You Had Me At Eat

Episode 54: Gluten-Free Mardi Gras Recipes and 2024 Fancy Food Show Recap

February 09, 2024 You Had Me At Eat Season 2 Episode 54
Episode 54: Gluten-Free Mardi Gras Recipes and 2024 Fancy Food Show Recap
You Had Me At Eat
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You Had Me At Eat
Episode 54: Gluten-Free Mardi Gras Recipes and 2024 Fancy Food Show Recap
Feb 09, 2024 Season 2 Episode 54
You Had Me At Eat

Something on your mind? Erica & Jules would love to hear from you!

In this episode of the best gluten-free podcast in the country (!), Erica recaps her favorite gluten-free products from Fancy Food Show 2024. Jules waxes poetic about Mardi Gras traditions including Shrove Tuesday / Fat Tuesday, and delves into International Pancake Day history. Jules also shares recipes for gluten-free King Cake, gluten-free beignets, and gluten-free etoufee! Happy Mardi Gras!

Magic Mike LIVE in Las Vegas
Funky Mello
Gluten Free Meister
Purely Elizabeth Cookie Granola
Republic of Tea new Pumpkin Pie Chai
Prime Roots
Edward & Sons coconut condensed milk caramel
Freakin' Wholesome
Jelly Belly Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
International Pancake Day Gluten-Free Recipes
Gluten Free Mardi Gras recipes
Gluten Free Valentine’s Day recipes
Gluten Free King Cake recipe
Gluten Free Beignet recipe
Gluten Free Etoufee recipe

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Show Notes Transcript

Something on your mind? Erica & Jules would love to hear from you!

In this episode of the best gluten-free podcast in the country (!), Erica recaps her favorite gluten-free products from Fancy Food Show 2024. Jules waxes poetic about Mardi Gras traditions including Shrove Tuesday / Fat Tuesday, and delves into International Pancake Day history. Jules also shares recipes for gluten-free King Cake, gluten-free beignets, and gluten-free etoufee! Happy Mardi Gras!

Magic Mike LIVE in Las Vegas
Funky Mello
Gluten Free Meister
Purely Elizabeth Cookie Granola
Republic of Tea new Pumpkin Pie Chai
Prime Roots
Edward & Sons coconut condensed milk caramel
Freakin' Wholesome
Jelly Belly Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans
International Pancake Day Gluten-Free Recipes
Gluten Free Mardi Gras recipes
Gluten Free Valentine’s Day recipes
Gluten Free King Cake recipe
Gluten Free Beignet recipe
Gluten Free Etoufee recipe

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*some links may be affiliate links; purchasing through these links will not cost you more, but will help to fund the podcast you ❤️

Erica [00:00:13]:
Hey. I'm Erica.

Jules [00:00:14]:
And I'm Jules. Most people have at least 1 thing that they can't or won't eat.

Erica [00:00:19]:
Now we're definitely like that.

Jules [00:00:21]:
When we started this podcast to talk about the gluten free food industry,

Erica [00:00:25]:
Like new products and some of the stories behind your favorite brands.

Jules [00:00:29]:
And living life with especially diet and also some important health care topics.

Erica [00:00:33]:
Since we're basically both broken inside,

Jules [00:00:36]:
you had me at eat.

Erica [00:00:41]:
Hello. Welcome to another episode If you had me, I'm Erica. And I'm Jules. And we're here today to wrap up some amazing things that we had mentioned on our last episode of the podcast, which was the, winter fancy food show. And then Jules Has some amazing things to talk about, featuring King Cake Babies and other Mardi Gras recipes.

Jules [00:01:06]:
It sounded like you said kinky babies.

Erica [00:01:07]:
Kinky babies. You know? It's a very, very unique It's a little known holiday between kinky babies.

Jules [00:01:16]:
K. Just to clarify, king cake babies. That's what we're gonna talk about today. People not kinky babies. Honestly,

Erica [00:01:23]:
I like, do I slur my words on this podcast? Because when I go to make reels and they caption it, some of the stuff I'm saying is just like, Are are you sure they can say that? I don't know.

Jules [00:01:36]:
I thought I thought AI was better than that,

Erica [00:01:38]:
No. I'm not.

Jules [00:01:42]:
We'll see what it does with our with with the kinky babies. Kinky babies

Erica [00:01:45]:
don't It's probably it's

Jules [00:01:46]:
probably gonna put us as explicit on YouTube. Wait.

Erica [00:01:50]:
So, I have returned back from, Las Vegas. All in all, great trip.

Jules [00:01:56]:
We're so glad you're back. Love it. How much money did you lose?

Erica [00:02:00]:
So I was down a lot, and then I went to the airport, like, totally, like, And I can't believe I lost so much money at airport. And I went to the airport, and I want it all back in one slot. You.

Jules [00:02:12]:
In slots?

Erica [00:02:13]:
Yeah. Yeah. I honestly thought I was gonna miss my plane because I was, like, down to the wire. But Mhmm. Yeah. So did that. I ran into some had some interesting times with some Italian Gentleman who stole my umbrella and got really weird and, god. I don't know if you see those stories.

Erica [00:02:37]:
I was

Jules [00:02:38]:
just focused on the Magic Mike stories. I mean, to be honest with you, I just kinda put this on repeat. So

Erica [00:02:44]:
Magic Mike is amazing. This is my 2nd time going and 2nd time sitting in the front row because I truly believe if you're gonna the money to go

Jules [00:02:51]:
to Why go if you Why go around? Interact, really. I mean, honestly, get the laugh dance.

Erica [00:02:56]:
To be fair, they do go around to everyone. Everyone has an opportunity to at least look at someone up close, to touch someone up close. It's like this Really. But what people don't understand about Magic Mike is it's really a very feminist empowered show. Like, it is led by a woman That talks about how she is sick and tired of men not respecting women for all the amazing things that they do and, like, how we need men to really understand, like, we are powerful, incredible creatures, and we deserve it all. Every man that you go home to tonight should be your Magic Mike. Like, it's beautiful. It's brilliant.

Erica [00:03:32]:
And people just think it's like a striptease. It's not. It's like a story line. It's beautiful. Got it. And they also give every woman in the audience a safe word. So if someone comes up to you and they're like, I think they're going to touch me or they want me to touch them, and you don't feel comfortable. You say the safe word, and they go on.

Erica [00:03:48]:
I actually saw it done, and it was really beautiful. Someone was in the front row with a gaggle of girlfriends, and, like, someone came up and, like, held her hand. And she's like, no thanks, and Or they said the safe word error, and he's like, okay. Great. Thank you. So pleasant. So I was in the front row with another woman who You're like, I'll I'll take that. I got it.

Erica [00:04:08]:
Come on over. Send them my way. My lap. So, I sat with this woman who barely spoke any English. Her phone was all in, I believe, Japanese. Japanese.

Jules [00:04:21]:

Erica [00:04:22]:
So because I was looking at her phone because I'm like, what is this texted me about as much, but she had her phone on the entire time. So, like, the guys were coming up, and she's like like, while they were in her face, it was great. I, like, really wish that I saw all of her video because for sure it's But the whole time, she was like this. It looked like she had never seen, like, a half naked man before. So she's like, She may not have. So precious. So they saw that.

Jules [00:04:47]:
She's the one who took the videos of you. Right?

Erica [00:04:49]:
So they saw it and capitalized on it. You guys are like, oh, This girl looks like she's never seen someone half naked before. Meanwhile, I, like, look like I've been in the front row before because I'm like, mhmm. Mhmm. Mhmm. Mhmm. Mhmm. Yeah.

Erica [00:05:01]:
I knew all the songs. Whatever. So they came up to me twice

Erica [00:05:06]:
twice. I had a gentleman I didn't know, and then the one that I like, his name is And he did, like, this really cute dance for me and then held my hand and kissed it. It was so precious. He's adorable. He's my favorite Magic Mike, and it was great.

Jules [00:05:21]:
How did you know his name? I have never been to the show before? I I don't understand. Like

Erica [00:05:26]:
They introduced all the dancers. But, anyway, so this gentleman was grinding on me, and I was so awkward because as I am, When someone grinds on you and, and, I

Jules [00:05:39]:
I need to see this in person.

Erica [00:05:41]:
I did NOT share that video. But at the end, She's like, do you want she said in so many words, like... She's like, you want the video of you? And I'm like, of course. And she goes, Can you send me the video that you took me? And I'm like, of course. So I'm like, take my phone. You know how to do this. So she's, like, doing all this stuff. I'm like, amazing.

Erica [00:05:59]:
And everything on her phone is Japanese, so I don't know how to, like, take her and airdrop it to her, and I'm like, just take my phone. So she gave me the video, and it's hilarious because I'm so awkward. I'm just like, I'm so, like just, like, Whatever. And he wasn't even my my favorite Magic Mike, but I took it.

Jules [00:06:22]:
**He was he was a Magic Mike who would do.**

Erica [00:06:25]:
He would do in a pinch. You know? But anyway so anyway, it's a great show. I love it. I took so much video, and I cannot tell you. I posted about it, and I had so many Messages from women that are like, you're doing you're doing the Lord's work out there because I just watched 30 minutes straight of this one clip over and over and over again. And, like, you have to go. It's so good. So I I can had convinced some people.

Erica [00:06:49]:
I'm like, you definitely need to Put that on your bucket list because it's such a good show. It's not just like a striptease. Everyone's a very, very good dancer. Like, I have not been, like, Thunder from down under, but I assume it's a lot of, like, gyrating. But this is like this is like a storyline. It's Beautiful. They dance.

Jules [00:07:09]:
I I I've never even been to a show in Las Vegas. Like, the one time I've been out of the Las Vegas airport, which I think I've been to before, I don't like, was that conference that we went to.

Erica [00:07:24]:
But you've never been to, like, Cirque du Soleil or anything?

Jules [00:07:27]:
I have, but not in Vegas.

Erica [00:07:28]:
Oh, but, you know, like, that's dance, and it's Beautiful, and it's gorgeous.

Jules [00:07:09]:
Oh, I love Cirque du Soleil. But some Thunder from Down Under sounds like NOT Cirque

Erica [00:07:38]:
du Soleil. Thunder from Down Under is more like, It's grinding on you strip like physical strippers. This is more like Magic Mike the movie where it has a storyline, and it's beautiful, and it's feminist!

Jules [00:07:47]:
I never saw the movie. .

Erica [00:07:50]:
Oh my god. Oh god. I know. Let's get my feelings. Anyway, That's not what this podcast episode is about.

Jules [00:08:01]:
It's getting hot in here.

Erica [00:08:00]:
It is. So I did that, and then I asked for a while. I went out to dinner with some people, and, you know, really tried to enjoy my time as much as possible in Las Vegas because Looks like you were making the most of it. I was. I did hit Mon Ami Gabi. I hit my Yellowtail sushi restaurant. It was great.

Jules [00:08:21]:
Yeah. No. You the foods that you posted looked really Good.

Erica [00:08:24]:
Yeah. And I do That

Jules [00:08:25]:
is one one good thing about Vegas is you really can get almost anything

Erica [00:08:28]:
you want

Jules [00:08:28]:
to be eat there.

Erica [00:08:29]:
Oh, you can. That's nice. So beautiful. And the sushi there is just the best sushi that you'll ever get. So

Jules [00:08:34]:
Which is so strange for landlocked areas like now. Like, some of the best sushi I've ever had was in Utah. Yeah.

Erica [00:08:41]:
Yeah. And the in Texas is where Uchi is, and they get stuff flown in every morning. So, like, that's what's so wild. It's like, Is this good for the environment if you are flying in fresh fish every day? Like, it's good for me because this tastes delicious. I'm like, is this really great for carbon credits? I don't know.

Jules [00:08:59]:
You don't think they're thinking about that. Well, so the REAL purpose of you going...

Erica [00:09:11]:
Yes. Was fancy food.

Jules [00:09:13]:
Was was that worth It I mean, because fancy food to me lately, as we alluded to on the last segment, like, I feel like 90%

Erica [00:09:23]:
It's 60% salami is, I think, the ratio that we went to. 60% salami. Yeah. It was just, like,

Jules [00:09:29]:

Erica [00:09:30]:

Jules [00:09:30]:
Kind of show. Yeah. So Lay it on me. What was it like?

Erica [00:09:34]:
They are really expanding, and I think that you would go and be like, wow. This is definitely not what I remember fancy food being because With expo west being cost prohibitively expensive for a lot of brands, they're coming to fancy food. And the buyers at the show We're incredible. I mean, the buyers, meaning the representative from Sprouts was there who's looking to see what we want to put on the Sprout shelf in the next 12 months.

Jules [00:10:00]:
I know that there's not gonna be an Expo East. I mean, I would think fancy foods. I mean, there's there's 2. There's the West and the East for fancy foods, so I would think that they would pick up the slack.

Erica [00:10:12]:
Yeah. So it's, it definitely was different this year. It felt more Like, a mini Expo West. And what's nice is that Expo West, it's like it's so Crazy and wild that sometimes you can't even talk to someone at fancy food. I know. Full conversations with buyers. You can have full conversation with brands, and they're They're there for you. You know? It's great.

Erica [00:10:37]:
Mhmm. And they do have a new, inclusive section where it's like so DEI and food, which is nice. So Black creators are there. Asian creators that are, like, historically underrepresented in the fancy food category are there, and that was really cool to see that. So I had met with some people that I had talked to at last Years or, I guess, this year's expo west or no. 2023's expo west. Yeah. So, yeah, it was really good.

Erica [00:11:09]:
Honestly, I'm very surprised. It was really good.

Jules [00:11:12]:
Well, I'm glad it was worth it. Yeah. So you did some interviews. I

Erica [00:11:16]:
did do some interviews.

Jules [00:11:17]:
Got the skinny on some of this stuff.

Erica [00:11:20]:
I wanted to kinda talk about some of these, amazing products because I have about 3 interviews that I think are really good, and the rest are just great things that I wanna talk to you about. And one thing that I do wanna talk about, which I think is most important to us is MARSHMALLOWS. It's it's not something that I'm like, you know what the world needs is more marshmallow brands. Marshmallow But I realized that, like, there's not a lot of opportunities for those people who are, You know, food allergic or whatever. Like, there's some weird stuff in a lot of things or vegan. So I do wanna talk about 3 brands. One of the brands is Dandies we talked about before, they did launch officially their, spread, which is delicious. It's amazing.

Erica [00:12:11]:
They gave me a, package to take home. It is like a Fluff product. It's like a Fluff product, and it is allergy friendly. And they think that they're going to be in stores this, like, Q2, like, middle of the year. That'll be lovely. The other ones that I really wanna talk about is a brand called Sh'mallo, and it is imagine a whipped cream can.. So it's whipped cream Mhmm.

Erica [00:12:36]:
But it's actually a marshmallow, And it comes out like a marshmallow topping, almost like a Cool Whip. But Wow. It has eggs in it, so you can creme brulee gun it. You know? I guess, roast it, fire it. What is that called? Mhmm. A torch? Use a torch. And it it it it burns like a beautiful marshmallow wood, And it's dairy free. So it just contains eggs.

Erica [00:13:02]:
So dairy free, gluten free. It contains eggs. But I have this video, And I'll put it in of it of the guy showing how it can be torched. And it's beautiful, and it's amazing. And it's such a unique idea, but they

Jules [00:13:16]:
I'm like, I got a concept.

Erica [00:13:17]:
I'm like, where can I buy it? He's like, well, we sell it every time we put it on the Internet. I'm like, well, then make more, Dummy. Like, I was like, I was so pissed that I couldn't, like, buy it, you know, because it's sold

Jules [00:13:27]:
out everywhere. Company, is that all that they make, or do they make anything else?

Erica [00:13:31]:

Jules [00:13:32]:
That's all that they make. Yeah.

Erica [00:13:33]:
And this guy had, like, a 5, 5 by 5. Yeah. And I'm just like, your product is the best product here. What are you doing? That's really good.

Jules [00:13:42]:
How long have they been in business?

Erica [00:13:45]:
A couple years, I think. But, like, you know, just one of those, like, kind of made it in my garage kind of thing, whatever. Sure. This dude, you'll see is, like, an older gentleman, and I'm just like, this is amazing. The next brand that I wanna talk about is still in the marshmallow category again because it's such a sexy marshmallow. Category. So it's a company called Funky Mellow, and, everyone was talking about this brand. And I'm like, okay.

Erica [00:14:10]:
Well, it can't possibly be something I can eat. Of course, it's allergen friendly. And I'm like, oh my god. I need to talk to them immediately. So it's a brand, and they they are food allergic people. And they're like, we wanted to have, like, a cream kinda thing that we could eat, so it's aquafaba based. And it's they have it all different flavors, and it tastes just like, just like a marshmallow spread, like, just like almost like what Dandies is, But it's in different flavors, and this one is refrigerated. So Dandies is shelf stable.

Erica [00:14:41]:
This is refrigerated, which makes it quite a bit harder to sell. Right? Because refrigerated spaces, so spaces have it. But but but grocery stores are like, I'm in because not only do they have this, but they have Something called a dipster, which is gluten-free pretzels. Yeah. So gluten free pretzels with, That I don't know. I didn't ask. But I looked at all the ingredients, and it it they're cassava flour based, so I wonder if they are, Fit Joy.

Erica [00:15:10]:
Yeah. So that's just my guesstimate. But, they're so freaking cute, and so they'll, like, be available at, like, end caps. And I'm like, this is so perfect. Yeah. I got freaking pretzels and marshmallow spread.

Jules [00:15:22]:
I bet they're hitting up sea

Erica [00:15:28]:
story because I think it's such a great story. And it just proves the fact that, like, if you're food allergic and there's not a, A company for you or there's not, like, a product out there for you, you can make it yourself. Yes. That's awesome.

Funky Mellow [00:15:45]:
Hi. I'm Delisa, the founder of Funky Mellow. I run the company with With my husband, Zach, we actually met through a music festival. And 6 months into dating, we created Funky Mellow. Funky Mellow is A very inclusive brand, very fun, very festive. We make plant based dessert dips made from aquafaba or Chickpea liquid. So it is allergen free, no artificial ingredients. We have 2 product lines.

