The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday

90 - Debating "The Billy Graham Rule."

March 19, 2024 Seacoast Church
The Seacoast Podcast: Things You Won't Hear On Sunday
90 - Debating "The Billy Graham Rule."
Show Notes

In many evangelical circles, the practice of avoiding "alone time" with a member of the opposite sex can be common. The idea is to avoid the temptation to connect emotionally, or physically with another person outside of one’s own marriage. Evangelist, Billy Graham and his team lived by a set of rules to uphold integrity, and this one, nicknamed, “The Billy Graham Rule” is the topic of our discussion. 

One of our guests, Pastor Chip Judd, has counseled countless married couples through affairs and divorces. He believes that the intimacy (not necessarily physical) found in one-on-one encounters opens the door to trouble and is not worth the risk.

But, Bea Wray and Charlotte Cox, both part of the Seacoast family, claim to be negatively impacted by this “rule." They argue that it puts males and females on unequal professional ground, with a disparity in males having more opportunities, especially in church ministry, where most pastors are men. They also believe that this rule doesn't get to the root of the issue and could even exasperate the problem it's setting out to solve.

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