The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday

83 - What the Church Needs to Know About Domestic Violence

January 30, 2024 Seacoast Church
The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday
83 - What the Church Needs to Know About Domestic Violence
Show Notes

Domestic violence does not always include intoxication and assault.  It takes on many different forms; and in churches (just like everywhere else), it’s happening right under our noses.  Erin Norton, former victim of domestic abuse,  joins the podcast to talk all things domestic violence, including many commonly held misconceptions.  She's advocated  for victims in varying capacities for 7 years.  Given her love for the church and strong belief in the gospel of Jesus, she also has an invested interest in helping Christians see how centuries of misapplying various part of the bible, especially pertaining to marriage, has left many people [mostly women] unnecessarily vulnerable to abuse. 

Sitting with hosts Lynne Stroy and Joey Svendsen, the three also manage to fit in some discourse on single-parenting and the infamous "Will Smith slap."

At the top of the episode, fellow Seacoaster and regular to the podcast, Julie Hiott, shares her personal story of being abused in her marriage.

Domestic Violence Emergency Contacts
National Hotline:  800-799-7233 or Text START to 88788
Local Shelter (Charleston, SC) and Resource: My Sister's House 1-800-273-HOPE

Erin Norton is Director of EmpowHer, a Christian women's empowerment ministry at the College of Charleston, Campus Ministry director for the Charleston Atlantic Presbytery at the Citadel, Director of Worship at Parkside Church, Pursuing a Master's in Divinity at Dubuque Theological Seminary, currently scheduling and teaching church wide trainings for church leaders interested in learning more about domestic violence.

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