Tell Me a Hoax

Tell Me a Hoax Trailer

August 08, 2022 Craig Renfroe & Sarah Creech
Tell Me a Hoax
Tell Me a Hoax Trailer
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Sarah Creech and Craig Renfroe tell you about the hoaxes, humbugs, and pranks that capture our imagination.


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[00:00:00] Sarah Creech: Craig, tell me a hoax.

[00:00:01] Craig Renfroe: Sarah did a farmer discover a buried giant in upstate New York. 

[00:00:05] Sarah Creech: Nope. It was a hoax. Do young people believe birds are fake?

[00:00:08] Craig Renfroe: Nope. It's a hoax. Is there such a thing as the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus?

[00:00:12] Sarah Creech: Nope. That's a hoax. 

[00:00:14] Craig Renfroe: Did a woman give birth to bunnies?

[00:00:15] Sarah Creech: Probably not. Do we do a show analyzing the hoaxes humbugs and pranks that capture our imagination?

[00:00:21] Craig Renfroe: Nope. It's a--wait that one's real. And it's called Tell Me a Hoax, to follow or subscribe go to or wherever you get podcasts?

[00:00:31] Sarah Creech: Tell Me a Hoax, when you want someone to tell you a hoax.