Avoiding the Trap of Pride | Chris Bolinger

January 08, 2024 Rodney Cox and Steve NeSmith Episode 36 Podcast
Avoiding the Trap of Pride | Chris Bolinger
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Our guest today is best-selling author and podcaster, Chris Bolinger. 

In addition to his duties as the co-host of the Throwing Mountains podcast, Chris is the author of the popular devotional titled, Daily Strength for Men -- which has sold over 300,000 copies. Chris’ latest devotional is, 52 Weeks of Strength for Men, which tackles topics like the one we will address today—avoiding pride.

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Host: Rodney Cox

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Chris writes the devotional, Daily Strength of Men.
How an unexpected divorce changed Chris' life.
About the Throwing Mountains podcast.
Dealing with sin of personal pride.
Why ministry leaders struggle with pride.