Running Scared with Coach Christine

The Butcher Baker

August 16, 2022 Christine Hetzel Season 1 Episode 6
Running Scared with Coach Christine
The Butcher Baker
Show Notes

Thank you for joining me for Running Scared with Coach Christine.

This true crime run cast is a strong 35-minute tempo run. 

If you are a runner and a true crime enthusiast, you have found your corner of the internet, friend! However, this case is super intense, so be warned.

Please consult a physician before starting any new exercise routine.

Today's workout is a 35-minute tempo run. Tempo efforts is a comfortably hard effort at 5-6 on RPE found here >>

5- minute warm-up
25 min tempo
5-minute cool-down

I'd love to hear feedback from you, or if you have a case/story you would like featured, please fill out this short form here >>

If you have any questions on running or want to chat about True Crime, please email me at

Thank you for joining!

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