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Paul Glover – From Felony to Freedom

June 15, 2022 Marie Gervais Season 5 Episode 12
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Paul Glover – From Felony to Freedom
Show Notes

Bio for Paul Glover 

Paul Glover is a C-Suite Performance Coach and The No B.S. Workplace Development Coach who, for the last 30 years, has been assisting leaders and their organizations to achieve their full potential. 

Episode highlight

Listen in on how Paul Glover emerged from prison more self-aware and ready to teach others how to see their own blind spots to become effective leaders. 





“We are a society of ‘we need more’.”

“I believe that we often forget how much we have to be grateful for.” 


Childhood Incidents

Paul and his little sister were raised poor by their single mother in Florida, who worked night shifts as a waitress, leaving Paul to care for his sister. He would spend summers with his ex-military father who worked as a union electrician in Indiana. He was inspired by his parents to do well and paid his own way through law school. 

Paul credits the community he interacted with in Indiana as being the most impactful in his life. His father’s family were farmers, and he would go to church every Sunday. He enlisted in the United States Army, but struggled with the rigidly-controlled command structure in military life. 

Paul got a job in a labour organization, where he met a man who had a profound impact on him. “He was a man that did not believe that rules should apply to him,” Paul recalls. Over time, Paul grew to develop the same attitude.

Influential Groups 

Paul learned the tricks of his trade by observing successful trial lawyers. A seasoned lawyer told him that while he was good with facts, he needed to work on his narrative to build an emotional connection with the jury. 

Temperament and Personality Influences

Paul can be too direct and offensive for most people, he claims, but he is also an empathetic listener. He has learned to control and manage his temper over the years. 

Cultural Epiphanies

Paul always felt like an outsider. However, he felt like he belonged with other lawyers, who respected the perspective he had to offer. 

Advice to an Employer 

Paul’s clients need to be willing to work through the difficult journey to self-discovery and he expects commitment and accountability from them. He invests himself in every coaching relationship and is dedicated to his clients’ success.

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