Matt and Friends Drink the Universe

Booze Battle - "Budget Beer Bracket"

May 12, 2023 Matt and Friends Drink The Universe Season 1 Episode 10
Booze Battle - "Budget Beer Bracket"
Matt and Friends Drink the Universe
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Matt and Friends Drink the Universe
Booze Battle - "Budget Beer Bracket"
May 12, 2023 Season 1 Episode 10
Matt and Friends Drink The Universe

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It's the season 1 finale! Matt challenged his friends to bring beers which fit a tight budget and demand a distinct lack of self-respect, to compete in this Booze Battle. They did not disappoint! Matt is joined by Big Z, Chris, and Rob as eight budget beers compete in the Budget Beer Bracket to see which will be crowned the best of the worst. Our tastebuds suffer for your entertainment!

As we sample some truly questionable brews, we share stories and anecdotes from college parties and poor decisions past. Grab a better drink than we imbibe during this one and find out which budget beer comes out on top! 

The voices of the Booze Battle Area, Chucky Roberts and Stephan Weasler return to provide some equally low budget commentary!

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Text us what you think about the podcast!

It's the season 1 finale! Matt challenged his friends to bring beers which fit a tight budget and demand a distinct lack of self-respect, to compete in this Booze Battle. They did not disappoint! Matt is joined by Big Z, Chris, and Rob as eight budget beers compete in the Budget Beer Bracket to see which will be crowned the best of the worst. Our tastebuds suffer for your entertainment!

As we sample some truly questionable brews, we share stories and anecdotes from college parties and poor decisions past. Grab a better drink than we imbibe during this one and find out which budget beer comes out on top! 

The voices of the Booze Battle Area, Chucky Roberts and Stephan Weasler return to provide some equally low budget commentary!

Support the Show.

Please visit for links to all of the places you can listen, our merch store, and more!

Check out our sponsor,
Poppin's Travel Company, for all of your travel needs! Their highly qualified agents are ready to book your next big adventure or dream vacation!

We'd love to hear from you on social media! Like and follow us on
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[0:00:01]  A: Ten 987-65-4321. We have liftoff.

[0:00:17]  B: Welcome to Matt and friends. Drink the universe.

[0:00:30]  B: This is the Booze Battle Arena. The place prolific inebriates and their drinks of choice face off in the pursuit of eternal glory. The universe is a mysterious, vast, and often violent place. So, too, are the battles fought in this hallowed space. Temporal tastes that transcend space and time will collide in a spectacle to determine which sip is the most stellar. Once again, we're pouring our way through the universe to answer a question that no one is asking.

[0:01:12]  B: It's time for a BOOOOOZZZZEEEE BATTTTLLLLLEEEE!!!

[0:01:21]  B: Budget beer bracket!

[0:01:26]  A: Welcome to the oddly sticky floors of Hopp Stadium on the historic and scenic grounds of Ethanol University.

[0:01:33]  B: We're thrilled to be broadcasting again here on BPN five Das Funf.

[0:01:38]  A: I'm Stefan Weaseler.

[0:01:39]  B: And I'm Chucky Roberts.

[0:01:42]  A: We're about to witness the greatest event in collegiate intermural inter Apart-temental drinking. The budget beer bracket booze battle. The contestants bummed a ride to their favorite six pack stores and brought back the best of the bottom shelf.

[0:01:57]  B: And these beers won't drain your wallet, but they'll certainly cost all of your self respect. So without further delay, let's hear the lineup, starting with Lion's Head at 5.0%, old German 4.7%, paps Blue Ribbon 4.7%.

[0:02:18]  A: Bush 5%.

[0:02:21]  B: Steel City Reserve 8.1%.

[0:02:24]  A: Miller highlights the champagne of beers.

[0:02:27]  B: 4.2% Genesee cream ale. 5.0%, natural Ice 5.9%. There you have it, Stefan. And with that, we go down with our host with the most. Some call him the Space Cowboy. Some call him Maurice. But we know him as our friend Matt. Please take it away.

[0:02:49]  A: Welcome back, everyone. To Matt and friends. Drink the universe. Today we have the budget beer bracket booze battle. Woo.

[0:02:58]  E: Woo.

[0:02:58]  A: We're going to go around the table. We're going to introduce ourselves. We're going to tell you what budget beers we are bringing to the battle.

[0:03:04]  C: Hey, everyone. Chris back here. I brought two of my favorite beers that are terrible.

[0:03:10]  D: Whoa. Favorite? That's a strong word.

[0:03:12]  C: I got lion's head.

[0:03:13]  E: Oh, that's a solid beer.

[0:03:14]  C: Everybody's favorite. And then I brought the best, worst beer on the planet. Go on, PBR.

[0:03:20]  E: Listen, PBR.

[0:03:21]  D: I love PBR.

[0:03:22]  C: I know.

[0:03:23]  D: Based upon what I already know, I'm saying that PBR is the early favorite in this battle.

[0:03:28]  E: As a NEPA college guy, I know my way around.

[0:03:33]  A: Did we say what universities, Lions, or colleges we attended as well? Do we want to shame our institutions of higher learning?

[0:03:38]  E: King's College is right down the street from Lionshead.

[0:03:41]  C: Nice.

[0:03:42]  E: Okay, I am a big z back again. I've got bush. Bush? Bush pounders. Straight bush. No lights, just bush. And some German.

[0:03:54]  A: Ye.

[0:03:54]  E: Old German lager. Fantastic.

[0:03:56]  A: Never heard of I've never had that.

[0:03:58]  E: You're in for a treat.

[0:04:00]  D: Never had it in my life.

[0:04:01]  A: Am I in for a treat?

[0:04:04]  E: You might be surprised. Yo German.

[0:04:06]  D: Hey. We might be. I'm not familiar with yo German. Hey, guys, it's Rob. I'm here with Miller Highlife. The champagne of beers.

[0:04:13]  E: You have to say champagne.

[0:04:14]  D: Champagne of beers, apparently. And Steel City Reserve. Strap in, boys. It's going to be a long day.

[0:04:21]  A: I am most nervous about why would you bring that? The steel reserve.

[0:04:25]  D: It's 8.1, guys. It's 8.1.

[0:04:27]  A: I knew I was nervous about that beer.

[0:04:31]  C: It's going to be rough.

[0:04:32]  A: And I'm your host, Matt, and I brought one of my personal favorites that I actually really enjoyed in college when I couldn't afford anything better, and that was Genesee Cream Ale, and also natural ice, which Natty yeah. Which I've drank a large quantity of at some fraternity parties. Indiana University.

[0:04:50]  D: Boy, natty ice is every Pennsylvania. It's a Penn State.

[0:04:54]  C: Yeah.

[0:04:54]  D: Staple.

[0:04:55]  A: It is. Indiana University of Pennsylvania Beast. Natural ice showed up all the time. I hate to say this, but I think as much of it went into me as came back out of me later.

[0:05:05]  D: Oh, boy.

[0:05:06]  C: Yikes.

[0:05:07]  E: Probably accurate.

[0:05:08]  A: Yeah.

[0:05:08]  C: All right, Matt, why are we here with a ton of terrible beer?

[0:05:12]  A: Because I thought it was a good idea when we were planning out this podcast. I'm really starting to question it right now as I'm staring around the table. But what we have done is created a bracket, and we're going to do some beer tastings here, head to head of these phenomenal drinks that everybody has brought today. And we're going to see who survives the budget beer bracket.

[0:05:33]  E: This is really for science.

[0:05:35]  D: Yeah, this is a noble we're doing the Lord's work here, guys.

[0:05:39]  E: Absolutely.

[0:05:41]  D: Science.

[0:05:42]  E: Yeah. I have to agree.

[0:05:43]  A: That's the most questionable science of the entire podcast.

[0:05:46]  E: I don't know that it is. I think that people want to know these things.

[0:05:49]  A: I'm not sure anybody wants to know what's about to happen right now, but let's get into the bracket. The first pairing that we have head to head will be Lion's Head and Genesee Cream.

[0:05:59]  C: Oh, shit.

[0:06:00]  E: Oh, my God.

[0:06:01]  D: Whoa.

[0:06:02]  A: The second pairing will be Paps Blue Ribbon and Natural Ice.

[0:06:05]  E: Oh, God.

[0:06:06]  C: I'm feeling good about that one.

[0:06:10]  E: PBR is moving on, most likely.

[0:06:12]  A: The third will be old German Yaw and Miller Highlife. And then last steel Reserve and bush bush.

[0:06:23]  D: I don't know. They both sound terrible. I mean, it all sounds terrible. Let's see how this plays out. We'll see. All right, so we're starting off with.

[0:06:33]  A: Lion with the Lions and Jenny Cream. Lion's head and Jenny cream. I'm feeling real confident about Jenny cream.

[0:06:39]  D: Chris get probably that Mic with a pop.

[0:06:41]  A: Hold on a minute. Before we pop, probably important to note what we're going to do is we're going to taste, and each of us is going to say our score for this beer out of 25.

[0:06:50]  C: What a random number.

[0:06:51]  E: Why 25?

[0:06:52]  D: Because it can add up to 100. There's four of us.

[0:06:55]  A: There's also that.

[0:06:56]  D: And it's less likely that we'll tie scores, because if we only do to ten if we all rate a seven.

[0:07:03]  A: Look, as we've talked about before, this is highly subjective and we are not professional tasters.

[0:07:09]  E: If you look at my Untapped, I beg to differ.

[0:07:12]  A: Big Z is putting his untapped resume on the table. We've talked about how much we love the Untapped app here before.

[0:07:18]  C: Hell, yeah.

[0:07:18]  D: Not a sponsor.

[0:07:19]  A: Should we look up these beers on Untapped?

[0:07:24]  E: Hold on.

[0:07:25]  C: I was planning on checking all of.

[0:07:26]  E: Them in after scoring. I suggest that we do that.

[0:07:29]  C: Okay.

[0:07:29]  E: You must score the beer first.

[0:07:33]  D: I'm going to have you be in charge of that. I think that you should pull that up and just give us the scores.

[0:07:40]  E: Excuse me. Whip this out.

[0:07:42]  A: Yeah.

[0:07:44]  D: Here we go. Here we go.

[0:07:46]  C: It makes no sound.

[0:07:47]  D: Lion's head. Lion is very undercarbonated.

[0:07:50]  A: Okay. Let's consider that as we start tasting the Twist top results.

[0:07:54]  E: There is a game on the top.

