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Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke – Pioneer Your Self-Development

October 23, 2020 Marie Gervais Season 3 Episode 8
Culture and Leadership Connections Podcast
Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke – Pioneer Your Self-Development
Show Notes

Bio for Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke

Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke is the founder of Dailygreatness, a global publishing company which creates mindset, personal growth and productivity tools for individuals and companies based on positive psychology and tried-and-tested mindset strategies. 

Episode highlight

Listen in on how Lyndelle Palmer-Clarke’s travels, careers and life experiences have shaped her into the wildly successful entrepreneur she is today.








“There’s a lot of amazing information out there, no doubt, but unless we’re applying that into our life in a very practical way… nothing will change in our lives.”

“Ambition is not enough – we need to develop the skills and most importantly, we need a foundation.” 


Childhood incidents:

One of the most defining moments in Lyndelle’s life was when she went to boarding school from the age of 12. Leaving home for an alien environment was jarring, but it taught her resilience and resourcefulness, gave her lifelong relationships, and introduced her to different cultures. 

Groups you were born into and belonged to: 

Lyndelle’s ancestors on her father’s side of the family were the pioneers of the fishing industry in her hometown in Australia, and she was raised with pride in her family’s entrepreneurial spirit. She claims that her career as a businesswoman was a “natural evolution” from that history. 

Her curiosity about the bigger questions in life was piqued by the religiosity on her mother’s side of the family. It inspired her to think freely and find her own path and answers instead of settling for others’ beliefs or having them imposed on her. 

Temperament and personality influences

Lyndelle is a true-blue Aries, and is therefore a natural leader, but can also be impatient and stubborn. However, she has evolved her traits to make them workable in her life and works on her communication skills to complement her leadership skills. 

A time I became aware that my way of doing things was cultural and specific to my cultural experience

When Lyndelle moved to London from Australia, she dove deep into self-development to help her move out of the entertainment industry. When she reconnected with her old friends, former groups, or even her family members, she was shocked by the difference of opinion. 

Advice to an employer to work with me

Lyndelle believes that “how people should be communicating to me is exactly how I communicate to them”. 

More great insights from our guest! 

Lyndelle coaches entrepreneurs and business owners to create passion and ‘daily greatness’ in building and scaling their businesses. 

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