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Power Player Feature- Author E Raye Turonek (OYP Lifestyle Show Ep.5)

April 01, 2023 Own Your Power Radio Network Season 10 Episode 5
Own Your Power Radio Network
Power Player Feature- Author E Raye Turonek (OYP Lifestyle Show Ep.5)
Show Notes

In this episode, we highlight the dynamic author E Raye Turonek and her very interesting career. This multifaceted author, screenwriter, ghostwriter and astrologer is looking to fulfill the reader's need for a sensational experience that won't be forgotten. Let's get to know her!

Host: Simone Kelly
Guest: E Raye Turonek 


E Raye Turonek, wife, and mother of five charismatic children resides with her husband and family in Michigan. Since releasing her debut literary work, Compelled To Murder, in 2016 the author hasn't skipped a beat. She's gone on to release five addition full length novels, Compelled To Murder – Full Length and Compelled To Murder II – Steven's Lineage, under her company Mental Chatter Musings, as well as Deadliest Intuition under Urban Books and Kensington Publishing. Her newest series, Rural Route 8, released in 2022.

E Raye's craftsmanship doesn't stop there. She also releases a monthly video highlighting all things literary where she not only updates you on upcoming news regarding herself, but it also supplies other notable authors a spotlight. Each month, Mental Chatter Musings celebrates an author/artist in the literary community while providing your monthly astrology, crafted by E. Raye herself.


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