Understanding Jealousy and Fear- Journey Into Self-Love

February 17, 2022 Kay-Kay Smith
Understanding Jealousy and Fear- Journey Into Self-Love
Show Notes

How do you define self-care? Self care can be defined in so many different ways to so many different people. It means something different to everyone. From taking a mini-vacation, having boundaries, eating right, to getting that weekly massage.

Self-care is not selfish. It is an essential part of our well-being that allows us to operate at our best. When we neglect our self-care routines, we end up frustrated, empty and unable to give our best selves to the people in our lives. By taking some time for ourselves each day, we can fill up our tanks and better navigate the world around us. So this year, let's make self-care a priority and watch how much happier and more productive we can be!

What are some ways we can recognize when we aren't taking care of ourselves on the inside?

We are usually the last to know what is happening with our own bodies and minds. There are automatic responses that we deal with daily, that we don't pay attention to that breaks the body and mind down.

Today, I sit down with Katie Onitiri, psychotherapist, author, entrepreneur, mom, and she's on a mission to help you realize the importance of self-care, implement strategies, and goals to healing from the inside out.

Katie is a mother of two boys and a wife. She loves spending time with her family, especially traveling, relaxing and laughing.

Katie has worked in criminal justice,

 child welfare and state psychiatric hospitals for the last 15 years. Coining her passion, of teaching communities about mental health; breaking the cycles of recidivism, addiction and violence. Her background includes a BA (Purdue U.) in psychology, MA (Rutgers U.) in Criminal Justice and Ed.S (The College of New Jersey) in Marriage & Family Therapy with extensive mental health and trauma training. She is a licensed psychotherapist in New Jersey. 

Katie is also an adjunct professor that teaches, Issues in the Criminal Justice System & Strategies in Addiction Counseling. Katie loves to host workshops on how to apply self-care and seminars on Mental Health, Stress and various topics that are catered to her client’s needs.

Katie owns a private practice, Life & Family Guidance, LLC where she does individual, couples and family therapy. She also owns Ade Self-Care an online store that sales self-care items, free resources and information on how to achieve daily self-care. She empowers women by reminding them to, “Take Care of the Head that Wears the Crown”.

She is the author of a parent/child journal entitled, Our Journal: From Me to You & An Entrepreneurial Therapy Guide to Overcome Self-Doubt. 

What is self-care?

What are some ways to practice self- care?