Funky Mellow [00:16:16]:
1 is Is the dip that comes in vanilla, cookie, and strawberry, and then we have the dipsters, which is a snack pack great for on the go, and It is also allergen friendly paired with apple chips or pretzels. So Zach and I deal with a bunch of food allergies. He has corn and peanuts, which is in everything, and I have a gluten sensitivity. I'm allergic to dairy. So it was so hard to go out in the world and eat things that were tasty and be included when we went out into social settings. So we just wanted to create something that was super fun, Very nostalgic and very versatile. So you can put it with fruit. It's great with coffee.

Funky Mellow [00:16:57]:
You can have the dipsters as an on the go snack, and really no one's doubt when it comes to our fun dips. It's tastier than the alternatives too. So we are in retailers now. We're in Whole Foods. We are from Austin, Texas, so we're locally in Whole Foods currently. We are spreading to the Southern Pacific region and the Southwest region, So we're very, very excited about that. You can find us in the refrigerated dessert aisle where the whipped creams and the puddings are. And then we also are going to launch our new dipster snack packs into HEB in April, and we'll have several flavors perfect kids, perfect for on the go and road trips.

Funky Mellow [00:17:36]:
We're online as well. Yeah. So, if you're not in Austin or in the Texas area or to be in, like, the Southern Pacific, Southwestern region. You can find us online at, and, we do ship around the US. You can find our creams there. I mentioned I have a few flavors, strawberry, vanilla, cookie. There's hazelnut. There's chai, which are seasonal, great with coffee, and our dipsters will be there very, very soon.

Funky Mellow [00:18:04]:
So you can get your sweet Funky Mellow

Erica [00:18:11]:
So that's the marshmallow category, which honestly, I was not expecting to have Such a large category for marshmallows. Couple of other things I do wanna show, we have a video that will overlay here. There's no there's no interview or anything, But it's a brand that we've talked about before, Gluten Free Meister. They were very big at the Nourish Festivals. They were basically gluten free ramen, packets, and, they now have snack cups that are like a snack ramen. So it's like everything that we want the lotus foods ramen to be, but making it into true ramen. And they have a new, ramen called shio ramen, and these are all Vegan ramens, which is amazing that they're vegan and gluten free. It's a great brand.

Erica [00:18:56]:
I hope to work with them in the future because their stuff is so freaking good. So this is their whole lineup that we're showing in the video, but they're constantly iterating, which I think is great, because everyone loves ramen, but they're not known well enough. And I'm just like when people like ramen, I'm like, have you not heard of Gluten Free Meister or whatever? And they're like, no. What is this? I'm like, it on Amazon. It's so freaking good. So Yeah. So the next one I wanna talk about is a really interesting combo, I guess, of sweets and breakfast because Purely Elizabeth just launched their cookie granola, and it literally Just tastes like a chocolate chip cookie in granola form. I don't know how they did it.

Erica [00:19:36]:
I think it was probably just, like, a ton of vanilla and sugar, although it's not as much sugar as I thought it would be. But I saw it, and I'm like, oh, I bet that's pretty okay. But, like, I really hate overly sweet granola. Like, really, like, when it tastes like a birthday cake, I'm like, I don't want this in my granola. I took it home. Holy balls. It is so good. They have a chocolate chip and a double chocolate, and they were both so good.

Erica [00:20:01]:
I'm so mad that I did not grab more samples because they are so good. But they're out now. Yeah. They're out now, so I think you can actually physically buy them. But I was really surprised it didn't have As much sugar as I thought it was for tasting so good, but he's like, it tastes just like a cookie, and I'm like, sure. I'd get home. I'm like, okay. This actually does taste just like a good chocolate cookie.

Erica [00:20:25]:
So that's really interesting because a lot of she was doing for a while, purely Elizabeth, like, trying to do less sweets. Like, she was doing, like, cauliflower oatmeal, and I'm like, that's an interesting flex. And so she was really focused on, like, better for you, And it didn't work. Go figure. But this is like, oh, you're going for, like, the sweet side now. Like, now you've got people. You're like, okay. Clearly, they want a sweet breakfast.

Erica [00:20:49]:
So they were very good. 2 other sweets I wanna talk about. 1 is, a tea. So Republic of Tea, love them so much. They're great. They launched a pumpkin pie chai, and, it's a seasonal flavor. And I'm so mad because I want it so year long. It's, got buttery crust flavor, like a pumpkin pie.

Erica [00:21:13]:
And I'm just like, how are you doing this magic? And she's like was in r and d, and she's like, I know. Isn't it great? I'm like, it is. It's so good. So if you like any of, like, their apple pie chai, very similar, but more buttery and pumpkiny, obviously, and less apple. But, man, So good. And then the last 1 I talked about for sweets is, I did meet Rosie from Sweetapolita. Mhmm. Love her.

Erica [00:21:40]:
Love her brand. And I was like, hey, Rosie. I just wanna chat with you because here's the situation. Not all of your sprinkles are gluten free. And she goes, girl, I know. So she talked to me about the problem sourcing. They'll she'd love for everything to be gluten free. Problem is is sourcing a lot of, like, the dragees that she's getting are from European countries.

Erica [00:22:01]:
And so everything contains wheat. Everything contains dairy. Everything contains this and this and this. So I went over her products, and I'm like, I just want you to think a little bit about more of the gluten free consumer. She goes, You're in my thoughts all the time. So she knows they're working on it. It was so lovely to talk to her and be like, oh, so you're already thinking about that. So I brought up the fact that, like, her advent calendars don't don't have a gluten free option.

Erica [00:22:25]:
She goes, I know. We've been trying to work on that. And I go, your sprinkle surprise doesn't have a gluten free and vegan option. She goes, I know. So she told me that they're working on, like, When anyone signs up now for her email list, she actually asks, like, what are you're right. Like, Food intolerances. Preferences. Yeah.

Erica [00:22:47]:
Or food preferences. And so they know now. They get it. So they're trying to, like, reverse backwards. Like, what you source this ingredient from? And I'm like, thank you. So she is just a lovely human. They're all lovely. They were all lovely to talk to.

Erica [00:22:59]:
And I do have a video of her showing her newest product, which is, like, a I love her edible glitter, but she now has, like, an edible magic dust that you can do in drinks and an edible sprinkle glitter. It's It's amazing. Anyway, you're gonna have to watch this video because it's super amazing and super cute, and it is gorgeous. I wanna just, like, roll around in this product. So here's the video.

