Conversations in The 'Hood

Episode 5 - Natalie Cutler- Welsh

September 06, 2022 Season 1 Episode 5
Conversations in The 'Hood
Episode 5 - Natalie Cutler- Welsh
Show Notes

Natalie is a force, such an inspiration, business woman, business coach, entrepreneur, mum, author, speaker, social media personality and more.

Natalie, also known as "Nat the go to girl" (her social media and professional persona), is a positive and engaging woman. Over the past couple of years, Nat as many of us have, has had some confronting and challenging times, both personally and professionally.

 We speak about what it is like to raise children with different views to your co-parent and partner. We discuss how it is to allow your children to make their own empowered choices, whether you agree with them or not, and to grieve in this process as a parent and mother.

Professionally Natalie has found her brave, in which she say's she has coached many to do as a professional, but these past few years have really prompted her to walk her talk as she puts it.  Bravely Natalie has spoken her truth, and put her warrior hat, both literally and figuratively, for her kids, and others.

There are many more facets to her career and personal journey, feeling the pull to focus on wellness too, there is her oil business, and more. Listen to hear more about this fascinating woman, her journey, and how we can all support one another in these crazy times.

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