How To Attract Abundance Through Energy

December 16, 2021 Kay-Kay Smith
How To Attract Abundance Through Energy
Show Notes

Bola Harding is a
Life Coach specializing in Inner Healing and Energy Cleansing
CEO and founder of Spiritual Recovery Coach
People know her as someone gifted in emotional healing and assisting people embrace their identity
and their gifts.
Bola mainly worked with women heal and find their uniqueness and purpose. Her tagline is “go from
pieces to PEACE”. During her work she had found the external attitude of a person is an embedded
root that is a cause of the behavior (negative or positive). Her mission is to help you determine a
balance in who you are and assist you in rooting out that which is holding you stuck and victimized.
Her list of accomplishment is in Healing Touch, Aromatherapy, Energy Centers, Anger Management just
to name a few. Bola is an Ordained Life Coach Minister. Ms. Harding coaching style is about you
deciding and not her telling. Her coaching is centered around the Word of GOD, however she is not
here to push her beliefs, or her form of worship on you. She allows the light she has been given to shine
on the beauty in you.
Like so many people, Bola had gone through hardships in her life; financial, infertility, career, and
relationship which left her depleted and confused and insecure physically, emotionally, mentally, and
financially. One thing she held on to is the personal relationship she has with GOD, like her earthly
father her Heavenly Father was Daddy to her. Through all she has been through our Heavenly Father
was able to show that her way of coaching through His Word was something she instinctively did and
was able to help others see their light and begin to free themselves from limiting beliefs and bondages.
Helping people bring much reward to Bola, and Inner Healing and Energy Cleansing Coaching is a way
she assists others.
She can be reached at 682/304-0038 at

The website is: