New Year's Resolutions 2022 | How To Stick To Your Goals This Year

January 06, 2022 Kay-Kay Smith
New Year's Resolutions 2022 | How To Stick To Your Goals This Year
Show Notes

How to Win in 2022| New Year’s Resolutions 2022

Can you believe we are in 2022? Wow! We're here. In today's episode, I give 5 foundational tips to get you started in the right direction this year. This tips are not the goals, but, what it takes to achieve your goals and grow exponentially from the inside out this year. 



Do an assessment of your life.


 Where are you now and where do you want to be? This can be in your personal life, business, relationships, or any area of your life.


Assessment involves a high level of honesty, integrity and humility.  When we are getting honest with ourselves, sometimes, it’s not easy to look at. But, if we constantly deny where we are, we can’t get to where were going. So, being honest with our life assessments is an imperative step to growing exponentially in 2022.



Stop caring what people think


Decide once and for all- You could care less about what they think because they, don’t buy your food, put clothes on your back or shoes on your feet- and if they do, you still need to think for yourself boo.  When we care what people think, it can literally paralyze us and cause us to overthink out gifts, abilities and talents, or even quit. 


Example- We are born with creativity, ideas, abundance and the world come along and snatches that away. 



Surround yourself with Positive People and Energy


 People who actually want you to have it and run with it.  I can give you so many examples of how I placed myself in environments of shame, blame and negativity, all because it was familiar.  Some familiar environments aren’t conducive to your exponential growth.

 And if you don’t have many friends, know this, you have God.



Organize your priorities


Sometimes life is just unorganized and unfruitful because of this one thing. Plan your life according to your priorities.  If you’re in school, that takes priority over endless fun.  If you’re a parent, that takes priority over everything. Any priority in your life is like a jewel under the earth. If you dig for it with focus and attention, you get the jewel, if not, you overlook the brilliant shine in your life.



Focus on Your Goals Myopically

When a horse is running a race, he had blinders on. He can’t look to the left or right because if he does, he’ll get distracted and try to run in the other lane, and move exactly like his opponent, and mess everything up.


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