Sweetapolita [00:23:24]:
Hi. I'm Rosie Allier from Sweetapolita. I'm the chief sprinkle officer here. We're so excited to introduce our new edible glitter. We obviously love sprinkles, but where there are sprinkles, there needs to be glitter. So we have our new edible glitter pods. We have our dream dust is what it goes by. This is perfect for, yes, dessert, but literally anything.

Sweetapolita [00:23:43]:
You can put it in a pump and glitter your popcorn, glitter your hot dog, literally anything. It can also be used in drinks, although we do also offer the Stardust, which is meant for drinks. It's A finer particle, which is what helps it suspend for longer. However, they're both interchangeable. Technically, you can use dessert dust and drinks and drink dust on desserts or food. We're super excited. We also have the flavored version, which is really fun. You really can't find this anywhere else.

Sweetapolita [00:24:12]:
It's birthday cake flavor. It has fun little pops of color in the actual glitter and, of course, tastes like birthday cake, sweet and sour, cotton candy, so much fun, but they're fun. They add so much, you know, bedazzlement to anything you want. So the best part about the glitters besides Being sparkly and fun is that they're completely allergen friendly. So they're non GMO. They're vegan. They're gluten free. They are dairy free.

Sweetapolita [00:24:41]:
They're soy free. They're suitable for literally everyone of any age and any sort of dietary requirement, which is the best part because They should absolutely be enjoyed by everybody.

Erica [00:24:56]:
And then the last thing that I wanna talk is really what I think you will get the biggest kick out of.

Jules [00:25:03]:
Not sprinkles? Not marshmallows?

Erica [00:25:06]:
I do love those two. Totally different ones. So going back to the idea of fancy food being 60% salami, I couldn't eat most of the charcuterie stuff that's out there unless it was just, like, straight up pork. But. There was a booth, and I walked by it last year, and I'm like, at Expo East or something. And I'm like, we can't eat this, so no worries. It's a fake meat company or meat analog company. It's called Prime Roots.

Erica [00:25:31]:
And then I reached out to them, and I'm like, can I even eat anything here? And she goes, yes. It's all allergen friendly. And I'm like, wait. What? And she goes, yeah. It's koji, so it's all Spore and mold based. They're really interesting. But what makes these...

Erica [00:25:45]:
What what makes this different is it is, like, a deli meat Uh-huh. And salami and pate.

Jules [00:25:53]:

Erica [00:25:53]:
And it is wildly similar to meat. They had, like, the

Jules [00:25:59]:
Did you like it? Yes.

Erica [00:26:00]:
I could totally eat a sandwich made out of it. They had the, like, the meat slicer, the deli meat slicer, and they were, like, slicing flavor thing? Yeah. They're like, here's the turkey. Here's ham. And I'm like, this is it tastes not so much really, like, oh my god. I can't believe it's not turkey. It's like, oh, I could taste that this is like a turkey analog. I think if I were vegan and if you had this at a deli counter, Oh my god.

Erica [00:26:24]:
You could have deli sandwiches. Like, it's just so different than the meat products that are out there that are like a chicken cutlet. Sure. Like, I love Meati, but it's not the same type of product. It is a deli meat analog. It comes in the, like, the deli meat little babies that you carry around, like, just like the ham and you shave it, and it's just like a freaking sandwich.

Jules [00:26:45]:
So you take it home and shave it yourself, So they're just selling it to food service?

Erica [00:26:49]:
Like, I don't know if they were trying to get food service, and that's why they were doing this. Mhmm. Because I had never looked at this product before, I always thought it was in the analog that just contained seitan or Satan so he couldn't eat it. Satan. Satan. Could it be Satan? So, anyway, they had that. They also collaborated with Three Pigs or something. It's like a meat brand.

Erica [00:27:12]:
They collaborated with them to do a vegan pate or and a vegan foie gras. So I'm like, that's interesting. I don't think I've had that.

Jules [00:27:23]:
that would be way easier than the shavable stuff.

Erica [00:27:26]:
Well, I'm telling you, though, if you want, like, a freaking deli turkey sandwich or if you can go into, like, A Jimmy John's and they had this, it would be game changing.

Jules [00:27:38]:
Yeah. I mean, if you're if you're somebody who is going vegan for Health reasons and you miss a deli sandwich, I

Erica [00:27:46]:
.... I think to get a better idea, let's watch the video, And you'll hear their PR person talk about it, and she was so sweet and so great. And to see the salami cut, Dude, it's, like, wild. It's so wild. So yeah. Take a look.

Prime Roots [00:28:06]:
Hi, Erica. You're at the Prime Roots Food At the Fancy Food Show, and we are here debuting our plant based deli classics all made from koji. Koji. Koji is a super clean ingredient. It's gluten free, no soy, no wheat, non GMO, No antibiotics, no hormones, super clean.

Erica [00:27:22]:
And it looks just like deli meat!

Prime Roots [00:28:33]:
It acts just like conventional deli meat. We have two turkeys, a roasted, smoked turkey and a black pepper turkey. We have Salami, pepperoni, pizza pepperoni that cuts and cooks just like real pepperoni. It acts just like conventional. Fresh is best. We slice it at Deli counters, behind the counter. You can find it right now in New York City. You can find it in California and in Portland.

Prime Roots [00:29:05]:
Go to We have a store locator. You can sign up our newsletter to figure out where we are next.

Jules [00:29:18]:
I don't know. I'm not sure I'm in there.

Erica [00:29:19]:
Girl, you eat mushrooms!

Jules [00:29:21]:
But I I'm I'm the the non meat eater who doesn't miss the meat. Like, if it's too much like meat, I get grossed out, so I'm not I'm not looking for it.

Erica [00:29:32]:
Let me know what you think after this video.

Jules [00:29:33]:
Wow. No wonder you just blew by it.

Erica [00:29:45]:
just like, this is stupid. I can't eat this shit.

Jules [00:29:45]:
It's like summer sausage, like, that I used to get my grandfather for a Christmas present. Wow.

Erica [00:29:58]:
Isn't that so weird? The was, foie gras like, really but look at that freaking salami. Okay. So another thing that I saw on the sweet end is, Edward and Sons. They have their let's do organic line, and they have a whole bunch of different lines. But Edward as a whole makes great vegan products. We've talked about them in the past a ton. They now have a condensed Milk.

