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Naomi Ruth Allen - "Queen of Nairobi"- Multi Talented Vocalist & Actress

August 21, 2022 Queen of Nairobi - Naomi Ruth Allen Season 1 Episode 1
The Artist Drop
Naomi Ruth Allen - "Queen of Nairobi"- Multi Talented Vocalist & Actress
Show Notes

 Join me for an engaging conversation with an amazing young lady who goes by the stage name Queen of Nairobi. Born in Pittsburgh PA as Naomi Ruth Allen, our guest has done more in her 25 years of life than many people could imagine. She has met and talked with Denzel Washington at length while competing in the prestigious August Wilson Monologue Competition. Not only did she win this competition and a very generous scholarship, but she did so with her stellar performance of the Rose dialogue from "Fences".  Denzel congratulated her after the competition and. . . . ooops,  listen to this episode to hear more!

Our special guest has also met and conversed with other stars, including Jennifer Hudson and acclaimed director Kenny Leon. 

Naomi released her first single Drownin' in 2016 as a senior in High School at The Barack Obama Academy of International Studies. This soulful song explores and expresses the emotions that so many young women feel as they're coming of age in an often unaccepting world.  You can listen to this track and another unique single called Blue in this podcast. 

If that's not enough, Naomi is also a gifted 3D artist who creates one of a kind art that you have to see! She's been nominated for Pittsburgh City Paper's "Best Poet" and "Best Visual Artist". 

She's also actively partnering with 1Hood media to use her musical gifts for community activism. Find out more at

Find out more about Naomi, the Queen of Nairobi, by checking out her website: 
Instagram: @_queenofnairobi
Facebook: Queen of Nairobi

Be on the lookout for her upcoming album release "Mood Ring" and travel along with Nairobi as she explores the colors of emotions on a musical journey through her life experiences. 

Nairobi is available for singing, rapping, acting, spoken word, directing, song writing, and painting. 

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