How To Develop Self-Love with special guest Nenia Corcoran

November 04, 2021 Kay-Kay Smith
How To Develop Self-Love with special guest Nenia Corcoran
Show Notes

Self-Love Journey


Are you wondering what’s the next step for your life as far as having an authentic self-love journey.


I’ve often found that we are pretending a lot in life, walking through familiar settings, not really loving ourselves as we should.


How do you develop self-love?


We develop self-love by making authentic choices, choosing ourselves over everyone else. Now, I know that sounds a bit selfish. However, you will never be able to be good for anyone else unless you love yourself.


Why is self-love so important?


 Self-love is so important for so many reasons.  First, you are the machine of your life.  If you never stop to oil the machine, you won’t be able to move powerfully through this life.  Self-love is the oil to our machines.


What is the key to self-love?


The key to self-love is constantly letting go of the things that no longer fuel your soul.  From toxic relationships to environments and all in between. Letting go is like moving the needle towards the positive area in our lives.


What is the feeling of self-love?


When we finally arrive at self-love, the feeling is euphoric, causing us to finally breath in all of God’s goodness, and the life we deserve with clear hearts and minds. 


Today, I sit down and talk with author, Nenia Corcoran, a survivor of domestic violence and advocate for self-love and self-care.  Nenia is the author of two books, and helps young people understand the power of loving yourself enough to let go. 


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