Erica [00:30:21]:
That is a coconut Coconut. Caramel flavor. So it is a coconut condensed milk, and it is Caramel, and it is going to be a game changer for anyone who uses condensed milk in recipes. So this is gonna be huge. It there is nothing like it on the market right now, And, I'm very excited. I took 1 home, and I don't quite know how to use it, so I will look forward to your advice.

Jules [00:30:45]:
Okay. So this is what I would do with it if I had it in my hot little hands. I have a recipe for 7 layer bars, Like, like, my grandmother's call them yeah. Magic bars. Magic Mike bars? Magic Magic Mike bars. Yes. And my great grandmother called them Hello Dolly's. Use sweetened condensed milk, and I used to back in the day, I used to make my own coconut sweetened condensed milk because I didn't Make it.

Jules [00:31:12]:
It's not. I know. Right? It it's not hard to make, but, I have a recipe for it on my site. But now that you can buy it, awesome. But I

Erica [00:31:21]:
would make that with the caramel. So good.

Jules [00:31:24]:
That would just be, like, next level amazing.

Erica [00:31:09]:
And then another sweet that I think, you love. I know you saw them. We talked about them before. It's Freaking awesome or Freaking Wholesome. Oh my Freaking awesome. They They are so freaking awesome.

Jules [00:31:38]:
I love these so much.

Erica [00:31:40]:
But they just came out with a cashew line. So before, they were just almonds and peanut butter and dates. They came out with a cashew line and then a coated chocolate cashew line. So it's like chocolate, date, cashew. So freaking good. So this whole line is so amazing, and they're gonna have a big booth at expo. So I'm very excited for you to just....

Jules [00:32:01]:
So you can find me at Expo by the Freaking Wholesome booth, I'll just be like.

Erica [00:32:07]:
So I could eat all of these. They're so good. Their peanut butter one was just so yummy, And I think you will absolutely love them if you have not tried them yet because they are freaking awesome, freaking wholesome.

Jules [00:32:20]:
I have not tried them yet, I can only imagine because the other ones are so yummy.

Erica [00:32:06]:
Yeah. Also, I don't know if you saw my, my, reel about this, but Jelly Belly launched 2 new flavors for their Bertie Bott's, like, the disgusting, Like, the Right. The things that are gross where you like some taste like popcorn. Some taste like boogers. It's, burnt rubber And wet dog are the 2 new flavors, and I'm just like, I I don't understand that. I cannot wait.

Jules [00:32:51]:
What am I missing?

Erica [00:32:53]:
It's so fun. Have you never done this before? It has a spinner wheel, and you spin, and you decide who gets Eat what? And you can either you eat it, and you're like, okay. Well, this is butter popcorn. I lucked out. And then there's one that looks exactly butter popcorn, but it's actually like vomit. You know? And then you're like, this is so gross. Some of them are just, like, so oh, Jules, we're gonna play it. We've gotta go to the Jelly Belly booth and play it because it's so much Fun.

Erica [00:33:21]:
Some of them are so gross, and I don't know how this R&D team nailed, like, what vomit actually tastes like. But, like, they're doing that, Because it's fun. Because it's fun.

Jules [00:33:33]:
It's not fun to eat something that tastes like vomit.

Erica [00:33:36]:
Kind of. So anyway. So those are the new things that I was, like, really excited about. I haven't tried the new flavors yet.

Jules [00:33:35]:
How about I go and I will video you spinning the roulette wheel and seeing whether or not you get to taste the vomit or burnt rubber.

Erica [00:33:51]:
I kinda want to try the wet dog one....

Erica [00:33:53]:
So those are really cool. So all in all, honestly, a really good Fancy Food. I think it was really great. Good. Yeah. Happy to be there. You know? So glad for the recap. I know.

Erica [00:34:05]:
You're welcome. So, , let's talk about what holiday is coming up next. I mean, we talked about Valentine's Day last time.

Jules [00:34:19]:
We've already talked about Valentine's Day.

Erica [00:34:20]:
If you didn't listen, go to the episode and bake all the Valentine's Day things. We've got you covered in the last episode. But we're now going to talk

Jules [00:34:28]:
today about Mardi Gras. Yes. Well and and Mardi Gras is, Fat Tuesday for those of you who don't know, and it is the day before Lent starts on Ash Wednesday. And so it, you know, is different every year when it happens, but it this year, it's February 13th. Wow. So soon. So much going on. All the baking.

Jules [00:34:55]:
And it also happens to be International Pancake Day or Shrove Tuesday. So you gotta pick your pleasure about what you're gonna be baking, but I would argue that you should be baking your gluten king cake now And then bake your pancakes on Tuesday. Mhmm. And there's lots of lore behind all of that, and I have it all On my website, there's lots of information about it. But basically because, you know, when you're starting Lent, you're giving up all of the fun stuff. Right? So Right before Lent, then you're trying to stuff your face with all the fat and sugar and eggs and flour and all that kind of Fun stuff, which is why people ended up starting to eat pancakes the day before. And that's how it became like pancake day because that's what people, you know, back in the day, that's when they did that. So the only issue is do you like thicker thin pancakes? What what's your preference?

Erica [00:35:49]:
You mean, like, a crepe?

Jules [00:35:51]:
Yeah. Like, a crepe or, like, flapjacks. Which one's your preference?

Erica [00:35:55]:
Like, like, a A thick boy. Like a THICC BOY. Like a thick pancake.

Jules [00:36:00]:
Okay. A Magic Mike.

Erica [00:36:03]:
a, beefy Magic Mike pancake.

Jules [00:36:05]:
That's right. That's right. Well, you can make any of those, deliciously gluten free, obviously. And the fun thing is is that with the not a flour now that I have, you can make them grain free too. So if you're in in that camp and you need grain free, you can still get all of the fun, you know, pancake y stuff in, but have it be grain free. So I have those recipes on my website, and we do something called upside down night in our house. We've done it ever since my kids were little, which is to have breakfast for dinner. We've just always called it upside down night.