[0:07:56]  D: Yeah.

[0:07:56]  C: Forgot about the oh, yeah. I have no idea what this is again.

[0:08:01]  E: NEPA product.

[0:08:03]  C: Do you have to come from NEPA to be able to do the apparently.

[0:08:06]  E: Yeah, I got what that?

[0:08:08]  A: By NEPA, I'm assuming. Northeastern Pennsylvania.

[0:08:10]  D: I'm a scientist. Yes, you're correct.

[0:08:12]  A: Okay.

[0:08:13]  E: I'm a scientist.

[0:08:15]  A: So we did actually just get some listens from the Democratic Republic of Congo. So I just want to make sure that everybody knows what region we're talking about here.

[0:08:24]  E: I know people there.

[0:08:25]  C: Yeah.

[0:08:25]  A: No, I don't either. But if you're listening from there, I'm.

[0:08:28]  D: Thrilled to have, like, weird emojis. All right. Okay.

[0:08:33]  A: Weird emojis.

[0:08:34]  D: Hey, now.

[0:08:34]  A: All right. Weird emojis out there.

[0:08:39]  E: Nice red label with a lion's head on it and the words lion's head pilsner.

[0:08:44]  C: Solid. Oh, yeah. It is a pilsner.

[0:08:47]  D: Just in case. This is going to move on, guys. Remember, don't overpour here. We're going to need more.

[0:08:52]  C: Yeah. All right. We didn't eat ye paddle love box.

[0:08:56]  A: Out of this one. Eat ye paddle, love box. That's all I got.

[0:08:59]  D: Listen, I'm a fan of the love box.

[0:09:01]  E: It's a good luck.

[0:09:01]  D: Genesis cream out. Let's go. What's the nose on that cream?

[0:09:07]  C: Terrible.

[0:09:08]  A: Is that my other one? That's my lineside.

[0:09:10]  D: All right. This is Genesee specialty cream ale. It's a green can with a white stripe on the bottom. Eagles fans go wild for this shit just because they think everything's about them.

[0:09:22]  A: It doesn't have the filling. Dead.

[0:09:26]  E: The Cowboys fan.

[0:09:27]  D: Hey, man, you're a fan. You should have enjoyed that joke.

[0:09:31]  E: That's true.

[0:09:31]  A: All right. Okay.

[0:09:32]  D: I'm going to smell them both. They both smell, underwhelming and horrible.

[0:09:41]  A: I smell beer.

[0:09:43]  C: We're doing lion's head.

[0:09:44]  D: Lion's head first. Here we go.

[0:09:46]  C: There's a solid beer flavor.

[0:09:48]  D: You know what?

[0:09:49]  A: That's what it is. It's a solid beer flavor.

[0:09:51]  D: It is not nearly as horrible as I was expecting it to be.

[0:09:54]  E: So light. Got a little malt backing on it.

[0:09:56]  D: Yeah, it's got more taste than I was expecting. It doesn't taste like water.

[0:10:00]  C: Non light beer. It's pretty light. Like super light in flavor.

[0:10:04]  D: All right, now I'm going for the genesee.

[0:10:05]  E: I think Jenny cream ale doesn't smell like anything at all.

[0:10:08]  D: Jenny cream ale hardboard. Not a terrible tasting beer, but definitely tastes like a light beer to me.

[0:10:13]  C: I don't think it tastes light on my tongue.

[0:10:15]  A: It's got a creamish flavor creamish upon itself.

[0:10:19]  E: That's a great 1%. Does it's like, oh, I'm here.

[0:10:24]  A: It did totally erase the lionhead right out.

[0:10:28]  D: Should we go around starting with Chris for his scores and Matt, would you like to tabulate the scores?

[0:10:35]  A: Yeah. That'll end well? Sure.

[0:10:36]  D: Well, you know what? Numbers are not your thing, but I'm going to trust you on this.

[0:10:40]  A: Words, numbers, I struggle with many things.

[0:10:42]  D: Okay. I'm going back in lion's head.

[0:10:45]  E: See, I'm not opposed to lion's head. Then I take the cream ale and it just tastes like beer pong backwash.

[0:10:50]  D: I'll tell you, man, I will say at least for this first round, not nearly as bad as I was expecting coming.

[0:10:57]  C: I was going to say that, right? Because I was expecting to immediately drink one and want to vomit. Neither of these are anywhere near that.

[0:11:05]  E: This is why Matt was like, who would want to know? The people want to know this. This is a deep dive.

[0:11:10]  D: We are at this point in our lives, we are all craft beer people.

[0:11:13]  E: Oh, snob. I'm a snob snob. Right.

[0:11:17]  A: So it's fair no standard fair to.

[0:11:19]  D: Say it is fair to say that coming into this we were all a little bit nervous that we would just be having absolutely horrific pea water.

[0:11:28]  A: Well, as we're talking, I'm drinking the Jenny cremale. I'm drinking the Jenny Creme.

[0:11:32]  E: My question to you is, and this is why I was going to bring this up, too, for nostalgic reasons, are you drinking the Jenny cream ale because it's what you want, or out of the two, do you think it tastes better? Because I think that's the key. I've drink a ton of lion's head.

[0:11:46]  A: It's been so long. I don't think I bought it since I was actually at the Indiana university of Pennsylvania case. I didn't mention that earlier when I was like, I went to Indiana and Rob was like penn state. I went to the Indiana university of Pennsylvania. I loved it. I had a wonderful four and a half years. Did a half victory lap there. I'd do it all over again in a heartbeat if I could.

[0:12:04]  D: There is a superior university in this state and it's okay.

[0:12:08]  A: You fools used to come out to drink with me and everybody I ever drank with IUP from penn State would say the same thing. We drink Friday, Saturday nights. You fools start on Thursday and you stop monday morning in that university is so proud of me right now.

[0:12:23]  D: Thank you. Let's go for scores, it's Chris.

[0:12:25]  C: All right, so I scored Lionshead at 22. Oh, I'm a fan of that beer.

[0:12:31]  D: Okay.

[0:12:31]  C: I left some room and same thing here with Genesee or Jenny cream. I gave a ten. That's not the worst thing I've ever had in my life. So there's some room below it. Right.

[0:12:40]  E: So I think for listeners, you have to understand these are the first two out the gate scores.

[0:12:45]  D: Yeah.

[0:12:46]  E: Might be a little bit wacky out the gate, but I agree with you, Chris. I would have probably done like a 19 or 20 for a Lion's head. Let's go 19, conservatively. And then Jenny like a nine or a ten. I would drink lions head again. Like if you said all we have is Jenny and be like, well, water is good for me.

[0:13:00]  A: Yeah.

[0:13:01]  C: Which I've done at a party before.

[0:13:03]  E: Yeah.

[0:13:04]  C: A few years ago. It was the only thing left in a cooler and I was like, yeah, that's okay, I'm good with water.

[0:13:10]  D: Yeah. Rehydrate.

[0:13:12]  A: All right.

[0:13:12]  D: So I guess for me, I'd give the lions head an 18. I'm going conservative here. I want to leave plenty of room, spare over top. So I'm going to go 18 for the lion's head. I'm going a ten on the Jetting cream. It's a little bit too watered down for me, so I'm going ten.

[0:13:28]  A: I'm going to say for the Lion's Head. I don't dislike it. It's a good beer. If I was playing beer pong or something, that would be great. In the cup, I'm going to say 15. So I'm thinking lion's head 15. The flavor is not there for me, I just didn't find a lot of it.

[0:13:43]  C: Okay.

[0:13:43]  A: The Jenny on the other hand, I'm going to say is a 20. I enjoy the flavor.

[0:13:48]  D: Wow.

[0:13:48]  A: I like it.

[0:13:49]  C: Playing favorites with this.

[0:13:51]  E: It's a go to nostalgic for sure.

[0:13:52]  A: Yeah.

[0:13:53]  E: I think that's a key here, too, is that we all have these.

[0:13:56]  A: Yeah, for sure.

[0:13:57]  E: Like something that comes out.

[0:13:58]  D: All right, Chris, if you have the tabulations, which is the winner? I think we all know.

[0:14:03]  E: And then I'll give you the untapped for each one of them. If you'd like.

[0:14:06]  A: Give me the totals, please. I'll enter those into the bracket.

[0:14:10]  C: The clear winner here was Lion's Head at 74 to Genesis 49.

[0:14:17]  A: Okay. Lion's Head with a 74 to Genesee creams. What was that?

[0:14:23]  C: 49.

[0:14:25]  A: Okay. Lion's Head moves on and I now have a twelve pack of $8.49. Ladies and gentlemen. Joy later.

[0:14:33]  D: Ladies and gentlemen, what we haven't told you is that the losing beers today are going to be poured out into our black hole cups. That's right. We have a cup for disposing of the losing beers and that might come back to bite us later. We'll see.

[0:14:48]  E: So interestingly enough on Tony, I don't know if you want to calculate this on your, on your score sheet there, Chris. 3.3 is Lion's Head out of five caps. And Genesee comes in, cremail comes in at 301 right next to each other.

[0:15:07]  C: Very interesting. They are very similar in types of beer, I will give it that. But the genesee was just so much lacking.

[0:15:17]  E: Yeah, lacking.

[0:15:18]  D: Lighter. It was like lighter, for lack of a better word.

[0:15:21]  C: Yeah.

[0:15:21]  A: So in respect to the genesee, cream being the first one into the black hole cup, black hole detected.

[0:15:29]  D: Beware the event horizon. Well, there it goes.

[0:15:34]  E: Excellent start to this.

[0:15:36]  C: Agreed. Agreed. I'd say it's a start.

[0:15:39]  A: I don't know if I'm ready to say excellent at this point. We're also going to have pleasantly surprised.

[0:15:43]  E: At the beginning of this one, I'm going to be honest.

[0:15:45]  D: Yeah. All right. What's round two again? Remind us, please, Matt.

[0:15:49]  A: Round two will be Papsped Blue Ribbon and Natural Ice. Now, ironically, these are the two beers most featured at the fraternity I used to hang out with at IUP.

[0:16:00]  C: Amazing.

[0:16:01]  A: Shout out to Fibutaruda, the drumline fraternity.

[0:16:04]  D: Rata tat tat. I don't know what else to say there.

[0:16:07]  A: Rata tat tat. You played bass drum in a marching band with me. Rata tat tat.

[0:16:13]  C: There's something magical about opening a 24 ounce beer.

[0:16:17]  A: That's true.

