The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday

5 - Lecrae: God, Therapy, and Restoration

September 19, 2022 Seacoast Church
The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday
5 - Lecrae: God, Therapy, and Restoration
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Grammy-Award winning hip-hop artist and New York Times best-selling author Lecrae talks about his book I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion But Found My Faith.  Lecrae’s life was headed towards disaster.  More time on the road, less time with family, calendar loaded, substance abuse used as a remedy. In his gut-honest memoire, Lecrae shares the practices he uses in in his daily life for mental, emotional, and spiritual health. His is a story of restoration.

Many fans (as well as close personal friends of Lecrae's) made it clear that Lecrae should refrain from speaking his heart on racism after his 2014 record release, Anomaly,  when he shares his views.  Some of these friends have never spoken to him again. 

Healing from the hurt, committing to extensive talks with a therapist, forming better life habits, and embracing a loving Savior in Jesus has landed Lecrae at a much better place.   On top of sharing his story of restoration, Lecrae discusses with the host team, the beauty of the church, the ugly side as well; and how his mental health was restored. 

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Special thanks to the kids in Mt. Pleasant  Seacoast Campus for pitching in on this one.  You guys killed it.   
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