Running Scared with Coach Christine

The Queen Bee Exterminator

September 01, 2022 Christine Hetzel Season 1 Episode 11
Running Scared with Coach Christine
The Queen Bee Exterminator
Show Notes

Hey, friend, 

Thank you for joining me for Running Scared with Coach Christine.

If you are a runner and a true crime enthusiast, you have found your corner of the internet, friend! 

This true crime run cast is my absolute favorite workout! We start this story and workout with a good solid base and conversation block and progressively speed up our pace while also making each subsequent segment shorter. 

Friend, if you are a fan of the "makeover" teen movies of our youth, then this case will be right up your alley! It's the dream makeover from shy, bullied, unpopular girl to elected the 2003 Miss Irresistible title holder by her peers. However, it doesn't end there, she goes onto bring more bloodshed than Carrie did at her prom. 

Today's workout is a 33-minute Workout following the below sequence:

5- minute warm-up

7- minute RPE scale 3-4 (conversation pace)
6-minute  RPE scale 5-6 (1-2 sentence pace)
5-minute  RPE scale 6-7 (1 sentence pace)
4-minute RPE scale 7-8 (1-2 words and likely they are NSFW words)
1-minute RPE scale 9-10 (sprint, let's GO)

5-minute cool-down

We will be using RPE found here >>

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If you have any questions about running or want to chat about True Crime, please email me at

Please consult a physician before starting any new exercise routine.

Thank you for joining!

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