[0:16:18]  C: Just has girth.

[0:16:21]  D: Why does the PBR have a scorpion on the back of it?

[0:16:23]  E: It's badass.

[0:16:24]  D: Never in my life.

[0:16:27]  E: Because the rock drank it in the Scorpion King.

[0:16:30]  A: Do we have additional solo cups?

[0:16:33]  E: We do kind of pour that. Matt, what the hell are you doing?

[0:16:36]  D: He poured it upside down.

[0:16:38]  E: Good Lord. He's using the tab as an air filter. It releases the bubbles on the way in, so it releases the flavor.

[0:16:49]  A: Dear listeners, I'm a one man production team trying to manage a podcast.

[0:16:54]  E: We don't want your excuses, bro.

[0:16:56]  D: Grab your second beer and let's get it poured into a cup. Natty ice smells like bad decisions and nothing all at the same time.

[0:17:04]  C: So PBR can clearly displaying its wonderful blue ribbon. Very patriotic, because it's won something. We don't know what it won.

[0:17:12]  D: It may not win this bracket on the nose. The PBR has a stank to it. Yeah, the Natty smells like nothing. The PBR has a Stank.

[0:17:21]  C: See that?

[0:17:21]  D: I don't know what the stank is.

[0:17:26]  E: First of all. The Natty ice is brewed for a smooth taste.

[0:17:29]  D: Well, we're about to find out.

[0:17:33]  E: It's a black can with some blue writing and an eagle with an A. I don't know what's behind it. Anheuser bush, maybe? Is that what that is?

[0:17:41]  C: Yeah, that's the anheuser.

[0:17:42]  E: There you go.

[0:17:44]  C: Which did not know. I mean, they make everything science, so.

[0:17:47]  D: I should have known, but 5.9% there. I'm going to try the PBR first. Yes.

[0:17:51]  C: Here it goes. Does have a sulfur.

[0:17:55]  D: Tastes like home.

[0:17:57]  A: Yeah, it does taste like comforting. Yeah.

[0:18:00]  C: I'm going to say this a lot today, so I'm sorry, but it's a very beer flavored beer, and if you don't know what that means, that means you don't drink cheap beer.

[0:18:07]  D: No, it means there's nothing specific to it. So it just tastes like hops and barley.

[0:18:13]  A: Tastes like 2006. That's what it tastes like. It tastes like 2006 for me.

[0:18:18]  D: Listen, I could drink PBR all day.

[0:18:20]  C: It's a little heavy.

[0:18:22]  D: It is a thicker beer.

[0:18:24]  E: It has body to it.

[0:18:24]  A: I'm still getting that hint of sulfur, though, as I'm drinking it. I feel like there's some sulfur flavor to what's in my mouth.

[0:18:31]  E: So I don't get that on the taste. But the nose the nose has it.

[0:18:35]  D: I'm not getting it on the taste either. All right, I'm going for the natty.

[0:18:38]  A: All right.

[0:18:38]  D: Let's go for, I'd say past the age of 25.

[0:18:43]  E: Smells okay.

[0:18:45]  D: This is bad.

[0:18:48]  C: It's like sour.

[0:18:49]  A: It is.

[0:18:51]  C: This is what I remember. So we drank Natty light, not Natty ice. But, I mean, they're the freaking same beer.

[0:18:59]  A: I had natty light, natty ice, natty daddy. I had all the natty.

[0:19:03]  D: What is natty daddy?

[0:19:04]  A: You never had a natty daddy?

[0:19:05]  D: No.

[0:19:06]  A: Oh, it's awful.

[0:19:07]  D: It sounds like a sexual move.

[0:19:08]  A: Anheuser Bush is going to call me after this, but it's just on par and as bad as the rest of the natty crew.

[0:19:15]  E: I don't know if enough people are listening to get you in trouble with an entire beer company at this point.

[0:19:19]  A: I'm hopeful.

[0:19:21]  C: Certainly not anheuser.

[0:19:22]  A: Yeah. See, that's the threshold for Matt and friends drink the universe, though. I want to say things and get big enough that I get yelled at by somebody.

[0:19:28]  E: That day may come with good research like this.

[0:19:30]  C: There you go.

[0:19:33]  E: Really want to let me know when.

[0:19:34]  D: We'Re ready to score? We're going to start with you, my friend. Sure.

[0:19:40]  A: Yeah.

[0:19:40]  C: This is a difficult decision.

[0:19:42]  D: Okay.

[0:19:42]  C: PBR not as good as I remembered it.

[0:19:45]  E: No, I would 100% agree with that.

[0:19:47]  A: Yeah.

[0:19:47]  C: So I am a person who but.

[0:19:50]  D: Is it better than the lion's head.

[0:19:52]  C: To you see, and I don't think so. Okay. I'm going to give it a 19.

[0:19:57]  D: A 19. Okay.

[0:19:59]  E: This is where my first scoring on things I might have screwed up. Sorry, Chris.

[0:20:02]  C: I didn't no, it's okay. I had to clear my throat.

[0:20:04]  A: Yeah.

[0:20:04]  E: I'm concerned.

[0:20:05]  C: Yeah. Well, natty ice is definitely getting a six from me. That's a terrible beer.

[0:20:11]  D: Okay.

[0:20:11]  C: It's almost in the basement. I didn't throw up because of drinking it. So what? Yet it wasn't the instant throw up that I was fearing it to be. So six for me.

[0:20:20]  E: I'm not going to lie. Natty ice is I don't want to.

[0:20:23]  A: Say bad things about things, but dollar 69 for 25oz.

[0:20:27]  E: I think that's it. You're going for quantity over quality.

[0:20:30]  A: Sure.

[0:20:30]  E: So six is probably good for natural ice. That's low. And I think I gave a 19 alliance head. I'm glad you wrote this down.

[0:20:38]  C: Yeah.

[0:20:38]  E: I would agree that PBR. I remember it being so much better than it is right now.

[0:20:42]  C: Yeah.

[0:20:43]  E: So I would probably say somewhere like a 1617 episode.

[0:20:47]  D: Boy. Okay, I'm going to give PBR a 17 just underneath the lion's head at the moment. And the natty ice is getting a six for me.

[0:21:00]  C: Solid sixes so far for natty ice.

[0:21:03]  A: I got to admit a little biased because I drank a lot of PBR back in the day to the point where I got sick of it and I tasted that. And when I said it is the taste of 2006, I wasn't kidding. It is the taste for me of bad decisions past. Surprisingly going to give PBR a 14. I thought flavor wise, where we were so far, I thought that flavor was better than the previous round. Now when we talk about natty, I'm giving natty a ten.

[0:21:29]  A: I think it just kind of sits there in the pocket. It might be a little nostalgic for me. If you were to say to me it was natty ice or sobriety, I would still probably go with natty ice. Again, as I said earlier, my standards might be a little lower. I don't know. I'll go for it. If we are the only option on the table, natty ice or water, I'm still going to go with natty ice. Fair.

[0:21:54]  D: I mean, everybody's got to do their opinions. Christopher, can you tabulate for us?

[0:22:00]  C: Matt, what did you do? Natty ice at 1010.

[0:22:02]  D: All right.

[0:22:03]  C: Ten the bracket number two. We've got PBR at a 67 and natty ice at a 28.

[0:22:13]  E: All right. Untapped.

[0:22:15]  C: Untapped.

[0:22:15]  E: As natty ice is coming in at a 1.8 out of five, PBR is a 2.83.

[0:22:24]  D: Okay, we're still in line.

[0:22:27]  E: I'm still surprised that Jenny came out.

[0:22:29]  C: That high on untapped. Yeah, well, that is really liked the.

[0:22:33]  D: PBR better than the Jenny personally.

[0:22:36]  C: Agreed.

[0:22:36]  D: So I'm surprised to hear that PBR is under a Jenny.

[0:22:40]  C: There's a lot of people like matt who really like that beer for nostalgia purposes. So I think that's totally understandable that it ranked pretty high untapped because people just like that beer. I know people who are beer snobs who will say, but Jenny cream is just such a great beer. They're like, what?

[0:23:00]  D: Yeah.

[0:23:02]  A: So here's the funny part. Anytime I need to buy beer for the podcast, the first place I check is DNR bev here in nazareth, Pennsylvania. Okay. They have a wonderful selection. Their four packs are amazing. When you're looking for craft beer, they get such a wide selection. It's really awesome because I can go in there and get something that just fits the mood. I had a very surprising conversation. I went in and said, I am looking for genesee cream ale. And the person that was helping me out says, oh, yeah, we actually have some in stock. And I said, you have them in stock? As in this isn't something you order or you have some in stock as like this is something that sells. And she was like, we have a hard time keeping this in stock. People come in looking for this for Jenny cream.

[0:23:41]  C: Yeah.

[0:23:42]  D: Wow.

[0:23:43]  C: Well, understandable I think that it's a PA thing, too.

[0:23:45]  A: It is.

[0:23:46]  D: I guess it's what you grow up with, right?

[0:23:48]  E: I was just going to say, sometimes it brings people back to a certain thought process or a certain memory.

[0:23:53]  D: That's fair.

[0:23:54]  A: That means into the black hole cup goes the natural ice.

[0:23:59]  D: That's right.

[0:24:00]  A: At any point, listeners, if this cup starts to glow green or float on the table, we will let you know. Okay? Rob is signaling that he has enough leftover that he refuses to put inside of himself.

[0:24:11]  D: No, I poured a lot into my original cup, so I have some left. Saving for the black hole cup. That's right.

[0:24:18]  A: All right.

[0:24:19]  D: Onto the third battle.

[0:24:21]  A: Old German and Miller highlife.

[0:24:24]  D: Ye.

[0:24:24]  E: Old German.

[0:24:25]  A: Now I'm interested because I've never had old German before. I've never even heard of Old German before.

[0:24:30]  C: I've heard of it. I've never had it.

[0:24:31]  D: Do you think an Old German would sound something like, I'm an old German?

[0:24:37]  A: For the movie buffs out there, you have to warm up the sausage. You have to rub it.

[0:24:42]  D: Oh, my God.

[0:24:43]  C: Okay.

[0:24:44]  D: Old German against Miller highlife the champagne of beers.

[0:24:52]  A: So I've had this beer precisely three times in my life before today.

[0:24:58]  D: All three of them, obviously three.

[0:24:59]  A: I'm going to call him out on the podcast. A guy we all know that we grew up with. Mike Weber. This was like Mick Weber. This was his beer back in the day. And anytime I hung out with him, he's like, I got high life. Okay?