Jules [00:36:37]:
I don't even know how that ever got started in our house

Jules [00:36:41]:
Basically, you know, if you ever hear people say it's you know, we're going to the pancake supper on, you know, the Tuesday night before Ash Wednesday, That's basically upside down night. So, you know, have your pancake of choice, thick or thin, what have you. But, You can make crepes sweet or savory. You could put, you know, your favorite fillings inside a savory crepe, which I love to do, or, of course, you can do the classic Nutella and banana or, you know, put jam or whatever you want to in a thin, lovely, wave a thin, crepe before you can do the thick ones. Yeah. So that's really easy. Anyone can do that. I obviously have a a wonderful easy, easy, easy pancake mix, But there's also recipes on my site to do the crepes or the pancakes.

Erica [00:37:29]:
So tell me this, Jules. You're saying Shrove Tuesday and Fat Tuesday are the same thing. Yeah. But this year, Fat Tuesday is on 13th. Yeah. And Valentine's Day is the next day?

Jules [00:37:46]:
Yeah. Yeah. It's it's like it's all happening all at once.

Erica [00:37:51]:
It's cray cray. So wait. You're not then you can't have any sweets for Valentine's Day if you gave them up for lunch.

Jules [00:37:57]:
Well no. So Tuesday is the is, Yeah. Tuesday is 13th, and Ash Wednesday is 14th. Well,

Erica [00:38:04]:
is that the start of Lent? Yeah. Better not give up sweets because you want Valentine's Day cupcakes and cookies. You want your chocolate cookie cake. I know.

Jules [00:38:15]:
You want your cookie cake? Exactly. Unless you're just gonna stuff your face until midnight. You know? I don't know. It's up to you. You handle that however you want to.

Erica [00:38:23]:
But We're just don't I'm just here to just don't be Catholic. Yeah.

Jules [00:38:28]:
Or give up something other than sweets and chocolate for Lent. Sure. So the other thing about going back to Mardi Gras is the classic Mardi Gras. You know, the iconic thing about Mardi Gras is the king cake. And a lot of people, you know, think you can't have king cake anymore because you're gluten-free or grain-free. And, I have this king cake recipe that's been on my site for a 100 years. And it's one of those things that's just It's so fun to make it because people are like, oh my god.

Jules [00:38:59]:
Mind blown.

Erica [00:39:00]:
What's different between bring a regular cake and a king cake. What's the difference? I've never made one.

Jules [00:39:06]:
I don't know why they call king cakes cakes exactly because it's more of, like, a cinnamon roll brioche type of dough. Okay. It's not a cake, but it's in, like, a crown shape. So when you make it, you roll out the dough like you would a cinnamon roll. You say roll it flat. Okay. You put all the fillings in the middle.

Jules [00:39:25]:
Like, it's like a cinnamon filling. I like to put apples in mine. You don't have to do that. But, like, cinnamon, nuts, You know, whatever. You can skip the nuts if you want to. But it is kinda like a cinnamon roll filling. You put it right down the middle. You roll the dough up.

Jules [00:39:25]:
So it's like and I have, pictures and, I have video of me making it as well on the, on the the recipe on my site. But you just roll it up in 1 big long log, and so the Filling goes down the middle, and then you roll up the dough. And then you join the 2 ends of it so that it's in a crown shape. Then you cut slits in the top of it so that you can see the filling. And then when it rises, because it's a yeasted dough. When it rises, it rises in that shape. And then the the important part about it sort of makes it that classic king cake thing is that once it's baked, you put this Icing on top, just a white, icing, and then you sprinkle kind of every between every other slit, you sprinkle it with colored sugar and the classic colors of Mardi Gras are purple, green, and gold. So every other slit is like purple, green, gold.

Jules [00:40:35]:
purple, green, gold. All the way around in the circle. And so it makes this beautiful, classic King cake that everyone recognizes because of the colors of

Erica [00:40:45]:
it. That's so really pretty.

Jules [00:40:47]:
It is so pretty, and it is so good. And then The other thing about a king cake that's really fun is, and I would I would argue it's way more fun than the roulette at the Jelly Belly booth where you might actually get wet dog. There's somewhere inside of this king cake is a hidden trinket. And classically, it was a porcelain baby doll. And it was like this tiny little baby, not a *kinky baby*, a king cake baby. And whoever got that baby in their slice was crowned the king or the queen of Mardi Gras and they won, you know, that, title. But then they also had to have the host the party the next year, which shows, like, good and bad. Well, now anymore, they make those as little plastic babies.

Jules [00:41:40]:
You can get them in New Orleans because this is a Classic Cajun holiday, the Mardi Gras.

Erica [00:41:45]:
You can also get them at the baking store. I'm gonna buy so many.. Buy so many babies. I can just hide them everywhere.

Jules [00:41:52]:
If you don't happen to have a baby, though, a lot of people put a nut, like a a walnut or something edible in it. But some people used to put, like, a coin, but, like, you don't wanna do that in case somebody chokes to get the piece....

Erica [00:42:07]:
Our episode from last year, I have to find that video where we're just basically, like, how many king cake babies get lodged in the throat of people.

Jules [00:42:18]:
Yes. I have to consult GI didn't we?

Erica [00:42:23]:
I don't know about you, but, like, I'm gonna eat a big piece, and then I'm just gonna, like, <making choking noises> I'm dying.

Jules [00:42:28]:

Erica [00:42:28]:
I think the baby arms are lodged in my esophagus. I just

Jules [00:42:32]:
yeah. Mhmm. Yeah. Do you have nightmares about that?

Erica [00:42:28]:
I do. I think about it a lot, actually.

Jules [00:42:39]:
Yeah. How many enemas needed to dislodge that, like, later on in the...

Erica [00:42:46]:
You're thinking lower track. Lower GI. I'm thinking it won't even get through UPPER GI

Jules [00:42:51]:
I know. Right?

Erica [00:42:54]:
Just saying. Just saying. Does I don't wanna put plastic in my food? No. So that's not for me.

Jules [00:43:01]:
But But I mean, it's food safe, but you don't wanna eat it.

Erica [00:42:52]:
Yeah. But I don't wanna choke on it either.

Jules [00:43:08]:
No. No. So you figure out what you feel comfortable sliding into that cake as the trinket, and you go with that. Yeah. Maybe it's something really large that can't be missed.

