The Beautiful Business Podcast

Strategies for thriving through tough times with Pete Fergusson, CEO of Nemorin

August 23, 2023 Beautiful Business Episode 54
The Beautiful Business Podcast
Strategies for thriving through tough times with Pete Fergusson, CEO of Nemorin
Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of the Beautiful Business Podcast! In this week's episode, host Yiuwin Tsang sits down with Pete Fergusson, the visionary founder and CEO of Nemorin. As a seasoned leader in the video production industry and former head of commercial video for the Telegraph, Pete shares his valuable insights on guiding businesses through challenging times and the lessons he's learned about leading a business with purpose and resilience.

The conversation centres around the strategies and mindset necessary to lead a business during times of economic downturn, drawing from Pete's experiences both during the 2008 financial crisis and the recent pandemic. They delve into the importance of adaptability, and maintaining a positive outlook in the face of uncertainty.

The episode explores the delicate balance between personal and business well-being, especially for sole directors and small business owners. Pete shares the challenges he faced in looking after himself during demanding periods and offers advice on seeking support networks, whether through non-executive mentors or peers in similar industries.

Listeners will gain practical wisdom from Pete's journey, learning how to weather storms and build businesses that flourish even in the toughest of times. The episode sums up the essence of the Beautiful Business community: a belief in purpose-driven leadership, clear strategies, and the power of resilience to guide businesses toward success and growth.

About Pete Fergusson

Pete Fergusson is founder/CEO of Nemorin, the digital first, branded content agency within Argonon, one of the UK’s largest independent global production groups and winner of over 125 accolades including BAFTA, RTS and Emmy awards.

Nemorin creates strategy-led, authentic and impactful content for brands, media owners and agencies across the world, and in 2022, worked with over 50 global brands on nearly 100 productions.

Pete has over 25 years experience working across a range of media organisations and despite being a digital native. Formerly Head of Commercial Video for The Telegraph Media Group, he helped the publisher pioneer digital branded video content as new form of advertising which adds value to the audience, brand and media owner alike.

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