[0:25:12]  D: Champagne, beers.

[0:25:14]  E: So the champagne of beers. You know, like when you start drinking Miller Light just to play beer pong and things like, oh, those are the fun days.

[0:25:20]  D: Like when you don't care about Light.

[0:25:22]  A: Right.

[0:25:22]  E: And then when one day you wake up and you're like, I'm going to switch to high life. It's a transition point of your life. You have moved out of the just party phase.

[0:25:29]  C: I jumped right over that phase, apparently.

[0:25:34]  E: Maybe to the classic high Life can, the woman on the moon. I imagine this is what the astronauts.

[0:25:39]  D: The woman on the moon, drank when.

[0:25:41]  E: They came back from the moon. Like, oh, well, some highlifes.

[0:25:43]  D: We need some old German as well, my friend.

[0:25:45]  A: All right.

[0:25:46]  E: Classic old German. Can white with an old German man pointing at the old German mine.

[0:25:50]  A: God in heaven. There is no beer. That's why we drink it here. And when we're gone from here, our friends will be drinking all our beer.

[0:25:58]  C: The old German first beer with a very large head on it.

[0:26:01]  D: Hey, yeah.

[0:26:03]  E: Very frothy.

[0:26:03]  D: We'll see how that plays out. Some people are into it.

[0:26:06]  A: A whole pint. I love that it says that at the top. A whole pint.

[0:26:09]  C: One whole lager with an exclamation point at the end. A whole pint.

[0:26:13]  E: It also says OG on the side.

[0:26:14]  D: I'm just saying it would be pretty cool if you poured it and then passed it.

[0:26:18]  A: So I'm just reading this can. Okay. They have a very haughty opinion of themselves. Premium lager. The world knows no finer down there on the bottom.

[0:26:25]  D: Wow.

[0:26:29]  E: That'S a microphone. Listen, it's got OG right on the original German.

[0:26:35]  C: I hope I like this beer so that I can refer to yeah. You want to go drink some OGS? That's pretty legit.

[0:26:42]  D: All right, I'm starting with it.

[0:26:43]  C: Which are we going first?

[0:26:44]  D: They've got very similar noses to them.

[0:26:46]  A: They do.

[0:26:47]  D: That I noticed to me, they smell exactly the same.

[0:26:51]  C: Damn near the same.

[0:26:52]  E: No, I have to agree with you.

[0:26:53]  A: Yeah, that's weird.

[0:26:55]  C: The same little bit of that sour smell.

[0:26:59]  E: Is the High Life a pilsner or a lager?

[0:27:03]  D: It's a champagne.

[0:27:04]  E: It's American lager.

[0:27:08]  A: When I smell the high life I get a lot more barley I get a lot more barley in that sniff.

[0:27:13]  C: That's probably the sourness.

[0:27:14]  A: Okay. Yeah. And when I sniff when I sniff the Old German, I'm going in for a highlight.

[0:27:19]  D: You're sniffing the old Germans now?

[0:27:21]  C: Apparently.

[0:27:22]  D: Real crowdy smell.

[0:27:23]  C: High life first.

[0:27:24]  A: The old Germans making me miss the Roush beer. Like I sincerely miss the roush beer.

[0:27:30]  D: Oh, my. Okay. I'm into the high life.

[0:27:32]  C: Surprisingly lack of flavor on the High Life. Yeah, it reminds me watery of the Natty barley water.

[0:27:42]  D: Close to the natty ice in taste straight barley water.

[0:27:46]  E: It's actually kind of sad for me.

[0:27:48]  D: All right.

[0:27:50]  E: I remember that being such a I'm.

[0:27:52]  C: Going for that old German PBR for me.

[0:27:56]  D: I'm prozant.

[0:27:58]  C: OOH, there's something going on there.

[0:27:59]  A: Oh, there is.

[0:28:00]  E: It's very smooth.

[0:28:01]  A: That's surprising.

[0:28:02]  C: Uhoh, that's very smooth. What's happening?

[0:28:06]  A: What?

[0:28:08]  D: It's so old. It's so German like, I feel like.

[0:28:11]  E: You could drink a ton of them.

[0:28:13]  C: I don't know if I'd agree with that.

[0:28:15]  D: I don't know if I agree with that, but it's a whole pint, man. It's a whole pint.

[0:28:21]  E: It's the OG, bro.

[0:28:23]  C: Shaisa.

[0:28:24]  D: I think this is the first surprise for me in the battles so far. I don't know. We'll see how the scores play out.

[0:28:31]  C: But Chris okay, I have to give this is tough. I'm giving the old German a 20.

[0:28:39]  D: Wow. Coming in hard with that old.

[0:28:42]  C: Pretty damn good.

[0:28:43]  E: Yeah.

[0:28:43]  D: Really? Again, bonzig for our German listeners.

[0:28:47]  C: I would like to remind the listeners that I am keeping these beers in their own realm. Of course, it goes without saying, but 20. And also, I'm really comparing because I'm really bad at remembering what I thought of past beers. So 20 for that the high life. I'm going to give a twelve.

[0:29:04]  E: I think that's a fair answer for the High Life. Keep trying to think of how this compares to the lions head at the beginning.

[0:29:11]  C: Yeah, I'm trying to keep that out, and I'm just going head to head right now.

[0:29:15]  E: That's fair. That's actually a good that is a very good way of looking at it.

[0:29:18]  D: We're going. To rescore these as they go up against each other in later brackets.

[0:29:23]  A: I'm happy to say this is highly subjective scoring.

[0:29:26]  D: Where are you at?

[0:29:28]  E: Well, I got to say, I thought High life was going to be my winner of this, honestly, hands down. Because I just remember drinking high life. Sure. Like I said, it felt like a transition moment. It was a growing up time for me.

[0:29:40]  A: Yeah.

[0:29:41]  D: We're not L-I-T-E men.

[0:29:43]  A: We're coming of age. Yeah.

[0:29:45]  E: Look at me. I'm drinking the high life and twelve is, I think, accurate for that in.

[0:29:50]  D: The old German 2021.

[0:29:52]  E: I think the old German is a good beer. It's good.

[0:29:54]  D: Wow.

[0:29:55]  A: Yeah.

[0:29:56]  C: Again, I'm trying to think how many would you drink?

[0:30:00]  D: Two.

[0:30:00]  C: How many lions heads would you drink?

[0:30:02]  D: Two.

[0:30:03]  C: Yeah, right.

[0:30:07]  D: So you're going 20 or 21?

[0:30:08]  E: I'm going 20 on this lions head.

[0:30:12]  A: To your question, how many would I drink? Am I paying for them or not?

[0:30:16]  C: You're at a party and they're in a cooler.

[0:30:19]  D: Okay. They were paid to get into the party already.

[0:30:22]  A: I'm going for the old German. Then they were eight going for the old German.

[0:30:25]  E: They were 855 at six pack.

[0:30:27]  C: But again all right, what do you got, Rob?

[0:30:29]  D: I would go high life 13.

[0:30:32]  E: That's consistent.

[0:30:33]  D: Old German 18. Fair. Yeah, that's where I'm at. In a shocking turn of events.

[0:30:40]  A: So as I said, I've had high life three times before. What I didn't say earlier is every time I've had it, I have developed a disdain for it. I don't like it. It doesn't do it for me. I'm giving high life a four. That's the best I can do. It's not not beer. That's my opinion on it.

[0:30:58]  C: All right, what do we got? Old German.

[0:30:59]  A: At for the Old German. I'm giving the old German a 20.

[0:31:03]  D: Wow.

[0:31:03]  A: I would drink old German. I would buy a case, I would watch football. I would yell at my Steelers for not doing great in the 2022 2023 season and I would drink old German.

[0:31:14]  C: I think we've caught a trend of Matt judging these beers based on history.

[0:31:19]  E: Yes.

[0:31:20]  C: Which is fine because I was that way as well with PBR, I came into this being like, I'm going to give it top scores no matter what because it was my favorite beer in the college age. But no, I couldn't do it.

[0:31:33]  D: Here we are.

[0:31:34]  A: So to be fair, I haven't had PBR or Highlife in legitimately 15 to.

[0:31:39]  C: 20 years that I've had recently would have been Genesee cream.

[0:31:44]  A: I would also like to point out, and if anybody would like to call it for the old German, I will press the button. But we haven't hit the stellar sip button yet.

[0:31:55]  D: We got to get to round two.

[0:31:56]  A: Okay. So we're all on the same page right now.

[0:31:58]  C: All right, good scores for round three. We got old German at a 78 and we have high life at a 41.

[0:32:06]  D: I'm not going to lie, I think.

[0:32:07]  C: German scored higher than I will point out so far than lion, german highest scorer.

[0:32:12]  E: I'd like to get another crack at Lions with the thing we will so untapped has high life at a 2.7 out of five.

[0:32:19]  D: Okay.

[0:32:19]  E: Old German, 2.78 out of five. All right.

[0:32:24]  D: We did not find them to be that close.

[0:32:27]  E: No. But we are on trend, but we.

[0:32:29]  D: Are still ahead of the curve.

[0:32:31]  E: I have to tell you that the first time I had old German was kind of like a was it right now? Because for me it was no. A guy I knew was like, hey, you got to try this great cheap beer. You can buy, like a case for $20 a pounders. I was like, yeah, I'll give that a shot. And I think it lives up to its kind of all right, we got.

[0:32:49]  C: Our last battle of round one.

[0:32:51]  A: We have so I'm not going to lie, this is the one that I've been the most afraid of. In the bracket, we have a steel reserve with Bush.

[0:33:00]  E: God, it's terrible.

[0:33:02]  C: This is going to be o. What separates them and the boys?

[0:33:06]  E: G. All right, so we're going to start with the Bush classic blue can with the mountains, the Rocky Mountains in the back.

[0:33:13]  A: My brain was in the same place that yours is.

[0:33:16]  C: What was that?

[0:33:22]  E: My brain.

[0:33:23]  C: I love the podcast.

[0:33:25]  E: Season two will be filmed because you have to see. So whatever just happened right now oh.

[0:33:31]  D: My God, I broke Chris. Okay, get me some bush. The steel reserve. It's 8.1. Gen. Be gentle.

[0:33:41]  E: First of all first of all, it says high gravity at the top.

[0:33:45]  D: It sure does. But it was $2 a can, so it qualifies.

