Running Scared with Coach Christine

Pappygate - The Great Bourbon Caper

September 08, 2022 Christine Hetzel Season 1 Episode 13
Running Scared with Coach Christine
Pappygate - The Great Bourbon Caper
Show Notes

Hello, friend,
Thank you for joining me for Running Scared with Coach Christine.

This true crime run cast is a Run and Walk interval workout.

In light of recent events and the tragic loss of one of the members of our running community, I urge you to listen to Time for bRUNch - Safety Episode found here.

In the meantime, please know that I understand that you may be on edge and, therefore, chose a topic that is lighter, sillier,  and virtually a victimless crime.

While I do not advocate theft nor any of the other stupid things that the criminals of the Great Bourbon heist committed, I think it is fair to say that this case shouldn't cause you any heightened sense of fear or anxiety. Unless, of course, it's because you are running out of your stash of Pappy Van Winkle. 

Please consult a physician before starting any new exercise routine.

Today's workout is a 35-minute Interval workout.
Conversation Paced efforts 3-4 with lighter recovery/walking efforts at 2-3.

We will be using RPE found here >>

5- minute warm-up

Then repeats of
4 min Conversation Paced
2 min Lighter Effort Recovery

5-minute cool-down.   

I'd love to hear feedback from you, or if you have a case/story you would like featured, please fill out this short form here >>

If you have any questions about running or want to chat about True Crime, please email me at

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