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Ch21. Three steps to make 2023 the best year yet!

January 19, 2023 The Daring Press
The Daring Author
Ch21. Three steps to make 2023 the best year yet!
Show Notes

Are you ready to tap into that new-year energy with fresh eyes and a clear mind to set your 2023 goals and *actually* reach them? 

Before you start scribbling down your hopes and dreams on the back of a napkin, only to be found next year under the couch, we're here to remind you even the most energetic, passionate and motivated authors need a strategic plan to reach their goals. 

Whether your vision board includes streamlining business processes,  hiring a virtual assistant , establishing better financial structures,  promoting your books on Tik Tok , or improving your writing skills, we want you to tick everything off your list. 

Grab your notepad, pen, and imagination; it's time to create fail-proof goals. 

Follow these three steps to make your dreams a reality 

  1. Make time and write down your goals 
  2. Have clear strategies to achieve your goals
  3. Set realistic deadlines 

Is your goal to work with The Daring Press in 2023? 

If you need assistance marketing your author business, improving your writing or taking mundane tasks off your to-do list, we've got you covered! 

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