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Understanding Our Spiritual Nature and Its Relationship to Work

April 16, 2020 Marie Gervais Season 1 Episode 5
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Understanding Our Spiritual Nature and Its Relationship to Work
Show Notes

Finding Purpose
Human beings are essentially spiritual, and our lives are animated by Divine love. We need to work as an expression of our souls and to establish a sense of purpose. If we don’t learn, grow, develop or contribute to building something bigger and better than ourselves, our souls are at first dissatisfied, then distressed. 

All Work and All Play
It is the nature of children to learn as they grow, even if they have been in difficult situations. One of the secrets to the spirit of work is to play, which children do naturally. Children playing have serious intent, yet they delight in their discoveries. They observe, experience and postulate theories, then create scenarios with their friends to test possibilities. They invest all their energy into the task at hand and will not stand to be pulled away from it. They relentlessly seek their answers in creative ways and are not frustrated by the long pursuit. 

Learning from The Students
Children can teach us much about the nature of the soul and how to work more effectively. Work that does not encourage the natural expression and development of the soul is not sustainable because it is against our nature. However, unlike children developing through their ‘work’, adults don’t work from within the realities of the soul. Unlike young children who cannot be discouraged from soul-inspired learning and action in their work, adults become trapped in a cycle of purposelessness that ultimately erodes our potential. 

Staying Soul-Focused
Evaluating all our attitudes and behaviours as either diminishing or enhancing the nature of our souls can help us align with the spirit of work. The essential probing question is: How do we know if work is soul-sustaining or soul-diminishing? Soul-sustaining activity brings joy, love, creativity and growth, making us self and others-aware. Soul diminishing activity fosters anger, hatred, destruction and isolation, making us self-absorbed. 

Your Homework!
Make an inventory of your thoughts, actions and behaviours at the end of each day, and note if they were soul-sustaining or soul-diminishing. Celebrate the former and understand how to infuse the latter with spirit.

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