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Ch20. How to reduce author business overwhelm

January 05, 2023 The Daring Press
The Daring Author
Ch20. How to reduce author business overwhelm
Show Notes

After being stuck in what feels like a parallel universe for the past two years, consumed by daily case numbers, chaotic restrictions and disruptive announcements, once everything was "back to normal", my ambitious personality took over as I thrust myself into work.

Sound familiar?

I've been head down bum up for the past 12 months with tunnel vision to grow my business. It was in the last week of December, while hitting submit on my 11th fiction novel, a wave of uneasiness hit me like a tonne of bricks - I am overwhelmed.

From growing my business to writing a new book, managing employees and planning for a holiday, thinking about all I have to do before the end of the year and the persistent voice yelling there's still so much more to learn, do and achieve.

I'd managed to suppress the internal chit-chat for the past year, but I can't ignore it anymore. Especially when I continued hearing from clients, they were also feeling overwhelmed.

If you, too, are feeling overwhelmed, before you throw your laptop against the wall, I invite you to pause, rest and reset.

In our latest podcast and blog article, "I am overwhelmed", I share my experience with author paralysis as well as tips for reducing the anxiety, dread and panic while maintaining a sense of calm in the hustle culture of writing and publishing.

Avoid a path of self-destruction & find work-life balance in 2023

Don't let overwhelm cripple your author business.

As incredible as it is to work for yourself, do what you love and have a rewarding career, remember to take time for yourself.

Book a discovery call with The Daring Press today if you're looking for support in growing your incredible author biz without the overwhelm and burnout. 

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