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50 - Transforming Lives and Communities Through Entrepreneurship | Taylor Blom

February 21, 2023 Daniel White Episode 50
The Kingdom Investor
50 - Transforming Lives and Communities Through Entrepreneurship | Taylor Blom
Show Notes

Having a business founded with a mission can create a sense of meaning and fulfillment for its founders. If the business is not just focused on financial success but also on transforming lives and communities through entrepreneurship, it can give a stronger sense of purpose and motivation to succeed, it helps build a positive reputation, and creates trust with stakeholders leading to a more productive and successful business. Such is the story of Taylor Blom and Next Door Photos. 

Taylor Blom had a clear goal of using business to advance God's kingdom with the hopes of creating freedom, fulfillment, and flourishing. Through faith and partnerships, he brought his vision to life with Next Door Photos now operating in over 70 locations in North America, capturing media for real estate, while employing men and women rescued from trafficking or at risk of exploitation in locations such as Kenya, the Philippines, and Nepal. Listen to how Taylor brings purpose and passion to business while empowering lives and transforming communities!

Key Points From This Episode: 

  • What's one thing that Taylor is excited about at this time?
  • Taylor shares his personal background and the genesis story of his company.
  • How did the integration of faith into business start for Taylor?
  • Taylor describes the process of faith and business integration in the local and international contexts. 
  • Taylor shares his vision for his company and his plans for growth.
  • Taylor tells a story that illustrates the impact the company creates for its employees on a global level. 
  • Some of the challenges that Taylor experienced in managing the business.
  • What is one thing that Taylor learned from his business that he didn't expect?
  • What’s one failure that taught Taylor a significant lesson?
  • What will Taylor want to be remembered for in his lifetime?
  • What is Taylor’s key piece of advice for life?
  • Taylor answers the mentor-minute questions.


“We want this business to be used to advance God's kingdom.” 

“Freedom, fulfillment, flourishing.”

“I want to grow and build a successful business while making an impact. I don't have to choose between the two.”

“I had no idea how hard it was gonna be. But at the same time, I had no idea how fulfilling and meaningful it was going to be too.”

“The greatest challenges have provided some of the biggest learning opportunities.”

“You're gonna get knocked down, you're gonna make the wrong choice, you're gonna walk through the wrong door and the quicker that you can realize that, learn from that, pivot, and move on, the better.”

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About Taylor Blom

Taylor photographed his very first home in the fall of 2010 (with his new iPhone 4) while working as the Director of Communications at a property management company–and hasn’t looked back since. With a background in sales and marketing, Taylor launched Front Door Photos, a real estate photography company, in 2012 which later was acquired by Next Door Photos–which he co-founded in 2015. As NDP continues to scale, Taylor’s focus on growth–in revenue, people, and overall impact, helps the company move forward under a shared vision to see business used as a force for good–both locally and globally.