Episode #4: Addressing the ROOTS to Chronic Pain & Military Sexual Trauma
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Triggers & Spiritual Medicine
Episode #4: Addressing the ROOTS to Chronic Pain & Military Sexual Trauma
Jul 25, 2022 Season 1 Episode 4
Laura Bonetzky-Joseph

Welcome to Episode #4 with Guest Dr. Tawny Kross on addressing the ROOTS to chronic pain and healing military sexual trauma.

This is a powerful episode where we talk about Dr. Kross's experience as a physical therapist in treating military vets and personnel for chronic pain and how the prevalence of unresolved unhealed chronic pain trauma can be linked to those with a trauma history.

With as much as 90% of her clients with clinical PTSD, Dr. Kross began to see the correlation of chronic pain and the connection to unhealed sexual trauma history.

One in four women report military sexual trauma - although this is under reported. Half of those who report sexual trauma are men.

Dr. Kross shares 3 Tips on how to look at chronic pain differently and what to do about it. She also offers tips on what to look for to find a trauma informed physical therapist.

ABOUT Dr. Tawny Kross:
Dr. Tawny Kross graduated with her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Duke University in 2013.

She has worked in a Veterans Affairs hospital for nearly a decade now. Through the course of her practice, she has developed a very comprehensive and integrative approach to PT, which evolved from the necessity of such an approach in her work with the complexities of those who have chronic pain. This includes nutrition, hypnosis, guided imagery, mindfulness among other practices.

Focusing on mental health and being trauma-sensitive is of particular importance, as many of her clients have experienced military sexual trauma. She helps her clients move beyond pain and fear by connecting them with internal motivations, guiding them to see innate strengths and realize their inner healing abilities.

She recently started her own business, Kross Centered Care - Integrative PT, Health and Wellness in order to bring her expertise to more people.

Website: https://www.drtawnykross.com/

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