The Beautiful Business Podcast

Leading with empathy: Unlocking the challenges and benefits with Trenton Moss, founder of Team Sterka

June 21, 2023 Beautiful Business Episode 45
The Beautiful Business Podcast
Leading with empathy: Unlocking the challenges and benefits with Trenton Moss, founder of Team Sterka
Show Notes

In this episode of the Beautiful Business Podcast, host Yiuwin Tsang engages in a thought-provoking conversation with Trenton Moss, an inspiring business leader, trainer, and coach, on the topic of leading with empathy. They explore the challenges and benefits of empathetic leadership and how it can transform team dynamics and performance.

Yiuwin and Trenton begin by discussing the meaning of leading from a position of empathy. Trenton emphasises the importance of understanding the inputs of team members, such as their intentions, efforts, and barriers to achieving their goals. By taking the time to comprehend these aspects, leaders can make their team members feel understood and appreciated, fostering a sense of connection and trust.

Yiuwin and Trenton discuss the role of empathy in creating an environment where team members feel safe to be open, honest, and vulnerable. Trenton suggests asking questions that encourage reflection and learning from setbacks, rather than focusing solely on blame or judgment.

The discussion concludes with a focus on managing multiple team members and the potential for constructive tension in the workplace. Trenton highlights the value of diverse perspectives and encourages leaders to foster an environment where differing opinions are welcomed. By encouraging open dialogue and exploring different viewpoints, leaders can leverage empathy to resolve conflicts and arrive at innovative solutions.

Join Yiuwin and Trenton in this episode as they explore the transformative potential of leading with empathy in the pursuit of a beautiful business.

Listen now to gain insights into the power of leading with empathy and learn how understanding and valuing the inputs of team members, creating psychological safety, and encouraging diverse perspectives can contribute to a high-performing and harmonious team.

About Trenton Moss

Trenton is a qualified executive coach and a former Samaritan (where he provided face-to-face and telephone counselling). He previously set up, scaled and then exited (after a successful acquisition) one of the UK’s leading product design and research agencies, Webcredible. He then went on to create Team Sterka.

During his 15 years as Webcredible CEO, Trenton trained, coached and worked with cross-functional teams within some of the UK’s leading brands, helping them become high performing teams.

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