The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday

6 - Why a Pastor Falls

September 26, 2022 Seacoast Church
The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday
6 - Why a Pastor Falls
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Many pastors operate from a philosophy along these lines: "the people I lead cannot know of my mistakes. Because they are modeling after my example, they have to see me living right, so they will do the same."  And the results?  Time and time again, those people are shocked when it's discovered that their pastor, behind the scenes, has been on a path towards destruction.

On the other hand, many church folks still seem to enjoy having "their guy" they can look up to and be proud of, blissfully assuming their pastor to be walking the "straight and narrow."  In turn, many pastors make the mistake of trying to live up to that assumption, and in order to do this long-term, it often requires secrets in the dark.  Eventually that darkness is too much for any one to bear.

On this episode, Pastors Greg Surratt, Sharon Miller and Chip Judd discuss with Joey Svendsen, issues in the church that generally lead to these downfalls.

At the top of the episode, two pastors at Seacoast practice the transparency that is preached here, by sharing to the world personal short-comings, both of them still works of progress in their prospective challenges.

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Teddy Winter Pastoral Confession
Chris Russo Pastoral Confession
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