Building Up Leaders In Property

When to speak up, when to be silent - part 1

July 27, 2023 Rebecca Bangura Episode 53
Building Up Leaders In Property
When to speak up, when to be silent - part 1
Show Notes

Do you ever have those moments where you feel you should speak up, but are unsure if your opinion is relevant or even welcome?

I see this come up time and again, particularly for women in the workplace. However, I believe we can all find the confidence to speak our mind when we understand how and when to best communicate our message. 

Across the next couple of episodes, I’ll be sharing ideas around when to speak up, when to be silent and how to build the skill of effective communication. 

In today’s episode, I’m talking about how we must continue to uplevel our communication and find the courage to use our voice when we have something to say. When it comes to speaking up either for ourselves, to share an idea or to promote change, it’s often very challenging. Women in particular may hesitate to assert themselves due to the fear of backlash or self-doubt.

However, this can ultimately lead to missed opportunities, not only for you but for your team or organisation as well. I talk about the importance of pushing ourselves outside our comfort zones and embracing the discomfort when it comes to sharing our opinions. Speaking up for change often means going against the grain and meeting opposition, but it’s only through the act of speaking up that progress is made. 

While I encourage you to be courageous in finding your voice, I also discuss the careful consideration that’s necessary so that your message has the impact you intended. Empathy, respect and a willingness to listen can make all the difference when approaching a difficult conversation. This fosters open and constructive dialogue, and can help create a collective vision for positive change. 

I also acknowledge that not every idea or thought needs to be shared, and encourage you to know your intention so that you can evaluate whether it will truly move the conversation forward. 

I know that speaking up can be scary. But if you don’t do it, who will? When you’re feeling the fear, remember that your voice matters. There’s power in showing up authentically and knowing what you stand for. In the end, those you work with and for will thank you for speaking up to create a better future for your industry.  


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