#AnswerMyCall (For Parents/Caregivers of Teenagers)

We Raise Our Kids to Go Off on their Own

February 06, 2023 Angela Dora Dobrzynski and Rujuta Chincholkar-Mandelia Season 2 Episode 2
#AnswerMyCall (For Parents/Caregivers of Teenagers)
We Raise Our Kids to Go Off on their Own
#AnswerMyCall (For Parents/Caregivers of Teenage +
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In this episode, Amy Kelly talks about her personal story and journey navigating systems of care for her daughter, Annie. We discuss the various services Devereux provides that are so helpful for families in need. She also provides very specific tips for parents/caregivers of  atypical teens to thrive during their turbulent teen years. It was an inspiring conversation! Take a listen!

Amy Kelly, National Director of Family Engagement at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health
Email: Amy.Kelly@devereux.org

Amy is an experienced National Director with a demonstrated history of working in the mental & behavioral health care arena, learning health systems and care network industry, with expertise in family-centered care and community engagement. Skilled in: Nonprofit Organizations; both Family & Patient Clinical and Market Research, Family & Patient Experience and Advocacy; Communication; Fundraising; Public Speaking and Training; Leadership, Collaboration & Engagement. Strong community and social services professional with a Master's degree focused in Non-Profit/Public/Organizational Management from The Johns Hopkins University and an MBA from Saint Joseph’s University. Amy also serves as a family representative and advisor on several special needs boards in the community, locally and nationally.

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Rujuta's Introduction to the Episode
Amy's Journey with Devereux
How is it Different for a Family Raising a Special Needs Child?
Struggle with Siblings while Raising a Special Needs Child
Amy's Work with Families
What Kind of Support Do Families Need?
What Services Does Devereux Provide?
How can People Access Services?
How does Amy Advocate for Herself and Others?
What can Parents/Caregivers Do for their Teens?
How Can We Support Teens with Autism after COVID?
Amy's Work with American Board of Pediatric Foundation