[0:33:50]  E: $2 a can.

[0:33:51]  D: And I'll be honest with you, we're all craft beer drinkers here, right? So this is an 8.1. Is this going to actually agree with our palates more because we're so used to higher gravity beers?

[0:34:02]  A: Well, that is some heavy optimism.

[0:34:04]  E: Sometimes, though, don't know. The better craft beers are not the high alcohol beers. Does that make sense?

[0:34:11]  D: I mean, triples wrong.

[0:34:13]  E: Indian paleo sometimes if they're too boozy.

[0:34:15]  C: To me that it all depends on the style as well, because a good stout has to be imperial. Stout has to be heavy.

[0:34:24]  D: Oh, guys, I just smelled. Okay.

[0:34:28]  A: I did, too. It's not going to lie.

[0:34:31]  D: The Steel City Reserve. Smells like gasoline. Yikesh.

[0:34:37]  C: It does have again, we're having a trend of one of the beers having that really sour.

[0:34:44]  D: What is it, like a barley note? Have we agreed on that?

[0:34:46]  C: That's what we were saying earlier.

[0:34:48]  D: Okay.

[0:34:49]  C: What are you doing first?

[0:34:50]  D: Starting with the I'm going to start with a bush.

[0:34:52]  C: Okay.

[0:34:52]  D: I'm a bushman. Call me Moses. Here we go.

[0:34:58]  A: It's smooth.

[0:34:59]  C: Okay. I'll give it that.

[0:35:01]  D: I'm surprised.

[0:35:02]  C: It's got literally no flavor. Almost no flavor. Again, it's got the beer flavor, but it's so watered down.

[0:35:14]  D: Who's ready for this deal?

[0:35:16]  C: I'm not, but oh, God, I'm so concerned. Can't get over the smell.

[0:35:20]  E: It's awful.

[0:35:21]  D: I don't think it tastes that bad. It smells horrible. Yeah, but it tastes like real beer.

[0:35:27]  C: You can taste real beer.

[0:35:29]  A: You can taste that difference in alcohol content, for sure.

[0:35:33]  C: Yeah.

[0:35:34]  E: I don't know what you guys are doing.

[0:35:36]  C: It's not going to knock me on my butt or anything, but, like, it.

[0:35:39]  D: Tastes no, it is certainly better than I was expecting.

[0:35:42]  A: The seal reserve those says if I have two of those or three of those, I'm going to feel it. Yeah.

[0:35:47]  D: Done.

[0:35:47]  A: I'm going to feel it.

[0:35:48]  C: Yeah.

[0:35:49]  E: A normal night for me, though.

[0:35:50]  A: Fair, because with the craft beer we're used to drinking, that's right about where it is. Right. 8.19%. Somewhere in that wheelhouse.

[0:35:58]  D: To me, this is the closest battle we've had thus far.

[0:36:02]  E: The steel reserve's got an aftertaste that I cannot get over.

[0:36:06]  A: Thank you.

[0:36:07]  E: Yeah, there's something going on in the back of my tongue.

[0:36:09]  C: That again, I don't think neither of these are terrible beers.

[0:36:14]  E: This is like I don't know.

[0:36:16]  D: All right, cesspool water. All right, I know I'm going up against you here, but I don't know that it's that much of a gap.

[0:36:26]  E: I would say at Swig, I'm pretty.

[0:36:28]  A: Sure it's that much of a gap.

[0:36:30]  E: Well, I would say, but that aftertaste.

[0:36:33]  D: Chris, where are you at?

[0:36:35]  C: Okay, I'm going to give Steel reserve a ten.

[0:36:38]  D: Okay.

[0:36:39]  C: And I'm going to give Bush a twelve. It's not my lowest rated beer as Steel reserve, but Bush is better by a hair.

[0:36:48]  D: Okay, Big Z, where are you at?

[0:36:53]  E: I want to be honest, I'm not overwhelmed with either one of these.

[0:36:57]  D: Yeah, no, you don't say.

[0:37:02]  E: Well, I mean, there have been some surprises along the way, right?

[0:37:05]  A: Sure.

[0:37:05]  E: We've had some stuff, so I would say probably Bush at a nine and Steel Reserve at an eight.

[0:37:16]  D: Nine and an eight. I am going to go with the Bush at a ten and the steel reserve at an eleven.

[0:37:27]  C: Really tight race.

[0:37:29]  A: I'm going to say steel reserve seven, bush 13.

[0:37:36]  D: Wow.

[0:37:37]  C: Got some gap there.

[0:37:39]  A: Little gap.

[0:37:39]  E: All right, so steel reserve coming in untapped at 2.15, and Bush is coming.

[0:37:47]  A: In at isn't that higher than the previous ones?

[0:37:50]  E: We looked at 2.45.

[0:37:53]  D: Wow. So Bush beating out so far.

[0:37:55]  C: No, those are some of the lowest.

[0:37:57]  E: Yes, they are.

[0:37:57]  C: Those are some of the lowest. Natty ice still coming in at the lowest. I'll recap these scores here.

[0:38:03]  E: Yeah.

[0:38:03]  C: So we've got now steel reserve as a 36, but the winner Bush at a 44 for our scores. But overall, we've got let me see if I can do this order correctly in one shot. So we have Natty Ice at a 1.8. We have steel reserve at a 2.14. We have Bush at a 2.45. We have high life at a 2.7, PBR at a 2.83, Genesee at a 3.1 and Lionshead at a 3.3. That is almost on par with what we scored. I think there's a few discrepancies, but.

[0:38:43]  D: We were pretty much everything that moved forward. Everything that moved forward was ahead in untapped in those brackets.

[0:38:53]  E: Yes.

[0:38:56]  D: Everybody knows ourselves right now.

[0:38:58]  E: Yeah, we didn't look at the untapped at all until after we drank.

[0:39:02]  C: Sure. They did not influence us.

[0:39:04]  E: We didn't look at it beforehand.

[0:39:06]  A: I'm looking at as we're going untapped, not a sponsor. Give me a call, shoot me an email. Matt and Matt and All right, so worth pointing out that both my beloved Genesee cream and my unbeloveded Natty ice are out. So no matter what, I will be drinking what is ever in that cup at the end of this thing.

[0:39:30]  D: Yeah. Matt, I don't think that we told the listeners that everything that gets poured down the black hole becomes the rocket fuel at the end and all three people who have not had the winner selected, so all of the losers will drink the rocket fuel. And I am also completely out. So you and I have that lovely distinction of being the rocket fuel drinkers. And the battle now turns to Big Z versus Chris for this beer bracket.

[0:39:58]  E: So I'm proud to say that both the Old German and the bush have advanced and as well as your yeah.

[0:40:03]  C: We have PBR and Lion's Head.

[0:40:06]  A: Now that we've reached the end of round one, that can mean only one thing. It is time for chucky's Chuckles right you are.

[0:40:11]  B: Stefan And Chuckle we must, because there are no cheers to be had with these terrible beers. Matt and Rob, we're left in tears as they are now making an early exit for this competition. It's really a sad state of affairs.

[0:40:25]  A: All right, let's go back down to Matt the Gang and get back to the action.

[0:40:34]  C: Very unexpected on the old German. I think we all agree upon that.

[0:40:39]  E: Oh, yeah, it's a dark horse.

[0:40:41]  D: Never heard of it. Yeah, it's coming in real strong.

[0:40:44]  C: So we're going to start off with my heads up between Lionshead and PBR.

[0:40:49]  D: Yes, that's where we're at right now.

[0:40:52]  C: Have we all poured? I have not.

[0:40:53]  D: Yes. I've got Lion's Head here in my tumblr and PBR here in this here solo cup.

[0:40:59]  E: Of course, Lionshead brewed locally. Well, locally to us and Wilkesbury, Pennsylvania, is a deluxe premium pilsner.

[0:41:07]  A: That was a bottle says Deluxe premium pilsner.

[0:41:10]  E: It just says Deluxe pilsner. I'm getting the premium.

[0:41:14]  D: A lot more malty notes off the nose of the Lion's head. Just me. Maybe it's not just me, but no, it's not.

[0:41:22]  A: You are correct. That is a malti taste.

[0:41:24]  E: No, I remember from round one, we talked about the malt coming out of.

[0:41:28]  D: And then that PBR has that sour shower barley scent.

[0:41:33]  A: Have any of you brewed beer at home?

[0:41:36]  E: I brewed with a friend.

[0:41:37]  D: It's a negative for me.

[0:41:38]  A: So I made some malt based beer, and when I taste the Lion's Head, it smells exactly like when you opened a can of Molt. Exactly what I would expect.

[0:41:48]  E: So I think some of these run of the mill beers, I should say run the mill beer, the PBRS.

[0:41:52]  D: Okay.

[0:41:53]  A: Yeah, this is the budget.

[0:41:55]  E: A lot of things going.

[0:41:56]  D: Listen, guys, already ready to score here when you all are.

[0:42:01]  C: Hit me. Rob, what do you think?

[0:42:03]  D: There's a clear winner for me here. The Lions head out of 20 for me on this round after we've gone through now and I've tasted everything and then I'm tasting again. Lions head. 20 for me. PBR 16. Interesting.

[0:42:16]  C: But you kept them pretty close.

[0:42:18]  E: Okay, lion's head. I'd probably go 19. I would drink it. I mean, that's what comes down to I would drink it.

[0:42:25]  D: I am so shocked because I don't remember it being good.

[0:42:28]  C: I agree. I agree. Because Lion's Head was one of those beers that people would bring as I didn't want to spend a lot of money.

[0:42:36]  E: Correct.

[0:42:36]  C: I'm coming to your party, so I need to bring beer. So I brought you a case of Lionshead. I think it happened one of the Super Bowl parties. I can't remember which way back in the day. For those of you listeners, my wife and I, Siobhan, who you've heard before on the podcast, we always do a huge Super Bowl party every year.

[0:42:55]  A: Epic.

[0:42:55]  C: And for years, we were in a tiny house and it was jam packed full of people. One of the things we always said is like, we'll supply the food, you supply the beer, and people would bring all kinds of random stuff. And Lion's Head was one of the cases that got left in my house. And there were 29 beers in that case for probably six months.

[0:43:14]  E: Right.

[0:43:14]  C: And then I had to dump it down the toilet because it was terrible.

[0:43:17]  E: To me as a crap beer drinker. You're not going to go there.

[0:43:22]  C: The winner for right now.

