains in this particular area, it reminds me of something that happened that was really bad. Like I feel doom and I feel like something really, bad happened. 

Grace: I realized in listening to her description that she was having her own memory, like Alexander did of remembering his sword, and that was something that I had to figure out. And she had had no past life therapy at all. She didn't even know that what she was remembering was what I thought was probably a past life. I had just had Alexander in that timeframe, so I'm kind of a newbie at that time as well.

But she was describing to me that when she looks at a certain mountain that's in our community, that the way that the rock formation is, because we're kind of like in a desert type community, that it was causing her to have great anxiety and it would cause her to have tears and she would kind of cry. And I thought, this isn't so good.

So one day we were at lunch and she brought the topic up. I just was ears to listen like a, I think Kathryn calls it a, what did you call that, a witness?

Kathryn: A sacred witness. 

Grace: Yeah. So as Kathryn puts it, I was kind of a sacred witness. I was just going to be ears for her that day. As we ate our Chinese food, she shared with me that she had a memory of being a young girl of about six or eight years of age. And in this memory, she's watching her parents be murdered. She's a Native American child. She herself has been murdered, but she hasn't left the scene yet. So she's kind of hovering over and she sees the conquistadors murdering not only her parents, but pretty much the entire tribe. They had the entire tribe surrounded. And she was crying and expressing that they were killing her mom and they were killing her dad. And in that process, I realized I was her dad.

And I looked at her and I said, Pamela? And she said, yes. I said, who was your dad?

And man, she just started crying and crying and crying. And then she came over and she started hugging and hugging and hugging. And it was kind of a spontaneous kind of a memory for her. But she could not stay in our community because of that. She had so many emotions associated with those mountains. And the fact that I was there, kind of to be supportive, was not enough. And she decided to move out of our community and to move across the country to an area that had no desert, no rocks, no stones, no little hills, and a very lush green environment. For her, she needed to hide from what was in her mind. And no amount of coaxing could get her to come to Kathryn. I tried and I tried to get her to come so that she could get official help rather than just running away. But I have respect for that, that she just she couldn't think those memories anymore.

Kathryn: Yeah, she wasn't ready. 

Grace: And subsequent to Pamela moving back to an area where she felt really good and healthy and comfortable. She had a really nice life with her husband and she has at this point passed away. So I kind of feel comfortable sharing with you. You don't really know who Pam is, but sharing with you kind of our memory together.

Kathryn: Okay, Grace, we have another question from our listeners. And that came through asking as when you were dead, and you know, I don't call it dead, I just call it a transfer of consciousness. And on the other side with God source, whatever anyone wants to call it. Did you particularly feel anything? Can you describe more what that experience was like?

Grace: You know, as you were discussing a few minutes ago, you know, we as humans are like the personality, but we have our soul, which is actually the thing that I was connected with on the other side. So, although my personality was there, and part of it, it was kind of like a kind of a sidecar because it was more my soul that was reaping the benefits. And I think the biggest thing that I noticed on the other side was endless, unconditional love. Love from the Divine Source that permeated the entire experience. It permeated me. It is something that was undeniable and kind of indescribable at the same time. From the moment that I arrived, I was simply a soul. I wasn't myself as Grace necessarily over there. But even in that state of being, God's love surrounded me and enveloped me. I was aware of God, the Divine Source, and our connection with the Divine Source, and how there is a connection to everything, and the frequency on this planet, and the frequency with everything so that God knows everything. That really personal connection that we have, I was really aware of that. I was eager to share that information, and even now I'm eager to share that information with anyone. Sometimes that person is the person who's standing beside me in a store or at a game. I might be at a soccer game or something, and people will randomly walk up to me and start talking to me about spiritual things. I don't know, but I think you've had this problem too, Kathryn?

Kathryn: Oh, yeah. The grocery line checkout, especially. I think our listeners have had this perhaps experience as well where someone really feels comfortable enough in your space and they have nobody to talk to, so they're going to just start talking to you. 

Grace: The spiritual world of Grace and Katherine is interesting at times, but I think that when people hear that I have a memory of the other side, it makes them happier. It gives them a sense of well-being as a person, that unknowing has kind of been answered, that as a matter of fact, there is the other side and that it is real. I think that brings them a great sense of connection to their life, and they can stop worrying about that and they can go on with the other aspects of their life that are really more important than questioning every day whether or not there's a heaven or a hell, a purgatory or whatever your thing is that you worry about. Put that aside. Let's just put it aside temporarily and then just go live your life.


Grace: The next question that we have from a listener is how do you know when you're having a spiritual experience? Is there some way that you can know that you're having a spiritual experience?
Because some people think that you're having these thoughts and memories that maybe you're crazy and I've been accused of being crazy. By many people in my life, it's okay. I'm oblivious to it now. They don't really know the truth of what's going on inside of Grace, but some people are really shy about that and they're afraid. Is there a mechanism, do you think, Kathryn, where they can kind of know that this is a spiritual experience as opposed to being crazy? What's your thoughts there?

Kathryn: Well, yes. A spiritual experience like that or a spiritual memory tends to have, for the most part, repetition. It's something that it's kind of like going back to Alexander or whomever, the child of God. It kept repeating itself and repeating itself over and over again. It wasn't like a whole bunch of things, random thoughts coming in here, there, and everywhere. There was a consistency to it and you could feel kind of that it was part of you but not part of you. That's a spiritual experience. Something that drives you on a quest to get more answers is also something that is spiritually leading you.

Now, someone who generally, let's say, is crazy, I don't like to use that word, but is having some type of a mental breakdown or something, usually has, not always, but usually has a lot of random thoughts and they don't really fit together real well or sometimes they do, but the storyline keeps changing. It doesn't remain consistent. Your two stories have remained very consistent in the pieces that were coming together for you. So, that's the difference. Also, if someone has to ask, is this really a memory or am I going crazy? Chances are they're not going crazy because someone who is generally losing their mental footing won't even realize it or thinks that they're quote unquote going crazy. 

Grace: Thank you for that description. I think that that really accurately defines it for me and my personal experiences. I would venture to say that Charlie's wife had that type of a spiritual experience where when she remembered it, she felt very connected to that memory in an entirely different way that I think that you would recognize, like you said, you would ask like, wow, this seems like it's really completely different. Thank you for those questions. We really appreciate it.