How To Manifest Anything

January 13, 2022 Kay-Kay Smith
How To Manifest Anything
Show Notes
Have you thought about manifesting as a way to  acquire anything in this world? From how to manifest love to how to manifest writing down what you truly want in life, manifesting is more than meets the eye. 
In this episode I sit down with a Manifestation Mentor, Judith Joy, who gives us some insight on what needs to happen before we starting manifesting and what to expect when we do
Grab your coffee and get ready for some food for your soul and fuel for your life. 
Manifestation Coaching:
Judith offers individual, couple, or group manifestation coaching to help you align with what you desire to create. Open yourself to the possibilities, and expand what is possible.


Judith offers manifestation coaching in person or by phone. Each session will help you align your thoughts and your feelings to create whatever it is you would like to manifest. You will also be given the tools necessary to use the information in your life to create fabulous results beyond what you can imagine.
High Vibe Parties: 
Judith offers High Vibe Parties to learn how to manifest with your friends, family, and co-workers.
High Vibe Parties include:
  • Basic components of manifesting 
  • Simple techniques to align yourself with your dreams
  • Effective tools to clear the way to manifest your dreams
  • Hands-on, creative activities to create flow
  • Longer parties for more in-depth help 
Speaking Engagements: 
Through Judith's speaking, podcast, radio, and TV engagements, you learn usable, reliable skills to take into your everyday life and create the dreams you desire. I speak to small or large groups to ignite the spark of possibilities. 

Judith's first book Surviving Your Teenager… And Being Happy Anyway was published to share my journey of parenting difficult teenagers. Throughout learning how to deal with headaches, I found the same principles helped smooth the way when dealing with my teenagers and wanted to share what worked for me.

Judith's second book Dear Future Lover: Bring Your Book Boyfriend to Life was a result of another personal journey, and the process I used to find true love after divorce. By implementing the Law of Attraction and journaling to my future soulmate as if he already existed, I manifested my loving husband.