Erica [00:43:19]:
A golf ball.

Jules [00:43:23]:
Yeah. You could do something like that. Anyway

Erica [00:43:29]:
You put the baby in after it's baked?

Jules [00:43:34]:
Yes. Okay. You slide it in after.

Erica [00:43:36]:
Clear that up. No. Like, melted plastic in the middle. Ew. I don't know. I would've put it in before I baked it because I'm an idiot.

Jules [00:43:46]:
Well, Maybe you should read the directions.

Erica [00:43:48]:
Thanks. That's why I have so many questions because I've never made it.

Jules [00:43:52]:
As we say, If you can read, you can bake. But the first part of that is you Have to read first.

Erica [00:43:58]:
Put the baby in after it's baked.

Jules [00:44:00]:
Baby in after.

Erica [00:44:01]:
Yeah. Okay.

Jules [00:44:03]:
The other classic Sort of Mardi Gras things, and these aren't related to Mardi Gras necessarily, but they're just classic New Orleans foods that a lot of people think they can't have because Their gluten free are the beignets. Oh my god. And I know this are just I mean, if if you know, you know. Right?

Erica [00:44:20]:
I've only had gluten free beignets once, And they were at the New Orleans place in Disney World, and they were the best thing I've ever had. I've never made them myself.

Jules [00:44:28]:
I have had them at Disney, and they were good. And and again, like, there's something about someone preparing food for you Yes. That you know is safe Yeah. That just makes it extra delicious.

Erica [00:44:40]:
Mhmm. So

Jules [00:44:41]:
I'm gonna give it that. But they weren't as light and fluffy as the ones that I've made, and you can see the pictures of the ones in the recipe on my site. There's there's, like, a big air pocket in the middle, and they're just they're, like, they almost just float like clouds. There's a poof, but and and they're covered in Confectioner's sugar, and they just melt in your mouth and

Erica [00:45:03]:
So good.

Jules [00:45:04]:
Oh my god. They're so good. So, yeah, beignets. You have to have those at one point in your life. Everyone must have a beignet. If I could buy the world a beignet, I would.

Erica [00:45:15]:
If I could buy the world a beignet and teach it how to sing

Jules [00:44:39]:
I'm not interrupting this.

Erica [00:45:22]:
Something about perfect harmony.

Jules [00:45:25]:
I don't remember. But it doesn't rhyme with beignet. It doesn't. No. Sorry. Yeah. Anyway and then I also have an etoufee recipe on my site. It's a it's a really simple roux base to it.

Erica [00:45:40]:
Oh, that's like a food food, not like baking. A food food.

Jules [00:45:43]:
It's a savory dish. It's like a rice dish, that's also just a Cajun.

Erica [00:45:40]:
Uh-huh. It's a spicy Cajun stew made with vegetables. Right? Cajun,

Jules [00:45:50]:
but it's not very spicy. It's just, a touch of spicy. And you can put any kind of protein in there you want. It's a seafood recipe on my site, but you

Erica [00:45:58]:
can the same as gumbo?

Jules [00:45:59]:
Not the same. Not the same. I don't have a gumbo recipe. I'm gonna say, yeah, I should because I have a lot of readers write in and say that they have made gumbo with my flour, and they make the brown roux that goes There's the base. And then our good friends here in Baltimore are from Louisiana, and he makes gumbo and makes roux with my flour. So, I just need to get his recipe and maybe share that on my site. But, yeah, you can make anything that you want.

Jules [00:46:27]:
And so don't deprive yourself of these wonderful food traditions, just because you're gluten free or even grain free or certainly, like, not dairy, there's there's ways around it. So, celebrate with the best of them. Celebrate with a king cake. I I would definitely urge you to make a gluten free king cake. It is So fun.

Jules [00:46:46]:
It is really it's so fast and so easy to make, and it's not spicy at all. You can totally spice it up. I I wrote the recipe to be very middle of the road, but I throw in a ton of other spices because I'm a spicy girl. I like spice. So I I add spice to it when I'm cooking it for ourselves, but the recipe as written is not spicy. It's not gonna blow anybody's head off.

Erica [00:47:10]:
So it's a lot of, like, peppers. So, like Mhmm. Yeah. Green pepper, red pepper, green onion, red pepper, chili pepper. So that that sounds like an amazing mix of things that you can make For Mardi Gras while you're also making things for Valentine's Day. While you're also making pancakes. It's just so much food to be made.

Erica [00:47:34]:
I don't know why you're listening to this podcast. You need to get in the kitchen right now. You're Behind. You're already behind. If you haven't made a cake cake already, you're already behind. And what I don't what I don't understand is that, is that so Easter's, That means Easter's super early then. It's in March. Yeah.

Erica [00:47:50]:
Dude, we've got too many things going on. Science.

Jules [00:47:53]:
It's too much. It's just too much.

Erica [00:47:50]:
It's too much. I can't handle it. I know. I know. I'm gonna go see if my cake decorating place has babies, and then maybe I'll just get, like, maybe a dozen and just hide them in places. Matt will think that he's, like, losing his mind because he'll keep finding all these, like, little teeny tiny plastic babies everywhere. You need to put some in the yard. This

Jules [00:48:15]:
is kinda great. I'm

Erica [00:48:16]:
gonna put them in all the I'm gonna put them in the flower garden.

Jules [00:48:11]:
Yeah. Erica, I found a plastic baby in the garden.

Erica [00:48:27]:
So wild. Anyway Yeah. Okay. So great. Well, thanks for tuning in for another episode of You Had Me at Eat. We will be back in 2 weeks with, don't know. Whatever major holiday is coming up because apparently all the food holidays are coming up.

Erica [00:48:40]:
This is wild. They're all just Hitting us. Yes. For sure. Seriously. Yeah. Well, I hope that You're prepared to just bake until I see you next.

Jules [00:48:49]:
I'm I'm headed in the kitchen right now, so

Erica [00:48:52]:
that does not surprise me. Okay. Well, I hope you have a good week. See you next time on You Had Me at Eat.

Jules [00:48:56]:
See you guys. Thanks for tuning in to You Had Me at Eat, the number 1 voted gluten Free podcast in the country. Remember to like and subscribe. Tell all your friends. And we'll talk to you next time.