How To Overcome Unworthiness-How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem

October 21, 2021 Kay-Kay Smith
How To Overcome Unworthiness-How To Overcome Low Self-Esteem
Show Notes

What is low self-esteem?

Low self-esteem is when someone lacks confidence about who they are and what they can do. They often feel incompetent, unloved, or inadequate. People who struggle with low self-esteem are consistently afraid about making mistakes or letting other people down


How do we get to a point in life where we have low or no self-worthiness?

How does this type of thinking effect every area of our lives?


Believe it or not, it shows up in our relationships, parenting, connections and even our goals for the future.  If we believe something about ourselves way down on the inside, chances are, those same thoughts, beliefs and ideas show up on the outside.


Today, I have the awesome opportunity to speak with a mindset/self- development  coach and learn more about

“Self-worthiness”. How we arrive at it? How do we keep it?

Alexa  Martin is a mindset coach helping overwhelmed and anxious high achievers learn how to feel calm, clear & confident. She coaches through 1:1, corporate workshops and leads a group program - LMTLSS. Alexa is passionate about helping her clients ditch autopilot, guilt, stress and ‘shoulds’ in order to empower them to create a life they love. She is a learner at heart, committed to continuously growing, and loves to have fun while doing it. 


IG: alexakmart





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