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Creating supportive workplaces: Navigating grief and bereavement with Amelia Wrighton, Founder of Suicide & Co

August 16, 2023 Beautiful Business Episode 53
The Beautiful Business Podcast
Creating supportive workplaces: Navigating grief and bereavement with Amelia Wrighton, Founder of Suicide & Co
Show Notes

In this episode of the Beautiful Business Podcast, host Yiuwin Tsang once again welcomes Amelia Wrighton, the passionate founder of Suicide&Co. Amelia discusses the often-overlooked issue of dealing with grief in the workplace. She emphasises the lack of clear guidelines and policies for handling bereavement and suicide-related grief within organisations.

The conversation examines the need for systemic changes in the workplace. Amelia reveals how Suicide&Co recognised the gap in supporting bereaved individuals in the corporate world and developed a specialised offering to guide organisations in navigating loss within the workplace.

The key takeaway is the importance of recognising and acknowledging grief as a common experience, with a focus on suicide-related grief that requires attention. She highlights the need for flexible and individualised approaches when it comes to bereavement, which doesn't fit the one-size-fits-all mold. The discussion further explores the role of managers, HR teams, and leaders in creating an open culture where employees feel comfortable discussing their struggles.

Amelia provides actionable advice for both individuals and organisations. She encourages open communication, urges colleagues and managers to ask "Are you okay?" and shares the value of contextually framed questions. She also stresses the importance of ongoing support, beyond the initial shock, and highlights the significance of gestures like sending flowers, messages of support, and facilitating an environment of open communication.

The podcast concludes with Amelia sharing her hope for the future. She envisions workplaces that proactively address grief, with managers trained to spot signs and have open conversations. She hopes to see flexible bereavement policies that accommodate individual needs and comprehensive support memberships for organisations, bridging gaps in knowledge about suicide-related grief. Ultimately, Amelia's vision is for workplaces to be well-equipped to support their employees through one of life's most challenging experiences.

About Amelia Wrighton

Amelia lost her mother at 19, whilst in her first year of university. The life-changing experience bred a deeper strength and resilience that has driven her forward ever since.

Meeting Emma at work, they realised their shared experience of losing someone to suicide and decided that now is the right time to help others in the same situation. Amelia started her career in research and then moved into marketing, media and new business. Her focus within Suicide&Co is on strategy and operations.

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