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Linda Crockett – Authenticity, Humanness and Collaboration

September 10, 2019 Marie Gervais Season 2 Episode 2
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Linda Crockett – Authenticity, Humanness and Collaboration
Show Notes

Bio for Linda Crockett 

Linda Crockett is a workplace psychological harassment specialist, trauma therapist and the Founder and CEO of Alberta Bullying Research Resources and Recovery Centre. Her passion for this cause arose after 22 years of social work, when she found herself in a difficult workplace situation, hitting rock bottom, as she describes it. 

Episode highlight

As a Scottish-Canadian, Linda Crockett didn’t know where she belonged. Listen in on how she grew to help people assert their place in a world that she didn’t always find welcoming. 



Twitter: @bullyingalberta

Facebook: @workerssafety

LinkedIn: Linda Crockett



“Workplace bullying is primarily psychological abuse.”

“Being human is about accepting that I am not perfect.”

“Your greatest tool is self-insight, is self-monitoring, is being aware.” 


Childhood incidents:

Linda’s parents had moved to Canada from Scotland when she was very young. Her mother’s depression and alcoholism impacted Linda deeply. She was inspired to do more and better with her life. From her father, Linda learnt lessons of hard work and integrity. 

Groups you were born into and belonged to: 

Being a Scottish-Canadian, she was teased by both groups for traits she picked up from either. She also grew up in a Protestant family who reprimanded her for speaking to, aspiring to be like or having crushes on Catholics. 

Al-Anon was a solace for Linda. It inspired her to begin a spiritual journey, seek her own truths and develop her core values. 

Linda has been most influenced by her profession of social work which has influenced her thoughts and personality. 

Temperament and personality influences

Linda has always been a sensitive person. She has now learnt to accept that and draw personal boundaries in an otherwise harsh world. 

A time I became aware that my way of doing things was cultural and specific to my cultural experience

As a social worker, Linda approached her work with all her heart, and found that others didn’t always resonate with her investment in her work. 

Advice to an employer to work with me

Linda says that to work with her, she needs to be reassured that all the policies and procedures of the workplace are aligned with the current Occupational Health and Safety Act which will protect the staff from any harm. She would also like to see separate training opportunities for staff and leadership. 

More great insights from our guest! 

Linda’s organization celebrates Workplace Bullying Awareness Week every year in October. If you are someone who is or has been a victim, bystander or perpetrator of workplace bullying, she has resources and can help! 

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