[0:43:23]  D: So, big Z, what is your PBR score then? If you're given Lions head?

[0:43:27]  E: So I'm trying to be consistent. I don't remember what I gave PBR before. Judging by this round at 19 for the Lion's Head, it's probably more like a 1213. Okay, I don't know where I'm at with this.

[0:43:40]  C: Interesting. PBR dropped for you, but that's cool. I am going to give Lions Head a solid 20, and I'm going to give PBR a 14.

[0:43:50]  E: What were our numbers before?

[0:43:52]  D: Well, hold on, Matthew.

[0:43:55]  A: I do. So I recall the Lion's Head in your fridge, and you always had premium beer. And there was part of me that.

[0:44:01]  C: Was like, why is that?

[0:44:03]  A: We're really good friends. I don't want to drink all of your premium beer, so I'm just going to reach for the Lion's head. I'll take the low hanging fruit because I'm here to watch a football game. We're here to play some Mario kart. Whatever. I'll get rid of it for you. I was probably responsible for ten out of that case of Lionshead over time. Here's what I got. The PBR. I'm going to give a nine when I put it next to the lion's head and I drank them. The PBR. That again. I'm going to say it's like a sulfur taste that I got out of it. So for the lion's head, I'm going with a 19. For the Lion's head, I enjoyed it. I could drink that.

[0:44:35]  A: Honestly, when I was younger, I felt the same way, though. When I was pilfering it out of your fridge, it was like, it's not bad. It's really not bad. It's okay. This cements that for me.

[0:44:45]  C: It's so weird the way that the history of a beer can influence us but also can like absolutely. It absolutely flipped on me. I think the other beer I was thinking of bringing, I don't know if you've ever remember Ducane Beer.

[0:45:00]  D: Oh, yeah, I don't know that I've had that.

[0:45:03]  C: It's like a localish beer. It's a cheap lions head ish beer. And we got a free case of it once for winning trivia at one of the local places. That was another beer where I think we all we got it. We were like, yeah, free beer. And we all came over to the house and we all had one and we were like, hooray, terrible beer.

[0:45:23]  E: And it was free.

[0:45:25]  D: It sat in the kitchen that it got.

[0:45:29]  C: So I was thinking about, like, can I do a redemption story on this beer?

[0:45:33]  E: I kind of wish you had, but.

[0:45:34]  C: I had to go with Lionshead and.

[0:45:36]  D: PBR and I'm glad I did.

[0:45:37]  E: No, I understand.

[0:45:38]  D: So how did we shake out there?

[0:45:40]  C: Yeah, easily. The winner, Lionshead again, right at a 78 over a 52 to PBR.

[0:45:46]  D: Okay. What was lions head?

[0:45:48]  C: The first Lionshead first round, 74, PBR 67.

[0:45:53]  E: I remember talking the first round being like, I wonder if Lionshead is going to jump up. It was the first beer we had.

[0:45:59]  D: Right. We were all trying to be a little bit more conservative with our points.

[0:46:04]  C: Mine dropped for Lionshead, but everybody else's, especially Wellser's, jumped up for Lionshead and PBR dropped for most people. But again, that was because we were comparing it to such a crappier beer. If I do so myself, yes, I chose some two good beers.

[0:46:21]  E: Probably did.

[0:46:22]  C: All right, I think we now need to go on to the big Z, head to head.

[0:46:26]  D: Let's see what we're going to remind everybody.

[0:46:29]  E: We've got German, old German bush and the old German.

[0:46:34]  A: Yeah.

[0:46:34]  E: Premium lager.

[0:46:36]  C: The OG.

[0:46:37]  E: The OG.

[0:46:37]  D: All right, I'll bush it up.

[0:46:40]  E: There is no old German left, though. So honestly, we all drank the pint of old German. Okay, think about that.

[0:46:48]  C: Well again. I brought Megapints.

[0:46:52]  D: Yeah, I have 24s as well.

[0:46:53]  E: You brought one megapinte no, I brought two in a bottle.

[0:46:56]  C: I brought two and we're halfway through the second PBR megapinte.

[0:47:00]  A: Thanks, Johnny Depp, for your megapinte there.

[0:47:02]  C: I hate to say this wait, is that no.

[0:47:06]  A: Here's a question that I never thought I would ask in my life. Is there more bush beer? Because this one is empty.

[0:47:13]  E: A whole nother pounder.

[0:47:17]  C: I hope you heard that. The clank of fallen beers, right?

[0:47:21]  A: Here we go.

[0:47:23]  D: Oh, man, that was a good one.

[0:47:25]  E: The beer graveyard, if you will.

[0:47:26]  D: Might I have some old German, please? Bita ikvuncho alta deutsche Bita doing that.

[0:47:34]  A: Freedom. High school German proud there, Rob. Keep it going.

[0:47:37]  D: Frabrowski, what up? Shout out to you.

[0:47:40]  C: Easy, killer.

[0:47:42]  D: All right.

[0:47:43]  C: Just poor to have a pint in whisk glass. I did like, I love this old German.

[0:47:47]  E: I got old German for the win.

[0:47:49]  D: I got Bush in the metal and I've got old German in the solo.

[0:47:53]  A: You say you got bush in the middle.

[0:47:55]  C: Does anybody else?

[0:47:57]  D: No, I'm good.

[0:47:58]  C: All right. We're sniffing.

[0:47:59]  D: The bush smells terrible.

[0:48:01]  E: It really does.

[0:48:02]  C: We all know which is going to win here.

[0:48:04]  E: No, I mean, honestly.

[0:48:05]  C: This is number one versus number four, we think.

[0:48:09]  E: So I'm going to go bush first.

[0:48:11]  C: Yeah.

[0:48:13]  E: Versus bush last.

[0:48:14]  C: The smell of it bad. It hurts your soul.

[0:48:17]  D: I mean, it doesn't taste good.

[0:48:21]  C: What did this beat?

[0:48:22]  D: What did this beat?

[0:48:24]  E: Steel reserve.

[0:48:26]  C: It's your own fault, my friend.

[0:48:28]  D: That's fair.

[0:48:29]  A: I don't understand.

[0:48:31]  D: In tasting this the second time, I don't understand how this was better than anything.

[0:48:36]  E: Because someone took budget to a whole different level. That's how this won.

[0:48:39]  C: Yeah, I told you this yesterday, Rob. You should have been a little more choosy.

[0:48:44]  D: Okay, that's fair.

[0:48:45]  A: The standard for this was what do I buy when my self respect is at all time low for the at the bottom because my wallet is empty. That's where we are.

[0:48:54]  C: No, he went for the yucks with the high gravity.

[0:48:57]  E: He did.

[0:48:57]  C: It didn't pay off.

[0:48:58]  A: No.

[0:48:59]  D: Really?

[0:48:59]  E: He went for high alcohol.

[0:49:01]  D: Okay, I've tasted both again. Again. And there is a clear winner. However, the old German is not as good as I remember it being agreed.

[0:49:12]  E: I have to agree as well.

[0:49:13]  D: I don't know what it is about going up against this one that it's.

[0:49:16]  C: So light taking a shift because it went against high life.

[0:49:20]  E: It's true, right?

[0:49:23]  C: That's what it is.

[0:49:24]  D: It's been a rough day for me.

[0:49:26]  C: Sorry, sir.

[0:49:27]  D: My picks were not skilled.

[0:49:30]  E: I'm nervous for the old German, which I believe will advance this round, but it could. I don't know about going up against Lionshead right now.

[0:49:37]  D: Chris, do you have a score?

[0:49:39]  C: I have to give the bush like a twelve here.

[0:49:41]  D: Okay.

[0:49:43]  C: But then the old German I'm going to give a 16.

[0:49:46]  D: Okay.

[0:49:47]  E: Oh, man. The old German such a strong early contender and I feel like old German public is 17 1617. Okay, that's got to well, you got.

[0:49:58]  D: To pick one number there, fella.

[0:49:59]  C: I'll give it the 17. He always gives two numbers.

[0:50:04]  D: No one really knows where he's going with it.

[0:50:06]  A: 511, 1214, nine.

[0:50:09]  C: You're calling it like the powerball.

[0:50:13]  E: I'm going with the Bush out of ten underwhelming.

[0:50:18]  D: You know, Chris, I've got to say, I'm also not a fan of the bush. I mean, you take what you can get, but the bush is a nine for me on this round.

[0:50:26]  C: You'd like it to be limited?

[0:50:27]  D: You would. A limited amount, a tasteful, a tasteful amount.

[0:50:31]  A: Yeah.

[0:50:31]  D: I'll go with a nine on the bush. And for the Old German, I'm going to go with a 16. I'm going 16 on old German.

[0:50:40]  E: Is it two in the hand? It's better than one in the Bush. Is that it how it is?

[0:50:43]  D: Yeah.

[0:50:44]  C: All right, Matt, we need your final scores.

[0:50:46]  A: Yeah, it's really a stark contrast when you put these two together. Very much so. More than the previous round. So, Bush, I'm going to give an eight.

[0:50:56]  D: An eight.

[0:50:57]  A: I couldn't do it. There was the nose on the front end and then the actual taste, and it was like watching a train derail as I was drinking. Couldn't do it. The old German premium lager again on the can. The world knows no finer I'm going to give that a 17. They'll say I could drink that one on repeat and we'd be okay.

[0:51:16]  E: I mean, I could, it just doesn't.

[0:51:19]  D: But would you want to?

[0:51:20]  E: No. The second time around, not nearly as good.

[0:51:23]  C: I go back to the thought that I've been having is, how many of these would you be willing to drink, too? And I feel like Lion's Head might.

[0:51:32]  E: Be yeah, I might drink some more lions.

[0:51:35]  C: Let's not get ahead of ourselves. But it does feel like we're kind.

[0:51:38]  D: Of for this round, what are our totals?

[0:51:40]  C: We are old German killing it at a 66 versus Bush at a measly 39.

[0:51:47]  E: That really dropped, though. Score.

[0:51:48]  A: It did.

[0:51:49]  C: That went from a 44 to a 39. So not a huge drop, but still, it was up against steel reserve.

[0:51:56]  E: No, I meant the old German. That was in the 70s.

[0:51:59]  C: Wasn't that huge drop.

[0:52:01]  E: Huge drop for the huge drop from.

[0:52:02]  C: A 78 to a 66. So wow.

[0:52:06]  D: Yeah, big point drop.

