Simplifying Life Through Technology

Vic and Amy Petrenko of Sotheby's

July 28, 2022 SoundVision LLC Season 1 Episode 4
Simplifying Life Through Technology
Vic and Amy Petrenko of Sotheby's
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This isn't just a podcast with realtors! This is a podcast with actual American super heros.

SoundVision was privleged to host Vic and Amy Petrenko of the The Pentrenko Group Premier Sotheby's International Realty.

Looking for real estate information? Vic and Amy's profile:

Who are Vic and Amy?

  • Otherwise known as BRIGADIER GENERAL PETRENKO, Vic Petrenko served the United States in the Army for 31 years
  • Otherwise known as WINNER OF THE PRESIDENT'S VOLUNTEER SERVICE AWARD, Amy Petrenko has been a gracious hostess and devoted public servant
  • Since retiring from the military, this dynamic duo have teamed up to serve the North Carolina real estate market

Watch this:
2008 President George W. Bush 82nd Airborn Division Review at Fort Bragg with then Col. Vic Petrenko 

Watch this:
Amy Petrenko to receive President's Volunteer Service Award 

 "Bush presented the President's Volunteer Service Award to Amy Petrenko, an Army wife for 19 years. Petrenko has volunteered for the National Military Family Association for 11 years at Fort Bragg and other duty stations. ...When soldiers are deployed, she has stepped up, helping spouses network and find resources for themselves and their children."

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Good Reads!
Brigadier General Petrenko and President Bush
President's Volunteer Service Award Winner Amy Petrenko