Machines in Between

Episode 6: Third Eye Wisdom Program

May 15, 2023 John and Libby Modern Season 1 Episode 6
Machines in Between
Episode 6: Third Eye Wisdom Program
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On this installment of Machines in Between, John and Libby await the last update for the Rosary 1653. We soon learn, however, that its arrival has been delayed because of corporate complications. In its stead, Kelvin Trinsel sends along “Day 88,” an episode-length and expertly produced docu-drama about Infinity 88’s Third Eye Wisdom Program. Across three acts, you will be introduced to Andrew and hear about his struggle to overcome despair and information overload by opting in to the Third Eye Wisdom Program. You will learn about the seamless interface of the Third Eye headset, a precursor to the Rosary 1653. And you will marvel at Andrew’s new ability  to receive the esoteric data of the world’s religious traditions. 

But as the broadcast goes slightly awry and John and Libby wrestle with implications of Andrew's story, a surprise guest calls into the studio to clear up any lingering concerns.

On this very special episode of Machines in Between, listeners are invited to question and feel and be inspired. Beats will be played and arguments will be made. You will laugh. You will cry. And you will become yourself for the first time. Public humanities never sounded so good.

A Tip of the Hat from Kelvin
I Like that Feeling
The Great Disappointment
Hyper Confessional Realism
Day 88, Act One
Conviction and Struggle
Day 88, Act Two
Angels and Demons
Day 88, Act Three
Weird Futures
Hands Together Now
Hey There We Know
The Vinyl Church Awaits
The Doll That's Actually Alive