[0:52:08]  C: Contrast is important here and I yeah, no, absolutely. I said from the beginning, if we were to drink all eight of these back to back, boom, boom, boom, I think it would have been a different layout. But the bracket really forces you to choose hyper focus. All right, so we got to fill our black holes.

[0:52:27]  D: That's right.

[0:52:28]  A: Done. Black hole detected.

[0:52:30]  D: Beware the event horizon.

[0:52:34]  B: And now at the end of our semifinal round, we'll throw it to Stefan for his weaseler's wits.

[0:52:39]  A: The old German continues its woods creek through the bracket as it mows down the bush.

[0:52:43]  B: It's not the 70s anymore, Stefan. It was time for a trim and.

[0:52:47]  A: A Lion's Head has snatched the blue ribbon away from past.

[0:52:50]  B: Nobody even knows what that ribbon means, but we're okay with that. And now on to the final round. We've got Lion's Head versus old German in a very, very exciting battle between Big C and Chris.

[0:53:04]  A: Let's recap for the listeners because we've done a fairly bad job of this so far. What's actually in in the black hole.

[0:53:12]  E: Good Lord. Wow.

[0:53:14]  C: In the black hole we currently have Genesee cream, PBR, natty Ice.

[0:53:20]  D: Yep.

[0:53:20]  C: High Life.

[0:53:21]  D: Yep. Yeah.

[0:53:22]  C: Steel Reserve.

[0:53:23]  E: Oh, God.

[0:53:23]  C: And Bush. That is one cocktail.

[0:53:29]  E: And it comes down to Lion's Head versus ye old German as the winner. Listen, I mean, when we started out today, either of these beers, did you think they were going to be here?

[0:53:41]  D: No, I'll be honest. From a preconceived notion. PBR. Was always going to be in the final in my brain, yeah, agreed.

[0:53:50]  E: That would have been a fair thought process.

[0:53:52]  A: I guess.

[0:53:52]  D: Weirdly enough, I thought Highlife would be this. I thought it would be PBR versus high life. And neither are here, guys.

[0:54:00]  A: I thought Lionshead might make it to round two because as I said, that was the one that I would drink. I would never drink it and say that's a bad beer. No, I drink and say, good point.

[0:54:09]  D: All right.

[0:54:10]  C: It's a good to me it was like who is it intermission in round one. And I think it will win. But I thought that it would get defeated no matter what.

[0:54:20]  D: Right.

[0:54:20]  C: It doesn't matter what beer it's up against because whatever made it to round two, it would lose to. But the fact that my beloved PBR. Was what it lost to, it's a rough go.

[0:54:32]  D: I know.

[0:54:33]  E: Well, PBR in general was underwhelming.

[0:54:37]  C: Let's get out really well, which was.

[0:54:39]  D: Let'S get out of can.

[0:54:40]  C: We got championship series and let's get out of bottle.

[0:54:43]  D: OG versus Lion's Head. Here we go.

[0:54:50]  E: Could you grab another can of this out of the old cooler over there?

[0:54:54]  D: The old German covering from the old cooler.

[0:54:57]  A: The final round. Lionshead versus old German.

[0:55:02]  E: Ironically. Both Pennsylvania beers. Pittsburgh Brewing Company for OG. Old German and wooksburg. Pennsylvania for Lionshead Brewery.

[0:55:11]  A: This is east versus west.

[0:55:13]  D: This is east versus the entire West Bowl.

[0:55:16]  E: The entire commonwealth is up for grabs right now.

[0:55:20]  D: Kingle Mcgriggleberry in the house.

[0:55:23]  C: How did we end up doing that?

[0:55:24]  E: I don't know.

[0:55:25]  D: No one knows.

[0:55:27]  E: Honestly, I did not know that this was Pennsylvania until right now.

[0:55:31]  A: Weirdly.

[0:55:31]  D: We are Pennsylvania boys and we have left ourselves with a Pennsylvania v. Pennsylvania back.

[0:55:37]  E: We may have to do this again with another state.

[0:55:41]  C: I would love to have like a west coaster individual join us with a bunch of budget beer. West coast.

[0:55:50]  E: I don't know if I want that.

[0:55:52]  C: You never know, though.

[0:55:54]  D: Here comes some Lions heads going around.

[0:55:56]  E: With here I can't believe I did not know the Old German was a Pittsburgh beer. I didn't know that.

[0:56:03]  D: I didn't know old German existed. Matter of fact, this can is empty, so we're going to need to open a new one. Here we go.

[0:56:11]  C: Another one to the dead graveyard.

[0:56:14]  D: Here we go.

[0:56:17]  E: This is a magical journey we've been on.

[0:56:19]  D: That is very true, Big Z. Very true.

[0:56:21]  A: Your definition of magical journey does not meet the Disney threshold. Just saying.

[0:56:26]  E: Again, I feel like we have gone and done something that most people would not have done, and we've gone to.

[0:56:32]  D: Frontiers that most people would not normally explore.

[0:56:36]  E: No, but more importantly, if you throw nostalgia aside and you just drink the beers for what they are, I'm shocked that we're here.

[0:56:44]  D: I'm shocked that listeners I never expected old German right in the final round.

[0:56:52]  A: With lion versus Lion's Head.

[0:56:54]  D: When I was younger, you get this for, like, $15 a case.

[0:56:58]  E: You can get money back when you drop the empty bottles off at the brewery in Wilkesbury.

[0:57:02]  D: Why?

[0:57:02]  E: I don't know if they still do it, but they did what?

[0:57:04]  C: They still do it.

[0:57:04]  A: Yeah.

[0:57:05]  E: You can get money back. You can take an empty case back and they're like, hey, we'll give you $10, $5 off, whatever.

[0:57:11]  C: It might be that much, but yeah, it was like $2.

[0:57:14]  E: It's like $2.

[0:57:15]  D: Yeah. What?

[0:57:16]  E: Yeah. You bring the empty bottles back, they clean them and reuse them.

[0:57:20]  C: Shout out to all my NEPA friends, we love you for your amazing brewery.

[0:57:24]  A: Right now.

[0:57:25]  E: I'll be honest, will experiment.

[0:57:27]  D: I'm kind of forgetting which beer is in which here. Okay, I know. Now the old German is in the Solo cup.

[0:57:37]  E: Red solo cup.

[0:57:39]  D: And in my tin cup here, here I have the Lion's Head.

[0:57:43]  C: Here we go. Let's do it. Final time. Lions.

[0:57:45]  D: I'm smelling again. Smelling the lion's head.

[0:57:48]  E: I think that smelling the old German. So the Old German is underwhelming in the smell department, but it smells better than the other beers that we smelled. No, I'm just saying that now that we put it nose to nose with the line, which I think has I.

[0:58:07]  C: Know what you mean.

[0:58:07]  E: Has its best smell. Yeah, the best smell comes out of line.

[0:58:10]  D: Okay, guys, I know what's going on here. For me, it's very clear, once again, and I'm so shocked by this. But for me, the Lion's Head has so much flavor.

[0:58:24]  E: It is complex. It's insane.

[0:58:28]  D: For a cheap beer, the Lion's Head is doing so much.

[0:58:32]  E: Yeah. What is flavor profile? Whereas old German has one flavor.

[0:58:36]  D: Yeah. It's like, hey, this is beer. The old German's like, I'm beyond and then alliance heads like, I'm beer, bitch.

[0:58:45]  C: I got what you want.

[0:58:46]  E: Yeah, there's more going on here.

[0:58:49]  C: I'm going to offend a lot of people here, but German beer style is one dimensional.

[0:58:54]  E: It is.

[0:58:55]  C: They do that dimension fantastically.

[0:58:58]  A: It's true.

[0:58:59]  C: And people especially. People who aren't actual Germans, who then brew German style beers, it then drops so far down. Right. If this was an actual German brewery versus Lionshead, I think the old style German beer would kill it.

[0:59:18]  D: I'm also curious if any old German gets better as it gets warmer, because oftentimes German style beer is best at closer to room.

[0:59:29]  C: Never agreed with that statement, but I.

[0:59:31]  D: Don'T closer to room temperature.

[0:59:33]  C: I know what not super cold.

[0:59:34]  D: I know that's like a common not super warm.

[0:59:37]  C: Yeah. A lot of European breweries will tell you you should be drinking your beer closer to room temperature. US Americans are savages who chill our beers.

[0:59:47]  D: Everything's cold. But for me, you'll put that in.

[0:59:49]  E: The roof, it's right off.

[0:59:50]  C: Yeah, I can't do it. I can't do a room temperature beer. It just tastes far worse.

[0:59:56]  A: I agree.

[0:59:57]  E: Question comes down to we're talking about a style of beer brewed in Germany. This is not the same style of beer. It's just not.

[1:00:06]  C: It wants to be, but, you know agreed.

[1:00:08]  E: And you know what does for what it is, it's still not bad.

[1:00:11]  D: Are we ready for final score?

[1:00:13]  E: Yeah, I think we are.

[1:00:14]  C: Christopher, I'm going to drop Lion's head a little bit okay. At an 18. Okay. But again, now we've broadened the scope.

[1:00:25]  D: We've been all over the universe wide open. Yeah.

[1:00:28]  C: As it were. But then I have to put old German out of ten.

[1:00:33]  D: Wow.

[1:00:34]  C: It failed me.

[1:00:34]  D: Here a significant drop. I mean, again, it's a superior tasting.

[1:00:39]  E: Beer, in my opinion, if we're being honest. Big Z, I think that ten for old German. It might be slightly generous at this point.

[1:00:45]  D: Wow.

[1:00:48]  E: As I brought this beer into the battle, I would probably say eight or nine. Go with your nine.

[1:00:59]  D: All right.

[1:01:00]  E: And lion said, I believe I've given it a 19 across the board. I would give it a 19. Again, I think it's a good I think it's out of what we've had today, consistent. But every time it's been good, it's not.

[1:01:14]  D: I agree with you. I'll be honest with you. I don't exactly remember what I've given Lionshead across the board, but this time around, I'm going to try to be consistent and give it an 18. Again, I think I've given it an 18 in the past. It's staying in an 18. For me. It's very hard for me to get above those numbers for these types of beers.

[1:01:34]  C: Again, for me, it was like, what do you want the separation to be? You also want, like, a baseline, top to bottom, but you also want the separation. That's why I went with my numbers of 18 and ten, because I wanted almost like a ten point gap.

[1:01:49]  D: Sure.

[1:01:50]  C: But I'm not going to put it.

[1:01:52]  D: I'm going to keep Lions head at 18.

