Effective Communication- How To Deal With Conflict

July 06, 2022 Kay-Kay Smith
Effective Communication- How To Deal With Conflict
Show Notes

How to deal with conflict

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In this episode, I sit down to chat with author, Micheal Nightingale, Director of Advancement for The Word of Life Fellowship, the largest camp in the world.

Chip Nightingale is an executive, pastor, international conference and Bible teacher, entrepreneur, and leadership coach. He loves coaching sports and encouraging leaders through coaching in business and in the church. He currently serves as the Director of Advancement at Word of Life Fellowship. Chip lives in Hudson, Florida, with his wife, Audrey, and they have four amazing children.



We have a deep discussion about conflict resolution and relationships

Conflict is inevitable, but it can be managed. When conflict arises in the workplace and you feel like reaching for a weapon or storming out of an office building because your co-workers are driving you crazy with all their constant fighting about who should do what task next; don't start thinking this way! Conflict isn’t necessarily bad—it just may lead to problems if left unchecked

We also talked about

How to communicate with a teenager

How  to talk to a teenager that doesn't want to talk

Communication skills for teenagers

Teenage communication problems


You're going to get so many gems from this episode!


Heres some things I've learned about conflict:

How to deal with conflict at work

Maintaining healthy relationships at work takes time (and sometimes patience) so that everyone's happy.

Emotions can run high due simply from not understanding each other.

So many times we end up blowing up at work instead of realizing our potential to operate on one accord.

How to deal with conflict in a team

When team building, we must create ways that everyone feels supported and engaged. We also need to find ways to prevent or resolve conflict so that it doesn't become a roadblock to success.

How to deal with conflict in a relationship

The best relationships are built on the principles of respect, responsibility and trusting each other. Healthy conflict can help us learn about our partner's strengths as well as any areas where they need improvement so we have a better chance at success together!