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085 Your Business Is a Bad Wealth Plan

August 13, 2022 Mel H Abraham, CPA, CVA, ASA Season 2 Episode 85
The Affluent Entrepreneur Show
085 Your Business Is a Bad Wealth Plan
Show Notes

Your business is not a good wealth plan!

Here’s what know if you’re anything like me, you came into your business because you wanted to serve but you also expected it to give you freedom and wealth.

Quickly you find yourself on the treadmill running hard and fast with everything invested (time, effort AND money) but with very little wealth or freedom.

It is the biggest mistake and misconception most entrepreneurs have as they try to grow their wealth. The other issue is that everything is relying on you and your effort while having any and all wealth captive in the business and nothing outside of it.

Imagine for a moment being able to have the business but also have enough wealth that the operation and profitability of the business no longer matters and doesn’t define your life.

The missing piece is that as you grow your business you also need to build a money machine outside the business. It is the money machine that gives you the control, freedom and true wealth.

In this episode, I talk through this in depth so you can get yourself finally on the right path to financial freedom. With this you have options and choice in your life. You then have the ability to live a “get to” life instead of a “have to’ life.

Let’s do this!

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