[1:01:54]  E: Within its ecosystem, it's the dominant predator. If you send it out to the ocean of beers, it's going to get eaten up.

[1:02:01]  D: Wow.

[1:02:03]  C: We're going biological.

[1:02:04]  A: We are.

[1:02:05]  E: Boom.

[1:02:05]  C: What are you hitting with? The old German.

[1:02:09]  D: Wow. Mike, I believe that might be the first time this season that someone else has dropped some sides.

[1:02:16]  C: Was deserved.

[1:02:17]  D: It was. It was well earned. I guess for me, the old German at this point in comparison to the Lion's Head is an eleven. It's significantly worse than the lion's head.

[1:02:29]  E: No, absolutely. 100% is.

[1:02:33]  D: And I have to engage that in scoring. I'd be very curious once Matt's done here to see how much the scores have changed round by round for those two beers.

[1:02:43]  C: Yeah, we'll recap everything Old German is going to have.

[1:02:46]  E: Well, depending on what Matt does, we'll see.

[1:02:48]  A: Sure.

[1:02:48]  C: Hit us, Matt.

[1:02:49]  A: All right, so I admit in the previous round some nostalgia came into my scoring. This was never meant to be completely objective scoring. It was going to be subjective in many ways. These are two beers that hold zero nostalgia for me. So if you want to get an honest objective opinion, these are going to be the two beers. I'm going to say that the old German in this case, head to head. And that's really what I focused on. Head to head.

[1:03:17]  A: That initial nose and smell. I couldn't I'm saying eleven for the Old German.

[1:03:25]  E: It's fair.

[1:03:27]  A: The Lion's Head has that really as we've talked about complex flavor profile. It's not one dimensional.

[1:03:35]  D: There's different things going on in crazy. Who knew?

[1:03:41]  C: What you got? What number?

[1:03:43]  E: Give me a number.

[1:03:43]  A: I'm giving you 22. I feel like it crushed the competition. There is just that much gap between rounds.

[1:03:55]  C: More than halfway. Eleven or close to halfway.

[1:04:00]  D: Wow.

[1:04:02]  C: All right, so we have the final scores in. I just got handed them from the judges.

[1:04:07]  D: And the winner is I saw them, actually.

[1:04:09]  E: The judges.

[1:04:10]  C: Yeah. I share Kaitans with them. It's cool. We have alliance head. 77, 77, old German 41.

[1:04:24]  D: Blowout.

[1:04:25]  E: I mean, folks, if you're in the area, get yourself a case of Lion's Head. I mean, that's what we're saying.

[1:04:30]  D: Wow. I've got to ask, how did those scores change from round to round here?

[1:04:34]  E: Interesting.

[1:04:35]  D: Where was Lionshead for the first two rounds?

[1:04:37]  C: Lions Head first round 74, 2nd round 78, 3rd round 77. She stayed consistent.

[1:04:44]  D: Pretty consistent, old German.

[1:04:46]  C: However, 78, down to a 66, down to a 41.

[1:04:51]  E: Yeah, it fell off. It's like the New York Giants.

[1:04:57]  C: It's all comparison based.

[1:04:58]  E: Yeah, absolutely.

[1:04:59]  C: Any given week you compare one to another and they can wildly change, which is amazing.

[1:05:07]  E: Except that we all enjoyed the Lion's Head.

[1:05:09]  D: I mean, I'm still enjoying the lion's head right now.

[1:05:12]  A: Season one, beer battle two. Winner chris with Lion's Head. Stellar sip. A well deserved stellar sip that I don't think any of us actually saw coming from round one. I really did.

[1:05:30]  E: Not again. I've drinking a ton of gibbons. Lionshead. All the same, I did not see this coming.

[1:05:35]  D: Based upon my previous experience, again, PBR highlife. Were my two coming into this thinking that they would be I'm so pleasantly surprised by the lines.

[1:05:46]  E: I don't mean to cut you off, but go ahead. There's an elephant in the room. Have you smelled what is in this rocket fuel cup?

[1:05:53]  A: No, I haven't poured the old German into it yet.

[1:05:56]  E: Well, go ahead and add that.

[1:06:00]  D: So the Old German is going into the Black Hole, and if we haven't mentioned it before, I believe we know.

[1:06:06]  E: I'm fairly certain we have.

[1:06:08]  D: All of the Black hole beers have become the rocket fuel.

[1:06:11]  E: I think you're going to have to give it a stir or shake.

[1:06:13]  A: Elon Musk. You can put this in the Falcon heavy and it's going to get something to Mars.

[1:06:17]  E: I don't know if that's accurate.

[1:06:19]  A: No.

[1:06:20]  C: It's exploding on launch.

[1:06:23]  D: It's got a scent. It's got a scent and it is not a good scent.

[1:06:30]  E: Preparing and vivom.

[1:06:33]  A: Hold on, guys. I got a sound for this rocket launch. Are we ready?

[1:06:36]  E: No.

[1:06:49]  D: It'S a fail.

[1:06:50]  E: So we don't have to drink it then?

[1:06:52]  D: No, no.

[1:06:53]  A: You wish. No, it's going down the hat.

[1:06:55]  C: Even though even in my victory, I will join.

[1:06:57]  E: Oh, well, I mean, you know what?

[1:07:00]  D: That is just noble. Gentlemen, move right there.

[1:07:04]  E: It is.

[1:07:05]  A: So the ones of us that needed to drink this big Z, rob and your host Matt crushed Chris. Winner. Here we go with the rocket fuel.

[1:07:18]  D: Here we go. Go to hellman.

[1:07:20]  E: Old German.

[1:07:21]  C: It just tastes like bad beer.

[1:07:22]  E: I mean, honestly, that's underwhelming.

[1:07:25]  A: Really?

[1:07:25]  D: I thought it was going to be worse. Again, it's not bad. Wow.

[1:07:33]  A: Hold on.

[1:07:35]  E: The bad beers together might be better.

[1:07:36]  A: Than wait a minute.

[1:07:37]  E: Bad beer by wait a minute.

[1:07:38]  A: Yes.

[1:07:38]  D: Hold on.

[1:07:40]  A: Hold on for a second. I can flavor profile this. I got Jenny cream up front. That was the first thing that literally punched my taste buds. And it ended with steel reserve. Everything in the middle was heavy barley. And then, I'm going to be honest.

[1:07:57]  C: Even in its final megatron form, lion's head's crushing this beer.

[1:08:02]  D: I agree with you. This is not made a Franken beer that beats the Lion's Head, but at the same time, it's super gross.

[1:08:12]  C: At the onset when we talked about doing this, we were like, oh, we're going to combine the beer king's cup style. I thought the worst. I did, too, because in college I was wholly against the king's cup idea. That's because everybody brought the most terrible cocktails to college parties.

[1:08:32]  E: True.

[1:08:33]  C: Your jungle juices. And you got your Everclears and whatever else. Some beer in there. You don't mix jungle juice and beer.

[1:08:42]  A: Wait a minute. Do we have to do a jungle juice battle?

[1:08:44]  C: No.

[1:08:45]  A: Do we have to?

[1:08:46]  C: No.

[1:08:46]  D: I mean, not this.

[1:08:47]  A: I do want to say that however.

[1:08:50]  E: I would like the next beer battle to be let's go. High quality beer.

[1:08:54]  A: We're definitely people that they want. There's nowhere to go but up right now.

[1:08:58]  D: Listen, my friend, it's a booze battle, so it doesn't even have to be beer.

[1:09:04]  E: Well, I'd like to do the beer.

[1:09:05]  D: I would love to do bourbon. We could do bourbon. We could do beers by style. We can do an IPA battle. We can do a Porter battle.

[1:09:16]  C: The universe is our oyster.

[1:09:20]  A: There will be no question. We're all later in life, we're all waiting for an MRI scan. The doctor goes through, he's written the results. He looks at the liver and goes, that spot. And we all go, that's the rocket fuel. Okay, I know where that one came from.

[1:09:33]  E: I don't think that that's a spot.

[1:09:35]  D: God.

[1:09:35]  A: You don't think it's a spot?

[1:09:37]  E: It's not that bad.

[1:09:38]  D: It's really not that bad.

[1:09:40]  C: It really isn't.

[1:09:41]  D: It really isn't that bad.

[1:09:42]  C: Far less.

[1:09:43]  E: It was more frightening than yeah.

[1:09:47]  D: Thought of. It was terrifying. The experience that could speak volumes, though.

[1:09:53]  A: To the quality of beer that are all just meshed together.

[1:09:59]  C: It is the epitome of bad beer.

[1:10:01]  E: We could do that with the good beers, too.

[1:10:03]  C: And then what will we create? What will happen that might be terrible or horrific? Excellent.

[1:10:12]  A: All right.

[1:10:12]  C: Yikes.

[1:10:13]  D: I mean, you never know.

[1:10:17]  A: Well, slap me sideways and call me Natty daddy. What an exciting conclusion.

[1:10:22]  B: An exciting conclusion indeed.

[1:10:23]  D: Step on.

[1:10:24]  B: Let me tell you, it was a true David and Goliath's tale today. We had Chris and the lions had victorious over Big Z and the old Germans.

[1:10:32]  A: But between that beer lineup and the black hole, did anyone really win today?

[1:10:36]  B: That's a fine point, but the old German is definitely down in crowd. And with that from Stefan and everyone here at BPN, I'm Chucky Roberts, reminding you to set the bar high and always buy a chair that can reach it.

[1:10:52]  A: Today's boozy quote comes from Hunter S. Thompson, who said, good people drink good beer. During this, the first season of Matt and Friends Drink the Universe, I have had the pleasure and the honor of sharing many great drinks and some very questionable ones with my great friends. I'd like to take a moment to thank everyone who joined me and helped make this season possible. Andy. Andy. M big Z. Chris. Dan. Emma. Rob. Siobhan the fish. And last, but certainly not least, my lovely wife, Jen. Thank you all very much. Without you, this season would not have been possible.

[1:11:24]  A: And don't worry, dear listeners, there is more. Matt and Friends Drink the Universe on the Way, season two, coming in August of 2023, available wherever you get your podcast from. Until then, I am your host, Matt and I wish each and every one of you nothing but stellar sips. Please push all the buttons for us on social media, it's Matt and Friendsdtu on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. That's Matt and friendsdtu.

[1:11:48]  A: For more information, including all the places you can listen to the podcast and where to find our merch store, visit Matt and

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