The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday

56 - A Different View of Hell

August 21, 2023 Seacoast Church
The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday
56 - A Different View of Hell
Show Notes

Most of us were taught in Sunday school that the future destiny awaiting all who reject Jesus is an existence in some form of eternal death.  Some believe in the literal flames of hell and others utter darkness, but most all agree given the tortuous state with full consciousness, it’s not a place one wants to find him or herself in.  

Our guest Chris Date agrees there is an eternal death.  However, he takes the word “death” to mean a literal death.   Never conscious again, one is dead forever, this view greatly different from the traditional view of living forever in torment.   Chris and many others are fully convinced this "annihilationist view" is backed by an accurate reading of scripture while many Christians label it heresy.

At the top of the episode, Jack talks through some church history.  From Constantine to the Roman Empire and the nature of Christian persecution at the time, Jack indulges us in a historical depiction of that time when being a “Christ follower” was a very new concept, the faith just born. 

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